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Just me
I'm 27 why is my blood pressure 156/113?

Additional Details
sorry yeah I'm 5'7 160 lb

I Love Me Some Me!!
damn dats bad

Jennifer C
because you need to eat less salt

hypertension and you need medicine or diet change and exercise! that is too high but what is your weight? over weight people have higher blood pressures than normal folk! i take atelenol, 50mg for mine, and now my readings are 120/70! normal! medicine can work to reduce it!

Your blood pressure often has no relationship to your weight or height. It has everything to do with lifestyle (no exercise daily), food choices (high fat, high salt); family history of high blood pressure and whether you are a smoker or not. Also, an isolated high reading does not mean you have high blood pressure. You need to sit quietly for at least 10 minutes, take the blood pressure, do not talk. You need to do this at the same time every day for several days. If it remains elevated on all readings, it is time to start working with your doctor on lifestyle changes and possibly medication.

That could be from a lot of things...it might be from poor diet, it might be from being overweight, it might be from stress or anxiety or not enough exercise, it might be from a heart problem, it might be from a neurological problem, it might be from anger or sadness, it might be from medication or other drugs, it might be from toxic exposure or not drinking enough water, it might be from physical pain if you have been having that recently....

Please see your doc to find out what is wrong.

Mrs. Kyle-â“£inkerbell
well you look think ebough judging by your avatar (if that is reaslly what you would look like if you were an avatar) you should see a doctor and stop eating salt!

blood pressure changes throughout the day, drastically. What would be diagnostic would be to get your blood pressure every day for two weeks at the same time of day.... consistently elevated, time to see a doctor.

hundreds causes.
Healing: Strictly diet with 1500mg sodium a day, without caffein alcohol (except little red wine), spicy, fats, and sugar (for diebetes), few short walks a day and keep body especially feet warm. If it doesnt achieve optimal 120-80 in few days, then taking medicine.

Wow! Does HBP run in your family?
Is there a doc in the house?
Usually, you have to have a consistently HBP for a couple of days before you can be diagnosed though.
Get a BP monitoring kit and monitor over the weekend, then see your doc, or see your doc if it remains so high for the rest of the day

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
Your age really doesnt have much to do with blood pressure.

Stress, activity/inactivity, diet, disease, hormones, etc etc are all factors contributing to your blood pressure.

are you fat?
eating too much salt?

joseph GRIMSEY
eat honey nut Cheerios

Bridget (:
Maybe,because you are stressed and are really mad right now it happens just try to take a rest or lay down

John S.
Age is not necessarily the leading factor behind higher blood pressure. Usually it is heredity, diet, or lack of exercise. Most everyone in my family has high blood pressure so I have it too and I take medication for it. I take Lisinopril for the heart and Simvistatin for the cholesterol which is on the normal side but a bit high.

You can also moderate blood pressure by cutting out smoking and drinking if you are inclined to do either or both. The 113 number is the most troublesome, though, and if that is your average or resting state reading, I would definately get that checked out with a doctor.

Always sit for a few minutes before giving a blood pressure reading. Even walking down the hall can elevate blood pressure as well as anxiety over what your reading will be. Consider investing in a blood pressure cuff which you can get at most chain drug stores like Wallgreen's. I recommend the digital self-inflating versions that fit on the wrist versus the upper arm.

you probably don't eat enough veggies. Try raw food:


It may seem hard at first but there are tons of support groups out there and I'm sure you will be about to do it. Also the benefits are AMAZING!
Good luck!

Aldora F
Are you over weight? Do you have a history of high blood pressure in your family?

Qwerty 123
Mine is like 120/80 ish I think..
Walk, jog...for about 30minutes a day...
eat lot of fruits
take less salt, fats, and meat

could be something you ate or your physical activites. take deep breaths and try to lower it naturally. if you are concerned then, go to the hospital

In your case, stress has to be considered--that pressure is extremely high. The doc can track it down through blood work. Calcium channel blockers like HCTZ are commonly prescribed unless your calcium is low. I use a beta blocker because my pulse is naturally fast. My pressure was like yours; Inderal keeps it at 110/72 and my pulse at 68-70.

The second number is the biggest concern.

could be a number of things, stress, obesity, or just a high intake of fatty foods. Eat more veggies and try to relax.

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