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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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i have a missing heart beat, can this be dangerous ?...

I ate a pill on the floor of my office and now my heart is racing?
I thought it was an ibuprofen I dropped (or one of my coworkers did) and now my heart is racing really fast and I don't know what I took. A white round pill with np on it. Holy crap, when do you know to go to the hospital? I only hesitate because I have no insurance (damn non-socialized medicine)! Okay some symptoms include red face, heart rate up around 200, and I'm nervous and not sweaty at all.

Go to an emergency room NOW.

percocet by Aventis
stronger than Darvocet
never heard of it making the heart race tho.
It should wear off.

A racing heart of around 200bom means you need to get to the ER NOW...and tell the ambo's and hospital what you took etc...all the details...the more details they have the quicker they can get you fixed and less chance of bad things happening to you.

Cornell C
go to the doctor and tell him about the np pill he/she should have the answer

Could be Neo-Percodan, but I have no idea why it would be on the floor in your office. Get to the hospital. You could crash while having a heart-rate around 200 bpm. Go. Now.

loose change
you took and aids pill or speed which is just a legal drug people take when they need a lot of energy. go job or something

Stephanie A
Are you still here with a HR of 200? If there was Socialized medicine btw, yu would have to submit a request form and the Gov't would then let you know when you could go to the hospital, which would be 60 miles away.

Oh, Carolina
Call your local poison control center. In the mean time drink a crap load of water... A CRAP LOAD!...you have to flush it out.

Hope you'll be okay :]


There is no telling what you took, could have been an amphetamine drug. Next time don't take something unless you are 100% sure. If your heart continues to beat that fast go to the ER, it may give out on you.

Clinical Lab Scientist

well first things first... what the **** were you thinking, second of all WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!

don't know what it is exactly , but from the sounds of it its one ot two things.....

1. amphetamine
2. ecstacy (which most of the time are NOT white, which is why it is my second choice).

the above is only accurate if you do not have any unknown allergies..... with allergies being taken into consideration, it would be anything, any class or any amount.... and like the people above me said get your *** to the E.R.!!!!! (I speak from a little bit of experience.)

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