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 I have pains in my chest in the region of my heart should i be worried?
I have been having these pains for a few weeks now also having hot flushes on accassion. Please advise thanx.....

 Can you hear your heart beat?

 Is something wrong with my heart? please help?
The other night i had a dream where i had a heart attack and i actually felt the pain, physical pain, from in my dream.... and i don't know if i actually did have heart pain that worked it'...

 my dad is a bit over 40 and he is going to have coronary artery bypass surgery. is it dangerous? could he die?

 is heart disease a type of cancer?

 Is it possible for a 14 year old boy to have a heart attack?
ok. I am 14 years old, 5.6 and 160 pounds. I get this feeling in my chest (little bit left of my sternum). Its not a pain, but i still feel it. It happens only occasionally. My grandma, uncle, ...

 What is the strangest thing you've every had in a shopping bag?
I think I may receive a violation if I told the truth.
Additional Details
It was totally legal and I had a certificate just in case I might have been stopped oh and you couldnt eat it or ...

 Why does your heart beat faster when you see someone you like?

 Is it possible for a child/teen to have a heart attack?
I'm 13 and kinda chubby. About once or twice a day I get pains in my chest (heart area) that last anywhere from 5 seconds to half an hour. I'm freaking out a little, could my weight mean ...

 I'm an obese 15 year old male who thinks he's dying or having heart attacks?
Tell me what's wrong with me please
Sometimes my heart feels like it's stopped beating and i can't breathe for a split second
or sometimes my heart beats very fast ...

 whats it called when your heart starts beating fast?
and it feels like you cant breath at the same time......

 Can a 15 year old have a Heart Attack?
I know this might be a really ridiculous question, but I recently had some sort of anxiety/panic attack (chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc.) and ever since that I had some sort of fear ...

 Should I Go To the Doctors?
So we had trampoline for P.E. today at school and we had to do a front flip well i didn't flip fast enough and ended up slamming down on the trampoline on my upper back. My chin slammed on my ...

 Blood Pressure 145/90..Is this too high?
My blood pressure is typically 145/90 even when resting. Im a physically fit 31 yr old male. I don't drink & smoke, I exercises regular & my diet is very healthy. Yet I cant get my blood ...

 What's Wrong with my Heart.?
Okay its like this, Whenever I start thinking about a Girl my Heart reacts in a Weird way like someone is Injecting me with a Needle. Any idea why this happening to me.

More Detail:

 Is there a way to reduce cholestrol besides drugs?
Besides the obvious like less meat intake. When thats just not enough, because your body itself is making too much. Is there a way to get your body to make less cholesterol? Is there any special/&...

 My heart feels like its skipping a beat and I don't know. Now i'm freaking out. Why is this happening?
Out of no where my heart feels like it skips a beat. I could be sitting down watching tv and then out of no where my heart skips a beat. Why is this happeing? Do I have a heart problem?

 What is bad for the heart apart from cholestrol levels being too high, being overweight? Anything else?

Additional Details
LOL, David D!!!!...

 What's a natural way to lower cholesterol?

 My heart hurts a lot and need you to help!!?
I have a dad, mom, and stepdad. I don't know if I love them or not. We have been through a lot lately, and honestly, I don't think I can go on. Tonight, I misplaced some school work. I ...

I have started wearing my girlfriend's clothes. am i turning gay.?

You are at the least a transvestite,u may not be gay,I know a guy who is married who dresses in his wife's clothes when she is not home.See ladies you just never know do you!!!!

of course ..

katie b
don't listen to the **** but i think everyone has gay tendencys if only they wonder of wat if . Just because u enjoy wearing ur girlfriends clothes doesn't mean that u r gay. Do u have gay thoughts?do u see urself sleepin with another fella these are questions u need to ask urself but if u r tell ur girlfriend

don't think gay is something you get to "turn". You are probably just picking up an idiosyncratic habit.

turning a bit wierd i'd say!!

ooh. gotta get me some o' that.

tedward the dead turtle

Nurse Ratched
No it's perfectly normal. In fact it's so widely accepted these days that you should dress in her clothes next time you go to work. You'll see.


is that supposed to be a rhetoric ??? how can i tell u !!!

im afraid so

NO this can be normal in a strange way. ur probably just exploring ur feminine side. dont worry unless u start trying the lacy underwear!

Lee G
Not necessarily, may be you only are looking for more emotion and variety in your relation. So comunication is basic ...

No. sounds like you could be a cross-dresser though, plenty of those about and they're so straight they cant get into a car. Enjoy it if that's what you like.

No of course your not turning gay, my brother is a very convincing cross dresser often goes out dressed and is very feminine and pretty but in no way is he gay he loves women and has had a string of girlfriends

We have just done a survey here at work and we found that most
of the drilling crew have at some time worn or still wear there girl friends clothes,
Not all of them wear make up though.
Close second where the scaffolders who seemingly cant get
enough,constantly swapping with there good Lady's.
joint third was the riggers and abseilers
One third refused to comment?,
And the office staff denied all knowledge.
Personally i think they are the main culprits, just to shy or embarrassed to admit it..
But they all said as long as no one is getting hurt whats the problem.
We will try and catch the supply vessel when she comes back
and see if the Norwegians come clean or abstain.
{There queer folk at the best of times}
Watch this space.????

No you are not turning gay, it's just a bit of fun and frolic, have a quick peak in the mirror, say it loud and clear, I'm a pretty boy!!!

kevin h
NO your just too mean to buy your own dresses skirts etc

I think you are just experimenting!


and this is a "heart disease" question? Your not necessarily gay, but very weird!!! Just my personal opinion. Thanks for the 2 points!!

why have you classified this question under heart diseases?????

Probably not.

I hope that you asked her permission though.

I don't know about gay, but you are definitely getting weirder. Doesn't she get angry or does she not know? It's weird.

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