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Ryan W
I'm an obese 15 year old male who thinks he's dying or having heart attacks?
Tell me what's wrong with me please
Sometimes my heart feels like it's stopped beating and i can't breathe for a split second
or sometimes my heart beats very fast ferociously, and there's like a bit of pain but more shock ..
What is it? Are these heart attacks? Do I have heart attacks? I don't wanna go to my docs.. but i will probably have to in time

What is wrong with me??

I'm under a great deal of stress with school mainly at the moment and occasionally home, i think that sometimes i have to get away from these places but can't

I've been having these odd... like.. pains for 8 months now, they happen like once every day but sometimes there can be weeks of like where they don't happen though but still


Additional Details
Oh and also don't know if this is linked but
I hear that pains in your left arm are that ur havin a heart attack right?
Well once my whole left arm.. felt.. WEAK all of asudden but no pains.. it was wierd

But only lasted a few seconds

Also, I have an illness alot this year

get a headache and feel REALLY cold.... what's that as well? i also feel really weak with that but i doubt that's related to the heart stuff

You admit that you are obese and then ask this question?

If you want to live, then LOSE WEIGHT NOW

Stop eating and try exercise (walking burns more cals than running).

tell your parents and see a doctor!

sarah 3982
i hope your still checking answers on this. i read your question about 5 days ago i could'nt stop thinking about you. you are fine, as you are probably aware you are having palputations. this is common in a lot of people and they lead mormal lives without even realising they have them (my brother is one of them) but what im worried about you is that you are spending way to much time thinking about dying that u are forgetting about living (again my brother). your 15 u got a whole life to live yet, and yes u will live it, enjoy yourself and ask what would u do if u knew u were going to die next week, write it down and do it all. thats the way my brother got over his panick attacks. hope this helps

sarah ( training teacher, and cant spell) x

dont worry too much it could be something simple like panic attacks, they are very scary but harmless. you need to get checked by your g.p just to be on the safe side. if your surgery is not open phone the same no. and they will put you in contact with an out of hours g.p good luck. x

enlightened goddess
There is nothing we can do for you here except advise you to see your doctor IMMEDIATELY. It sounds like your body is under massive strain. I know your scared but putting off seeing your doctor will NOT make you better. Tell your parents and have them visit the doctor with you. You are still young enough to lose the weight and live a healthy life, please do not wait, until it's too late.

it sounds like palpatations, i have them sometimes as i am under a great amount of stress as my 18month old is due to have open heart surgery and has other disabilities. you must go to the doctors dont worry you probaly wont have to have an operation maybe some medication to stop the palpatations. one thing i will say to you is that you cant get any more serious than the heart, you are a long time dead. (not that it will come to that) good luck and be brave!

no name
awwww poor thing,sounds like panick attacks,no your not dying or having a heart attack your far too young for that,they are called palpitations they are quite common,when you get another attack dont panick or you will make it worse,just take deep breaths and keep thinking to your self i am ok,it will soon pass......good luck

Jamie, FNP
all of the above answers could fit, however, having them for 8 months probably means really bad gas...... really.... however,
see if they are related to eating or not eating, stress or no stress. Are you constipated? Panic attacks also fit, so does depression and anxiety.
EXERCISE that will help alot.
Then GO TO YOUR health care provider and tell them what is going on with all your symptoms.

your getting yourself panicky and pain in left arm is angina usually after a heart attack but slow down and if you get pains in chest then your doctor or A&E and get some weight off

The Great Escape
Your symptoms could be stress related. Please do yourself a favour and see a doctor, they can be very understanding and helpful. Advice on here is not from professionals.
Good luck!

Anxiety and panic by the sound of it. Anxiety can cause real symptoms, like the ones you describe. Obesity will cause health problems in the long term though. You really just need to go and chat with your GP.

Excuse me
I'm sorry to hear that, buddy.
Yes, it very much sounds like you are having panic attacks caused by stress, work, tension, etc.

Heartburn, since you're prob. not eating right, caused by fatty foods, eating too fast, and eating too much.

Panic attacks usually do numb the left arm.

Start going to the part and power walk. In time you will be able to jog, then run. You can do it. I did!

I provided a link to cardiac fibrosis, which you may want to read. Obesity leads to this disease later in life.

1st Amendment Nut
At your age, a heart attack is not impossible, but it is very unlikely. It is most likely in your head. That is actualy a good thing. It means you are trying to tell yourself something.

At the very least you are having panic attacks at worst you have some sort of organ abnormality. The level of stress you are implying could cause these symptoms in a perfectly healthy person sometimes. If you have a heart problem of any kind no matter how small then you are more likely to have such issues than other people under the same stress.

And yes, cold particularly cold sweats can be the work of a poor circulatory system. Your body compresses and decompresses the blood in your system. If you have blood pressure or blood circulation problems then parts of your body could turn cold in much the same way an air conditioner cools a house and warms the outside. I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which means the flesh of my heart is too big with valve damage. Cold sweat is a normal condition when I am doing intensive physical labor.

Go see a doctor if at all possible. It is worth it.

Try not to panic. There could be a lot of reasons you are expecting heart palpations & racing. It could be stress, it could be a physical problem w/ your heart that can be fixed, it could be your current physical condition, etc.

Not many people look forward to seeing a doctor. Try to remember that it's a physician's job to help you & treat you w/ consideration & respect. If you aren't comfortable w/ your current physician, find another.

Keep track of your symptoms - when & where, frequency, any discernable patterns.

I urge you to make an appointment to see your doctor ASAP. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. Get adequate sleep, meditate, drink enough water, avoid caffeine, eat healthy meals and try to find balance your life.

Here's a link for teens w/ all sorts of information: http://kidshealth.com/teen/

Good luck & take care.

Seriously young man you do need to see a Doctor. DO NOT PUT IT OFF .
This could mean the difference between living and dying. you have a wonderful life ahead of you. This is a great time to be a Young man with your whole life and all your dreams ahead. Get this problem FIXED.
It Might be something as simple as Panic attacks OR it could be something more serious.
I'm not a doctor honey, I'm a Grandmother who would hate to think of you letting yourself die just because you are scared to go see a doctor.
If you were my Grandson I'd take you to the doctors myself. Let me know how you get on at the doctors. e mail me if you want to.

Kerry A
hello, you sound like you need to go to the doctors to be checked out for your own piece of mind. heart attacks dont generally happen to people your age, but you say you are obese so maybe now is the time that you ask your doctor for a healthy diet plan and an excersise routine and help yourself whilst you are still young. think of all the benefits of being young and healthy..no more worries about heart attacks! please seek help sooner rather than later and be happy again! Take care! xxx

Please - for your own sake see your doctor right away. Nobody on Yahoo Questions can give a proper diagnosis to the problems you have, only your doctor can do that. He/she will check your blood pressure, do an ECG, listen to your heart - all painless procedures so you don't have to worry.

I'm quite sure, though, that he will advise you to lose weight, and I can tell that you already know that or you wouldn't have described yourself as 'obese'. You want to be fit and active don't you? Then please change to a healthy lifestyle!

Love and good luck from a fit and well lady old enough to be your gran! x

panic attack mate that is all

Yeah, dont ask here..call a doctor and share this info as they get paid the big bucks and went to school forever to help you get the attention you need.

the best thing to do is ask ur GP instead of asking on the net.

u can go urself if u dnt want anyone to know the doctor wont tell anyone hes not allowed

Call NHS direct (I'm presuming you're in the UK) on

0845 4647

They'll listen to what you have to say, and give you advice.

Go to the doctor. You maybe having anxiety or panic attacks. Also more people have heart problems then you know. Most people are just not aware of their heart problem. You can have a heart problem and it could be considered "normal". You need to have the doctor look at you. Doctors rarely worry about someone so young having heart problems.
Good luck!

go 2 the doctors

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