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 Can u please??
My grandma is sick she has heart problems where her heart skips a beat and the doctors are tryin to prevent her from havin a stroke can u please pray for her? THANKS!...

 how to clean clogged arteries and blood vessels naturally?

 what could very temporary chest pain be caused by?
sometimes i have what i describe as a squeezing pain in my heart - its on my left side (really not in the middle of my chest, but it feels like its in my heart.) the pain lasts for up to a second ...

 what makes the heart beat outside the body?

ive been having anixetty attacks for about 3 years now and im only 15 yrs old ; i really hate this experience and i wanna live a normal life and do things i cant do now . My anxietty is really hard ...

 my 11yr old daughter has been having chest pains & becomes breathless.?
she has had an ECG done, doctor said one of her chambers in her heart is bigger than her others so she needs to see a cardiologist, but has since began to walk with a bad limp and seems to drag her ...

 My blood pressure is 105/53, is this good?
I know "normal" is 120/80, but mine's been recorded at 81/53 in the past. Today it was 105/53. I'm 17. Is this a good reading. Note: The reason it's been so low in the past ...

 how to get out of depressions?

 How can i fix my broken heart?

 is this NORMAL?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i had RED DIARRHEA today. ive had alot of tummy pains and gas!!!!
what is this? why is it [email protected]?!?! uh oh!!!!...

 Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?
i just saw a documentary were a 70 year old man received the heart of a 16 year old boy and is doing well.
My question is: if heart failure is usually the first thing that causes death in old ...

 What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?
There is a strong family history of heart conditions and hypertension. What can I do to reduce the effects on me, I'm under 40 years old and BP is normal at the moment.
Additional Details<...

 Can a 17 year old girl have an heart attack?
im 88 pounds and have someone in my family have heart attack. And it runs in my family. do you think i can have heart attack at 17?...

 Can I give myself a heart attack, if I keep thinking i'm going to have one? is it possible?
i have bad anxiety and I was told if I keep thinking I am going to have a heart attack, I will give myself one. I didn't think that could happen....

 Ways of dieing??????????????
[1]How would you like to die?
[2]How did you see people dieing?
[3]What’s the best way to die?...

 Can anxiety cause a heart attack?

 Is my heart rate too fast?
I'm a 13 year old girl, I'm not under or over weight...I'm normal. In PE at school we had to measure our resting heart rate and mine was 116bpm. Then after about 10 minutes of moderate ...

 How long should someone wait to go on high blood pressure meds if they are having a reading of 184/111? ?
This happened to my friend yesterday. We just checked it at kmart on a machine. Later that night it was over 200/162. What is wrong with the bottom number??
Additional Details
200 is ...

 why does she need an echocardiogram?
my 4 year old has to see a cardiologist.the doctor said he could hear an abnormal sound in her heart.she has to have an echocardiogram.does this mean there might be something serious wrong with her ...

 lower heart painnnnnnn?
there is pain under my heart, what are the suggestions, im age 14...

? ?
I have checked and checked again, It has been 2 days since i notised that there is no pulse either. My skin has gone very pale what should i do i dont wanna die
Additional Details
I'm Felling My Wrist, My Neck, And My Top Left Part Of My Chest. Nothing, I'm I Like The First Person This has happened to or is it ussual? Well i felt no pulse i prayed to god and i'm still hear

Your imagining things, but If your so worried, go to a doctor

if u didnt ur be dead u just dont know where to feel it

I love Def Leppard
Are you the tin man? Just kidding but if your worried then go to the doctor.You have to have a heartbeat and pulse though maybe faint...or you would be dead

Luis T
that is IMPOSSIBLE. if you are alive right now, youre heart is obviously beating,, unless ure a vampire

maybe u just cant feel it coz if u didnt have a pulse or a heart beat then u would be dead but still maybe go to the hospital just so uno something isnt seriously wrong.
hope u get better and good luck with everything =)

yes you do. you just arent feeling in the right spot!

If you have no heart beat, you're dead.

Check again. It might be easier to use your hand and put it up to your chest.

i think your already a ghost.

Check for a pulse in your neck instead of in your wrist. It doesn't matter wich side. About halfway up your neck right next to that lump on your througt. You're probably just not checking in the right place. It's impossible for you to live that long without a pulse. It could also be likely that you have a really low blood pressure and it's hard to feel a pulse.

haave you been bitten by anyy of thee cullen familyy???

haahaa i haad to sayy itt(:

if your heart doesnt beat then you cant be alive for 2 days. Get youreself checked.

If your heart stops, you can't live for more than 10 minutes or so.

@үа'll dит Uиdзяѕтаиd мз@
u sound very stupid for typing this....

maybe now you will become immortal....WAIT...did this happen before or after you saw TWILIGHT???

Donna B.
call 911 and administer CPR to yourself until the ambulance arrives ...Are you serious? No one is taking you serious because of the way you have started your question. I HAVE NO HEART BEAT? You wouldn't be on a computer asking a question., you would be in the morgue. Go to emergency department if you cannot palpate a pulse, no one on a computer can give you correct advise, you have identified a problem and the only person who can help you is a real Dr.

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