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I'm a 14 year old w/ a weird heartbeat.?
It's been happening for a couple days. Here is a estimate heartbeat that is the pattern I feel. I know teens have heart palpitations sometimes and it's normal, I sometimes get one, like once a few weeks, but I don't think what I'm feeling is normal...it's happens when mostly when I'm sitting or laying down, or crouching. It doesn't happen all the time, sometimes I won't feel it the whole day but other times I'll feel it every 10 min. Here's the pattern in a shortened version. Every line is a heart beat:


Every double heart beat feels like a flutter, it's weird feeling that I can't describe. Sometimes this pattern will happen once, or it will keep going for a couple minutes. Please help. It will flutter, and then it's at a faster rate. Then it will flutter again, then a slower rate, then it will flutter, and go back to normal. Remember, I'm 14.

go to a Dr and tell HIM/HER this....Yahoo is not a hospital or clinic.

I'm 14 to and I have the same problem. I went to the doctors about it and they said its just a heart murmur and many kids have it.

I realize you are 14=you may just be noticing your heart beating where you didn't before =most people have this type of beat and most don't realize it either =hope this is of some help

It sounds like paroxysmal atrial tachycardia where the atria of the heart, rather than the SA node takes over and suddenly starts racing your heart rhythm for a few seconds and then suddenly stops again, resuming the normal rhythm. It's very common in all ages and easily treated in most cases, but left untreated could at some point lead to atrial fibrillation, which is a bad problem.

I have the same problem. It started when I was 13 and I'm 23 now. Everyone has said I'm ok.. but make sure and get it checked out.

It sounds like you have a heart murmur or there is something wrong with one of your heart's valves. This is nothing to be deathly scared about, especially at your age, just make sure you tell your parents and have them take you to the doctor in the near future to make sure its not your imagination or just something temporary.

sounds like it could be a heart murmur..u should go to the doctor

You're right. It does happen to teens. I'm about the same age and I have the same thing. During the summer my doctor is putting me on a tracking thing that will count it if I feel it. Maybe you should ask your doctor.

I had that when I was your age and my suggestion is lay off the cafeine (like soda, pop,coffee, chocolate and etc) for awhile and also consult a Doctor asap!
Take Care,

cut back on caffeine and see if that helps, but still get it checked by a doctor.

Ken S
There's any number of things it could be. First off I'm assuming you're sure your heart/pulse are actually doing this instead of just getting the sensations in your chest. You can check this by feeling your own pulse in your neck or wrist when you get these feelings. If they are, than your heart is going into some sort of irregular rhythm. These can be caused by everything from too much caffeine to not enough rest to hormones to serious heart problems. The only way to know for sure is to catch it on a heart monitor when it's happening to see what it's actually doing (whether your heart's just kicking in a few extra beats or going completely wacky). The only way to find this out is to tell your doctor and possibly wear a halter monitor which is a Walkman sized heart monitor that records for a couple of days straight. I would suggest doing this pretty quickly. While the odds are in your favor due to your age and assumed lack of prior heart history, there is still the possibility that it could need medications and could be dangerous without them.

have you told your parents? If not TELL THEM. Any irregularity in heartbeat is not normal and you should tell your folks so they may determine the direction they want to go. Only a doctor can determine what is normal for you. Especially if you are in sports or if you are a non active overweight teen you need to consult your parents. Please tell them.

You're probably going to be fine.

However, as this is obviously troubling you perhaps you should tell your parents and ask them to take you to the doctor for a check up.

Your doctor should ask you about family history (to see if there has been anyone with sudden death or heart troubles in the family) and should check what medications you take.

The doctor can arrange an ECG (or EKG if you are in the USA) and if necessary a Holter monitor test.

The symptom you are having is called Palpitations. It is unlikely to be related to a heart murmur and is not a heart murmur itself.

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