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Mya R
If my brother ever threw up blood should I call the ambulance?
Well he never actually threw up blood. I'm just curios because I am overprotected of my little brother. He's 13, I'm 22....

He gets sick a lot of times and every month he throws up. If I saw him 1 time, throwing up blood. Should I be worried and call the ambulance....?


throwing up blood can mean kidney failure, stomach cancer, or ulcers. Definitely call the ambulance asap!

Yes, if it happens more than once you should probably call the ambulance.

brad pitt

Well you shouldnt really worry about it if it never happened before. There must be a reason to why he throws up so often...is he alergic to something? You should probably consult a doctor about it.

why is he throwing up every month? that isn't normal. throwing up blood would mean he is bleeding internally and would need help right away.

Kelly C
Yes, it would be a good idea, if this ever happened to your brother. It's great that you want to know what to do, if this was to happen in the future, hopefully thought you will not have to do this, meaning hopefully your brother will be ok.


Please call 911.

I hope your brother is not still coughing blood and your still waiting for an answer.

Don't think you need an ambulance. At least at this point anymore but here's a different concept...Drive him yourself to an Emergency Room. It sure doesn't sound like a matter of minutes before his life is in jeopardy. A lot of people misuse EMS but if he becomes light headed or dizzy, passes out or has trouble breathing then call the ambulance.

This could be dangerous. Try to find out why it happens. Then you can make a better decision on how to help .

Check if you have a nursing help line in the phone book...the calls are free, and they might have good information to help you.

Yes. Absolutely,.. throwing up blood can be benign but can also be indicative of much more serious situations.. such a case might be a ruptured appendix. You never know in these situations.

His life isn't worth the gamble. Then make a follow up with a local doctor to figure out what is causing this trouble.

Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs<3
Um yeah and depending on what color

bright red somethings wrong with your throat or esophagus

dark brown like coffee grounds more serious bleeding in your stomach

If he throws up this often, he must have something really wrong with him.
He might be in grave danger. Bring him to the E Room asap.

Just bring him to the hospital in a car...

Unless the ambulance ride is free.

The ambulance might scare him though.

★☆★☆★ яεşp婆 мч ƒяέšн™


No, you should sit on your computer , and open up yahoo answers and ask this stupid question, then wait for you brother to throw up more blood :)

Yes, if he throws up blood take him to the hospital.

morgan jonas lover
yes call asap might be some thing wrong

Absolutely yes. There are many sicknesses that he could die from that the symptoms are vomiting blood.


If he barfs up blood, call the ambulance immediately. Internal bleeding should not be taken lightly, and if you get him to the hospital quickly it can be taken care of effectively and efficiently. If you don't you could potentially be risking further damage and risking his life.

as a general rule: if in doubt, call the ambulance/local medical hotline. Better safe than sorry.

Hope it helps :)

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