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 HR max and cold white feet?
I gave my self a mini stress test to figure out my HR max so I could calculate my target heart rate range. I have hypertension and I am on beta blockers (my doctor gave me the okay to do what ever ...

 I was told today that my son has a blonde fundus? Can someone please explain that to me?

Additional Details
He had very blond hair as a baby, (Now 10) and his hair is much darker now. He has blue eyes, but according to the eye dr, they are very light blue eyes. His skin ...

 Can some one explain this procedure to me ?
My Sisters Husband has to ahve some sort of Heart Surgery they say his heart is out of Rythem and they need to go in and Shock it ??? and i was Curious how serious this is ,if its common and what if ...

 after walking for an half hour what should your heart rate be?

Additional Details
keep in mind

im a slender 15 y/o male with no health ...

 what is post infarct cardiac ?

I was wondering if any1 experiences the same as me. My heartbeat beats an extra beat but slow every now and ag

Try looking on www.arrhythmiaalliance.org.uk

There is a lot of info on heart arrhythmias so you may find something useful.

do you have any other symptoms...? I have palipitations...and its associated with gas...

Debbie, as always, if you are experiencing any other symptoms, or if this bothers you greatly, you should see a physician. However, I believe the great probability is that you are experiencing benign PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). It feels like an extra beat but actually it is a 2nd beat that closely follows the previous one. It is extremely common and requires no treatment. It is often secondary to anxiety and caffeine. If you drink a lot of coffee or soft drinks, I suggest you switch over to decaffeinated. You may find this irregular beat disappears. In any event, this is nothing to be concerned about unless you develop more symptoms. Good luck.

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