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 my heart double beats some times.?
i asked a question on the same thing my heart, and someone told me to get a ekg.i got injured and they didnt know what was a matter with me. i already have i had a full body scan a chest scan and a ...

 Do I have a SERIOUS problem? Please help!!!!?
Hi! For starters, I'm 16, and DON'T smoke/drink/etc. Every now and then for the past year, I'll wake up sometimes or be lying in bed and my heart starts beating super fast, and I feel ...

 Why does the heart beat after death?
Can a heart expert answer this because after i dissected frogs i noticed its heart beat
Additional Details
it was dead
after we took out the organs vital important, cant live ...

 Im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission.....?
im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission to prescribe me the stuff to stop them?
considering im in UK ENGLAND ?
Additional D...

 Heart pain? Please help!?
I'm nearly 13.
I had a weird little heart stabbing sensation which hurt quite a bit, afterwards it feels uncomfortable. It feels 'itchy', but not in the sense that I want to ...

 is this normal?
i took my own blood pressure and it said that i had about 92 over 56. i'm a 15 yr old girl if that matter much. my pulse was also 64 if that matters....

 How do I relax when i am getting my blood pressure taken?
I always get nervous when my doctor is taking my blood pressure . I am 15 years old. When I am watching tv or reading my blood pressure is normal. Have any tips?...

 Should someone with a heart condition go on a rollercoaster??

 How bad is this blood pressure?260 over 120?
My mother went to the ER yesterday around 200 over 110. They sent her home. Well, she went back today and they admitteed her. Last I heard it was 260 over 120 and after meds it had dropped about 20...

 My 15 year old son has 198/115 blood pressure, he is 5'9" and 140 lbs. Could this be hereditary?
My son was diagnosed with high blood pressure. His dad had high blood pressure and his grandfather died of a stroke at 33. His blood pressure was 198/115. His doctor put him on lisconipren. Is ...

 What causes a heart attack at 22 years old? Is it possible if you are normal weight?

 What should i do if i think i had a Stroke or heartattack?
Well what happened was i was playing Ps2 All of sudden my Chest felt like somone was standing on it so i went in bed then all of sudden my Arms felt like they going to sleep like when ur feet does ...

 blood pressure up a bit could this give me headache & fell dizzy blood pressure is 138/105?

 Unusual heart beat episodes?
I'm pretty healthy, and have never been diagnosed with heart problems. But I've had MANY episodes where, out of nowhere, my heart will beat extremely fast, ranging from 10 seconds to 20 ...

 what happens if you don't treat high blood pressure?

Additional Details
if it's around 150/100...

 wha can i do to lower blood pressure?
what can i do to lower blood pressure. i know about exercise and healthy eating. what about ...

 my cholesterol leval is 6.9 which i think is dangerously high but my doctor says i dont need medication?
i think i do how high does it have to go to get help it is hereditary am i a walking heart attack or do i need to change doctors im 24...


 At what point is a person's blood pressure considered too low?
My mom was put on a new blood pressure medication by her doctor, and now her blood pressure is 97 over 58...I've been trying to find answers on how low can someone's blood pressure gets ...

 I'm a 14 year old w/ a weird heartbeat.?
It's been happening for a couple days. Here is a estimate heartbeat that is the pattern I feel. I know teens have heart palpitations sometimes and it's normal, I sometimes get one, like ...

Vöt Änårж
Is It Normal To Feel Your Heart "Moving"?
I don't mean "beating"- I know what that feels like. I don't think it's "palpitations" either, although I could be wrong because I've never had those before, I read a description online just now.

It doesn't hurt, it's just like little "jabs", underneath my left mammary gland, the "jabbing" moves slightly from side to side, softer sometimes, and then firmer other times. When I press against my chest, it feels like the regular heartbeat is a separate "thudding" against my hand from the other feeling.

It's been going on for the past two hours or so, although I seem to be feeling it more now that I'm paying attention to it.

I asked my medical student buddy and he says a possible cause could be the intense academic stress I've been under the past two days (but the stress is over now, I passed the test and my next one is the end of next week, plenty of time left to study). He says maybe it's an "aftermath."

I'm just fishing for possible causes here- if I still feel this way in the morning (it's night now) I'll see a doctor.

Twice in the past 4 years during compulsory medical tests I have had doctors tell me that my heart is making funny sounds (murmurs, I think they're called), but further examination revealed nothing out of the ordinary. They concluded that I might just have a funny shaped heart from birth and that it was nothing to worry about.

Hmmmm..... maybe I should cut back on the McDees xD

It is the McDees!!!!

I knew it,I knew it, I knew it,you have too much heart,or two hearts and one is pushing the other around.Clear as mud-your problem is.
Now lil.missi we don't call you >Our Vot< for nothing and this now is a worry,so do Our Vot and us a favor and see a Doc.while this may be still active and perhaps they will induce your heart/system whatever to act and get to see whats the prob. with our Vot.
Your second answerer may be your cue.

Sister dear, I know that you're young and full of life, and I also know that you LOVE McDee's ~smiles~ but girlfriend.....you might have to lay off of it for a while.
McDonald's have a lot of trans fat in their foods, and it's just not healthy for man or beast....especially everyday.

Incorporate some fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. McDee's sell salads and fruits [apple fries/w caramel dipping sauce; fruit parfaits; grilled chicken salads /w ranch dressing and a host of other somewhat healthy fares.
Take care of yourself so that we can all meet and greet one another on the Paradise Earth....hopefully soon.

Bernard Jean-Pierre
No. That is not normal at all. Just make sure it doesnt start aimlessly 'walking' around in your chest cavity! Or wind up in your arm or something, that would not be good. And yes, lay off the MickyDee's, not healthy at all.

Nevada Smith
I told you to stop eating at McDonald's!

Either that or maybe you are in love!?

Also I know how everyone that knows you knows how you have difficulty gaining weight but you might be surprised to know that going on a water only fast is the first step to turn that situation around. [You will lose some weight initially but that situation will turn around.] I know that that is hard to believe but it seems to be true. You need to flush out all the bad stuff in your system and then reintroduce healthy only nutritious foods and you will gain weight. However, fasting is not for everyone and many should not do it without a doctor's supervision. Finding a doctor who is familiar with this as a health treatment can be a challenge in itself.

You need to read the book. Also get the book, Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease by Joel Fuhrman, MD.

See chapter 15 of the book, The Miracle of Fasting, by Patricia and Paul Bragg, which discusses:
How to Gain Weight by Fasting
•Miracles Happen With Fasting!
•Fasting is a Weight Normalizer

Harry O
My heart moves when I am in love.

dr sangani
do not ignore your signs and symptoms

a heart murmur is not normal

the cause of the heart murmur needs to be found out

get a 2-D echo of your heart done

Vot , every time you mention food it is Mc Donalds...One man did a study of eating only that for two months....he had serious problems and had gained weight during the time....another study says if you fill your arteries with grease they will protest and you may have a stroke or heart attack..A brother was so proud of his wife fixing him bacon and eggs for breakfast with biscuits sopping in butter...he died at 33

So sis if you go to Micky D's get the parfait..get the salad...get the fruit juice and milk...stop eating the burgers and fries.

Sis sometimes it's just gas..but you should let a doctor check you out...especially if it happens often.

Tears of Oberon (Pack of One)
Hmm....Tears has only felt that once before, and that was when he valiantly got to save his love from a demented bully! (the "protect your love" adrenaline rush syndrome) :D

You aren't in love with anyone are you? -___-

Leslie H
It sounds like the heart murmur my mother had from birth. There were times she felt like it was 'swishing around' rather than beating. She lived to be 82, but it was something she had to keep an eye on all her life.
Don't let the Dr. pass it off as 'nothing' if it bothers you. Go to another.
You only get one heart, dear, and yours is something special. Take care of it.
I hate to say it-but the grasshoppers are better for you than Micky Ds.
Coronary on a sesame seed bun, indeed.

4 יהוה
The American Heart Association and other medical experts say the body likely will send one or more of these warning signals of a heart attack: Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes.
Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain may be mild to intense. It may feel like pressure, tightness, burning, or heavy weight. It may be located in the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw, or inside the arms or shoulders.
Chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath.
Anxiety, nervousness and/or cold, sweaty skin.
Paleness or pallor.
Increased or irregular heart rate.
Feeling of impending doom.
Not all of these signs occur in every attack. Sometimes they go away and return. If some occur, get help fast. IF YOU NOTICE ONE OR MORE OF THESE SIGNS IN YOURSELF OR OTHERS, DON'T WAIT. CALL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (9-1-1) RIGHT AWAY! In the event of cardiopulmonary arrest (no breathing or pulse), call 9-1-1 and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately.

I wouldn't wait sister.

An Earthly Hope
I have mild arrhythmia and my heart rumbles once in awhile. It feels like it skips a beat.

the cook
everyone is telling Vot to stop eating at McDees. if Vot ever stopped eating, she would be sick. I know Vot a long time and she is always stuffing her face with food. Vot. you should have it checked out to make sure everything is ok.

~♥Anna♥~ 2Cor5:15
hope you feel better soon!

I am actually thinking that you should get your thyroid tested. You burn calories fastor than your body knows what to do with them, and this can sometimes also cause a faster heartbeat or racing pulse.

In the meantime... drink LOTS of water, and lay off caffeine.

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