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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine?
I quit smoking 1year 8 months ago, changed my diet and started jogging, I feel great! I take fish oil, vitaminE&C, calcium supplements , ginko biloba, and Ginseng.I last saw my doctor 1/06 and he prescribed me dynacir 5 mg I stopped taking them in March and have been feeling great! I have a blood pressure monitor and I check it regularly and it's fine! Do you think smoking contributed to my high blood pressure? I've never had a problem with my blood pressure until I started smoking!
Additional Details
My blood pressure now is 120/80

first, see your doctor first and tell your doctor that you feel like you don't need your medications anymore. it is always bad to make decisions about your medications without the approval of your doctor. it could be possible that you may no longer need the medication, but always seek your doctor's advise first. he may ask for some blood work -- to verify that you don't need the medications anymore.

second, yes... smoking may have caused your high blood pressure. smoking constricts the blood vessels in our body, making it harder for the heart to pump the blood, and creates a back-pressure in our blood -- so the pressure increases.

since you stopped smoking, it could be that everything went back to normal (good for you, because for some people --it doesn't return back to normal). but i still suggest talking to your doctor about stopping your medication.

Art The Wise
It's okay to have your blood pressure medicine stopped but only with your doctors approval. Take your blood pressure at least twice a day and write it down in a log. I took bp meds for many years also and stopped taking it after doing regular exercises, eating healthier and dropping a lot of weight. My doctor gave me the okay. I've been med free for more than 2 years now.

Fine but get rid of those foolish supplements.

Make sure the Doc says its OK. You don't want to pop a blood vessel in your brain or have a heart attack because you stopped checking your BP and it silently skyrocketed

starting over
That is something that you should discuss with your doctor.

No one here is qualified to give you advice on that.

Jaydens dads dominatrix
Yes, monitor your BP but please DON'T stop your meds. w/o the Dr's okay. And don't count on "feeling fine" to mean that you are all well! Hypertension is aptly named "the silent killer." Smoking does contribute to hypertension. It narrows the arteries. Lots of caffeine ( in some people) can raise the BP, as well as excess sodium, of course.

Help pls
Never stop taking your Blood Pressure Medication unless your Doctor says to. No matter HOW good you feel, you need to consult your Doctor and ask him this question.

Yes smoking affects a persons Blood Pressure.

yes, smoking could've contributed to ur high blood pressure.
i hope when u say ur blood pressure is fine that it is about 120/80 at different times in the day. also make sure ur blood pressure machine is calibrated...maybe check ur blood pressure using different machines & compare the results. if it's always <130/90, then i think it's reasonable to stop.

Classy Granny
That bottom number (80) is close to being to high. Check with your doctor. The supplements your taking are all to your advatage. I started taking fish oil and it dropped my cholestrol 34 points in just three months. I am a smoker and it can increase your blood pressure, but so can so many other things. Stress being one. To much salt.

Smoking may have contributed to hypertension, but more importantly it is a significant risk factor, along with hypertension, for coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Congratulations for stopping!

If you blood pressure has been in the 120s 130s, you are ok for stopping your medication - pressure control with diet and exercise is really the best thing. Only add drugs when those measures are not working.

Again - keep up the good work!

I have always been told never to stop medications until you consult with your DR. Depending on the type of RX you are taking..it might need to be given in gradually reduced doses over a period of time to wean the body off rather than cold turkey as this might have a serious effect. If I were you and I take BP meds I would always go see my doctor first and ask his opinon. All of the other steps you have taken prior to stopping the meds is fantastic for you and your body. Home BP guages are not always as accurate as a doctors and he also needs to be aware of all you havwe told us.

I am sure that smoking did considering it is one of the leading causes in high blood pressure and strokes........Good for you for taking measures to better your physical being........Take care..........(Even though I know you will...........)

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