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Mummy2B ** 11/01/2010
I am TERRIFIED of flying! I go on my honeymoon to Rome in two weeks..?
but I'm so scared - what if I get a blood clot? A 44 year old woman I used to work with got a blood clot two years ago from a flight but she smoked lots. She was hospitalised. So she couldn't fly for a year. She then started smoking again and flew to Egypt this year. On her way home, she had a heart attack!! My hubby and I haven't had the best diets in past years (I'm 21 & and he's 28) and we have smoked lots but not any more.

No family history of heart problems or diseases either.

What are the chances of the flights having a dangerous effect!?

Mike G
Are you kidding? Knock it off and just fly where you have to go. I am 54, have CHF and had several heart attacks. I still travel all over the world. We just got back from Belgium this week.

Just worry if the plane will crash.

Emmanuel M
It is indeed a strange case ,it can be solved by taking test in hospital to see what is the cause ,and by doing that she will know what really is wrong with her, She can fly and nothing can happen I do not thing that by flying people get ill like that

You sound like a worrier, it is not going to matter what anyone on this site says you still think you are going to die, you cannot see the bigger picture of what really happens. Rome in not a long flight, not as far as egypt, If I were you I would just cancel the honeymoon rather than waste money on a holiday that you won't enjoy because you are so scared. Why book it in the first place is the obvious question!!!!

Grow up, cancel holiday and enjoy your marriage

Stormy D
take a couple of Valium before you get on the plane

Your chances are SLIM. Don't panic. Issues like those are rare. Seriously...I flew from florida to NY to Venice this past Fall and no ill effects...my diet is so-so (sometimes good, sometimes horrid), I'm a social smoker, and on hormonal birth control.

Just relax and enjoy the flight...take things to read, an mp3 player for music, watch the movies they offer, have puzzle books and things to distract you. If it's a night flight, that's even better because you get to sleep through most of it.

Rome is AWESOME so it's well worth the trip! I can't wait to go back and see more of it...and see some things again. That was my favorite city on our trip (it was a Med cruise).

Enjoy...and congrats on your getting married!

Not very high at all, especially for a short haul flight. Take an aspirin the day before then some the day of your flight. It thins the blood and lowers the possiblity of clotting further still.

Don't worry about blood clots and DVT. My wife had a DVT and it was completely unrelated to flying.

If you are genuinely concerned take 1 aspirin a day for a week before the flight - this will thin down your blood.

The odds of a flight giving you a blood clot are VERY small...

According to one study, you have a 0.39 in a million chance of getting an pulmonary incidence. From the link given below:

"The overall incidence of PTE was 0.39 per 1 million passengers (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.20-0.58). On flights that lasted between 6 and 8 hours, the incidence was 0.25 per 1 million passengers (95% CI, 0-0.75), while on flights longer than 8 hours, the incidence was 1.65 per 1 million passengers (95% CI, 0.81-2.49) (P<.001)."

Smoking definitely increases the chance. So does the length of flight, because venous stagnation increases the incidence. It is very unlikely to be an issue. If it will put you mind at ease and if there is no contraindication, you could take a baby aspirin before the flight and move you lower extremities during the flight.

Enjoy Rome.

Elle Jay C
Firstly its a short flight and DVT is more likely to happen in instances where you are flying for greater periods of time 5 hours +, and you can always do leg exercises on the plane too. Secondly, if you are really worried go to your GP they will be able to prescribe something to help you cope with the fear of flying. Thirdly and most importantly, try and chill out because this irrational fear could distract you from enjoying one of the happiest days of your life. Have a wonderful day.

you'll be fine...seriously...when you get on the plane...just relax...and don't look out of the window...and since you stopped smoking...you're fine...don't worry about it

Miss Mountain
If you read up about staving off blood clots and follow the rules, you should be just fine. You're young and people heaps older than you with family history of heart disease fly around lots and have no trouble. Also, think of the fun you'll have once you're over there! I wish you all the best!

[email protected]
Look at it like this.. How many people do you know ? How many people have you worked with ?
Now out of all those people How many people do you know have had a blood clot the answer is 1...

Please just get on the plane and go and enjoy your honeymoon.It is suppose to be a happy start to your marriage.Honestly you have nothing to worry about.

Her problem was linked directly to smoking. No more dangerous than crossing the road..

mandurah mum
think about flying in a logically way. Millions of people do it everyday without problems. very few planes crash and if you are flying qantas - then none have crashed.

enjoy your flight - you will be fine

old know all
Lets start with flying. It's the safest way of travelling any distance. You're more likely to die on the way to the airport. More people die in departure lounges than they do on aeroplanes.

Now blood clots. These can be a problem on long haul flights if you've got poor circulation. Smoking can cause poor circulation. However, if it hasn't (yet) you're unlikely to develop blood clots. Rome is only a couple of hours away and if you can sit in an armchair for two hours without dying, you can make it to Rome. If you get up and walk to the loo half way through the flight, you're not going to suffer from blood clots.

So stop worrying (that's far more dangerous than flying) and enjoy Rome. If you see the Pope, give him my regards.

There are very little risks from flying, when it comes to blood clots and things. Don' worry about it, you are young.

Allen B
Ma'am - unlikely on a relatively short-haul flight to Rome. Deep vein thrombosis does occur from time to time with some people who take long-haul flights and for those with medical conditions susceptible to this. Your friend is much more likely to have suffered a heart attack from existing medical conditions than from the flight itself. Of course, smoking does not help in any activity in life.

You may have heard of those special stockings which you can buy to reduce the possible effects. If you are really afraid, this might be worth investigating, as they are cheap to buy. Hospitals use these for patients who are going to be bed-ridden for a while. The stockings are comfortable, look nice and are effective.

As you say that you have two weeks before your honeymoon journey, I should re-book on a cruise ship, many of which are now 'aimed' at younger people. Slower, more comfortable - and much more romantic! If you 'shop around' you can get some good deals. Depends upon your budget, of course.

Any form of travel involves risks - as does staying at home! As long as you sensibly weigh up your situation and balance them against your fears, one person's misfortune does not mean that it will apply to you. As you are young, despite your lifestyle, I would be amazed if you had problems - apart from at the airport, checking in, delays, cancellations, etc.!

Have a great time and when you come back, continue with the lifestyle improvements you mentioned!

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