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 If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?

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Jerry, thats correct. I just wanted to see how many people knew that tho ...

 is my blood pressure healthy?
i was just at duane reade and took my BP. the first number was 122 the second was 28 and my pulse was 68. is this good? I'm a 19 year old female
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you know, it ...

 Think I'll have a heart attack soon?
My mom had a heart attack at 42. She survived.. scary, though. I know we have heart disease on both sides of the family. What're my chances of a heart attack any time soon if I do not change ...

 Strong random pains in my heart?
Strong random pains in my heart?
I get random strong pain's in my chest (in my heart) from time to time. What could be the cause of this, is it something i should go to a doctor over?

 I'm having a heart attack, how long do I have till I die? And what should I do?

 Is It Normal To Feel Your Heart "Moving"?
I don't mean "beating"- I know what that feels like. I don't think it's "palpitations" either, although I could be wrong because I've never had those before, I ...

 tightness around my heart?
I'm five foot three inches tall and about four stone over weight, i've always carried a bit of weight.

Nothing has changed in my diet for the last two years and the only major ...

 my boyfriend has to get his aneurysm fixed tomorrow do you think hes going to be ok?

 Heart Pain?
I am almost 25 years old. I am a mother to an 8 month old. When she was about 2.5 months old I started noticing pain in my heart. It is when I am sitting still, watching TV, as I type this question ...

 Are all cases of irregular heart beat serious?
I am slightly over weight, I am taking Cerazzette (POP)contraceptive pill and I am 24 years of age. I have just discovered that my heart seems to be missing a beat after every 20 or so beats, I am ...

 heart attack?
But I am not having any symptoms right now. Should I still go?...

 Im scared of dieing.?
Every night im worried someone will kill me, im thinking of getting a gun and keeping it in the bedside table. Is there anything i can do to calm myself down. Sometimes it's all i think about -- ...

 What's wrong with my heart?
For the past seven or so months my heart has been scaring me quite a bit. I have phases where for a couple of weeks around three times a day my heart starts beating stronger. I'm not sure if it ...

 Do you believe doctors should have the last say in a patient's life or should the patient or his family?

 My friend is having a heart transplant operation at this hour 12:02 AM EST, 12/29/08...Will you say a prayer?
Her name is Vivian...and she is loved by all who know her. She has committed her life to making the community a better place & has always worked hard to help the under-served. If anyone deserves ...


 my heart double beats some times.?
i asked a question on the same thing my heart, and someone told me to get a ekg.i got injured and they didnt know what was a matter with me. i already have i had a full body scan a chest scan and a ...

 Do I have a SERIOUS problem? Please help!!!!?
Hi! For starters, I'm 16, and DON'T smoke/drink/etc. Every now and then for the past year, I'll wake up sometimes or be lying in bed and my heart starts beating super fast, and I feel ...

 Why does the heart beat after death?
Can a heart expert answer this because after i dissected frogs i noticed its heart beat
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it was dead
after we took out the organs vital important, cant live ...

 Im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission.....?
im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission to prescribe me the stuff to stop them?
considering im in UK ENGLAND ?
Additional D...

If a doctor restarts your heart, do you remember dying?
Just wondering.

Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue
...lack of brain function qualifies "death"...not cardiac function
....once blood flow is interrupted to the brain, ischemic death occurs
....lack of brain function requires nothing to happen...therefore nothing can be remembered

no you can't because if you're dead, you're dead and you are under anesthesia

guinea pig owner
u see the ligh but get dragged away

I have restarted a good number of them. Some people remember passing out. Some don't. After your heart stops, you're real sick, and it can affect what you remember of the last moments. A good many of them whose heart quit (actually went into fibrillation - shocking doesn't do anything to a completely stilled heart) remember vividly being shocked. It hurts. Of course, with a lot of those people, their heart was restarted to a working rhythm, but they did not regain consciousness again and later died.

Tristin S
no because you're passed out when you die.

u see JESUS CHRIST..i cant wait

I had mine restarted several times. I do not remember a thing. Although I did have a really weird dream 3 times in a row during the time I was "gone". I spent a few days in a drug induced coma after having open heart surgery and 3 cardiac arrests so I could not tell you when I had this dream but it was about dying and I was in hospital and burning-up (really hot). When I woke they had me under an icy blanket to protect my brain from damage.

I agree, that is a good question...

no. you are unconscious at the time

A lot of researchers have studied near death experiences. Some of them have been when someones heart had to be jump started.

A book called "life after life" by Raymond Moody was the first major discussion of that topic.

George B
wow, great Q

ςmaЯт ßLoŊdЄ
Read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven
It is amazing! It should answer your question and if it doesn't atleast you will know what happens.

I was visiting my friend on a neighbouring ward one night when one of her patients suffered a cardiac arrest. I was doing the cardiac massage when we needed a certain drug which my friend didn't have on her ward as it wasn't a cardiac ward.

I knew I had it in my ward so she took over the cardiac massage while i ran to my own ward to get what we needed.

I had been kneeling up on the patient's bed doing the cardiac massage and had been up there for some time so when I started to run my foot went numb where I had obviously been in ssuch a position that my circulation had been cut off.

i made it out of the ward i was in and as i got through the doors of my own ward my foot went over and I fell. I quickly got up and continued running and thought no more about it. Where it happened absolutely nobody could have seen me.

To cut a long story short, we were successful and got the patient back and he was transferred to my ward (Coronary care unit)

He slept for the rest of the night and was still a bit woozy when I went off duty the following morning.

When I went back that night, he was sitting up in bed drinking a cup of tea. I went to say hello to him and he asked if I was alright.

Surprised i asked him why. He said that he was concerned because he had followed me along the corridor and saw me fall.

Obviously he didn't mean physically because at the time the nurses and doctors were still working on him, and there was absolutely no way that anyone else knew about it because even I had forgotten the incident. he said that he wondered why I had stopped working on him and ran away so he decided to follow me to see where I was going.

Make of it what you will, i the only thing I definitely know for sure is that nobody saw what happened and only I knew about it.

Love MelX

some people claim to recall, the proverbial dark tunnel with the bright light at the end... most do not recall anything.

I died while giving birth, twice actually. I vaguely remember the chaos that was going on around me.

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