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LOL, David D!!!!...

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concerned individual
I've had 5 mini-strokes within 2 weeks, should I see a doctor?
I'm 17 years old and they happened a little over a month ago and I didn't know what was going on until i looked at some symptoms and realized that i was having ischemic attacks known as mini-strokes...although i haven't had any since then, could it still be a cause of something bigger or could it lead to a future fatal stroke later?
Additional Details
i have been diagnosed but i fit all of the criteria for one from the paralysis, confusion, memory loss, nausea, excruciating headaches, and blackened vision...the only reason i havent went to a doctor because i need some insight before they give me all these tests and charge me thousands of dollars for something i could've figured myself.

even if its not ischemic attacks those are still some harsh symptoms and i would like some ideas for the cause...thank you

yes.. seeing a doctor could only help. it wouldn't hurt to go to the doctor but it might hurt if you don't.

Go see a doctor that is not normal. especially for a 17 year old

вïτсhÿ вløṉḋε, ṡώεετ ïṉṡïḋε.

please answer mine

Bobby D

uh yeah. definately see a doctor

Unless you want to die, yes.

This is not something that can wait. GO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP

Yes, go see a doctor NOW!!!! Mini Strokes are a warning sign and usually a bigger stroke is to come! Not to scare you, but you need to get it checked.

GO SEE A DOCTOR! u have nothing to loose.

Um, yea.. that might be a good idea.

Uh...yeah. You should probably be at the doctor right now.

Sophia A
Better be safe than sorry, go see a doctor RIGHT AWAY!!


you should definitly see a doctor

Cary H
I'm always telling my doctor I think this or that happened and I looked it up on the internet, she told me to quit doing that and CALL HER.

your asking this on here?,...no, use the natural selection cure.....for us all

mel w
no matter what your age if you think you have been having mini strokes most assuredly you should see your doctor to hopefully avoid future heart problems

Lenore P
always go to your dr. or a clinic you need a good checkup and blood work. yes it can you have to start taking care of yourself now. my first stroke was at 34 good luck

...Definitely see a doctor.

Gertie B
Now how would you be able to diagnose mini strokes? Do you have a MRI scanner in your living room? An EEG machine. If you had 5 mini strokes you wouldn"t be able to function. A neurologist would have a difficult time diagnosing them. Did you do a neuro exam on yourself? I think you need to see a Dr, but not a neurologist. A psychiatrist first.

Your symptoms could be caused by several things including migraines and mini-strokes so you should definitely get checked out to be on the safe side. A bit of advise is that doctors want to come up with what is wrong with their patients and they get really offensive when a patient brings up that they diagnosed themselves based on what they read on the internet. Tell they doctors your symptoms and let them figure out what you already know. :0) Its just a bit of annoying doctor-patient etiquette that I have found from being a long time stroke patient.
If you are having mini-strokes you should get checked to see if you have a small hole in your heart called a PFO (Paten Foramen Ovale). This is one of the main reasons younger people have strokes.
Good luck!

Kelsey M
hell yeh!
hunny if you dont you gannaa die

is this rhetorical?

Bill R
you are a NUT!

Quasi Moto
Migraines can give similar symptoms to a stroke; however, you still need to see a doctor.

Miz Lamb
either you are making this up and are a total fraud or you are right next to being dead.

either way don't go searching for self diagnosis of any type. GO SEE THE DOCTOR OR THE ER

How can you diagnose them as ischemic strokes yourself??
You need to see a doctor if you are worried about your health.

It would be unusual for a person your age to have mini-strokes. There are other potential causes for your symptoms which you haven't described. A doctor should evaluate you to make a diagnosis and treatment.

Maybe look into a psychiatrist aswell for your hypochondria - but you definitely need to be under the care of a medical professional.

Donna B.
What were your symptoms that led to this neurological diagnosis.Do you have them now.?

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