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I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
Do I have to stop taking my beta blockers and if so how long before the test? Thank you in advance all you medical people.

I'm a nurse. You mean the stress test? If so you should take your medication unless your doctor told you differently, ask him. Or just assume it's ok if the doctor didn't mention it. I have giving many and yes they were indeed able to take their medciation. You are very welcome.

Your doctor should have advised you re. your medication. As for the test, it will be conducted under strict supervision. You have nothing to worry about. Only do as your doctor advises and dont pay any attention to unqualified replies from people, however well meaning. This is a very important test.

give the ecg dept a ring ,you'll probably find they want you to stay on them as immediate withdrawwal can cause adverse side effects, the doc's will take into account you take beta blockers when they get the results hope everything is ok for you

I had to the day before or so when they did a thallium stress test on me recently. If your not advised in the notice you got or shall get from the medical facility or your doctor, best call and ask them about this.
My instructions were quite clear on what to take and what not to take.

matador 89
Exercise electrocardiography (ECG) is used when coronary artery disease is suspected but has not been detected by a routine ECG. The test can also be performed in patients with known coronary heart disease to help give more information about how severe your condition is and can help plan your treatment. It is also helpful in diagnosing chest pains that are not typical of coronary heart disease. Having an exercise test several weeks after a heart attack often helps doctors find out more about the condition of your heart and plan your rehabilitation. It can also help reassure patients about how much exercise they can do. If you have a negative exercise ECG after a heart attack your risk of having further heart problems is low. The test can similarly provide useful information about physical activity of patients after angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery. The use of an exercise ECG will be postponed in patients with the following conditions: a very recent heart attack, angina when at rest, serious arrhythmias, severely high blood pressure or conditions such as arthritis or thrombosis in the leg.
Betablockers are used to reduce high blood pressure, relieve angina, regulate heart rhythm or for treatment of heart failure. Betablockers have different properties, your doctor will have chosen the appropriate one for you. You should not stop taking betablockers unless advised to do so by your doctor. You should inform the person administering the test that you are taking the tablets. It is likely that that information will be known by them anyway.
Hope this helps
matador 89

It's kinda hard for me to believe that no-one specified whether you were supposed to alter or stop your medications before the stress test. Off-hand I'd say "no", you shouldn't stop them, but please check with your doctor or the nurses where you'll get your test done.
Good luck with that.

Yes you should, but talk to your doctor first.

You should contact your GP for advice or give the hospital a call.

Haven't the medical team told you that? sorry, I don't know the answer but I'll say a prayer for you on Tuesday.

kirsten j
You need to call the place where your test is being done. A lot of doctors want the beta blocker held the morning of the test so max heart rate can be achieved.


This is a thallium treadmill test? Do contact your doctor's office, but normally beta blockers are not taken from 24-48 hours before the test.

The Thallium TMT is a nuclear test, and beta blockers have been believed to reduce the sensitivity or precision of the test. As a result, they are usually not taken before the test.

Didn't your doctor give you a list of food and drink to limit or stop a certain number of hours before the test?

Normally, before a thallium TMT:

48 hours before:

No beta blockers.

24 hours before:

No caffeine (including in any headache or cold medications)

3 hours before:

No food, water, or tobacco.

Now, this is for the thallium test, which I think is the one you're taking since you said "treadmill" and asked about beta blockers. A stress test that some take when they cannot take a treadmill test is a simulated stress test. A couple of medications stress the heart without physical exertion in this one. If htis is the one you're taking, then you can and should take all your medications. However, I presume that you are not taking this one from what you say here.

On the other hand, if you are taking a straight stress test, then you should continue to take your medications and simply inform the testing office of your medications.

As I say, double-check this with your doctor's office, but normally you refrain from beta blockers before a Thallium Treadmill Test.

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