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Leslie G
I'm 23 with high blood pressure?
I am a 23 year old woman. Five foot four, 116 pounds. Have three children. Healthy in every aspect except I smoke. I've been put on Toprol XL due to high blood pressure and elevated heart rate. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

Yep, but a young woman like urself shouldnt have 3 kids either that may be causing high blood pressure!!!!

Ronald M
don't worry, I had high blood pressure when I was your age 2. I'm still alive. It will probably kill me when I reach 50 or so. But I feel fine now.

Ima Stressed Out
No I had high blood pressure at that age to but I didn't smoke it was all stress work related which may be yours too. Now I'm overweight, older and more stressed so I am on lotrel and the numbers are good. Good luck.

Not really. I was in my mid-twenties when I developed HBP, and I'm a skinny white guy. It will help if you can quit smoking -- or at least cut back on it....

hm yeah ur 2young for that but it happens...so jsut take care of ur heath now hun.

yes it does.. did you have a physical yet?

your family have high b. pressure too?

stay away from fast food that contains too much sodium which will increase ur blood volume cauzing high bld pressure.

i hope you'll get better :)

donna b
sweetie you can get high blood pressure as a child also take salt out of your diet .eat more garlic use other seasoning in your foods also family history can play a big part of having this disease .good luck and be bless p.s stop eating fast foods bring eating of this type of foods to once or twice a month. i have been suffering from high blood pressure since i was about 11 years old .

nikoleta k
Usually hypertension, or what we call primary hypertension is a disease that affects the middle aged. But that does not mean that a young person, or even a child cannot have hypertension. Usually, when we see hypertension of sudden onset, difficult to control hypertension, or hypertension to someone who is very young, we must do some differential diagnosis in order to exclude some form of secondary hypertension, that means hypertension that has a remiable cause( renal artery stenosis, hyperaldosteronism). That means that certain tests should be performed before we give antihypertensives to a young patient. These tests include specific hormones, renal US and others. If all of these tests turn out negative, we tell the patient that even though he or she is young, he or she has hypertension and should take antihypertensives and exclude salt from the diet. It is not odd that you have hypertension. It is relatively rare but that does not make it unlikely

william f
Its a young age to have it, but let it be a wake up call . clean up your lifestyle. no smoking cut back on salty foods.

That is odd, try taking your children for walks, start a garden if you can and eat from it. The children will probably enjoy it and it's training them to be healthier people and by ALL means, drop the cigarettes ASAP. I know it's rough I had a 3 pack a day habit that I quit from about 15 yrs ago. Here's some tools I used;
when your smoking buddies offer you a cigarette, take it and break it to pieces in front of them. They'll call you names and get mad but at least they won't give you anymore.
drop gradually to the low tar/nicotine brands and when you get to the lowest, set a date and time to quit.
when the date comes, remove all ashtrays, empty cig wrappers etc.etc.
Take your normal allotted cigarette money and get you something, a reward,

I too developed high BP but in my early 40's. I was almost sent home after a young stroke because I was a smoker and had high BP. Another Dr. intervened though and admitted me for testing. because I was too strong and other-wise healthy. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that most do not test for or have little knowledge of. It crept up on me and has changed my life.
Good luck

It may be in your family history. I have high blood pressure for the past two years and I am on Lotrel. I am in my early 50s.
I am not a smoker and not over weight. I like some wine or a beer once in awhile but apparently its in my family and now I am the recipent of this. My doctor told me that since I do not smoke, and not over wieght, he doesnt worry about my elevated blood pressure. Its under control right now and wasnt really that high before. Smoking is a big issue and trust me, you need to quit that habit or you will lead a short life.
My heart rate had spead up also and that was the first thing he wanted to regulate. Its now better and I really struggled mentally about having to take meds for this. I have come to terms with it now and take them regularly but wish I didnt.
If it means for me to be around for a long time I have to do what I should. I have always worked out or did weights pretty often but now I either walk and sometimes run at least three times a week. Walk for a half hour as much as you can or do some kind of arobic workout and the blood pressure should improve. Whatever you do, quit smoking!!

Make sure that your primary physician is an internal medicine physician. Skip family practice. Do not agree to see the nurse practitioner in an office.

At your age, a physician should be willing to look for "secondary causes of hypertension". Insist that he/she rule out problems with your kidneys, heart, endocrine system...

Do not accept "essential hypertension" as a diagnosis at your age unless the doctor has ordered diagnostic tests that have ruled out secondary causes.

Stop smoking. It only aggrevates the problem(s).

It is quite possible that you are in for a rough ride because of your age and gender. You will find that many physicians question your life style and stress level. They may attribute any symptoms that you experience to those two things. If a physician talks about those factors in regards to your blood pressure without having adequate tests performed, find a new physician.

Take care of your health. You may find it difficult to find a doctor who is proactive but finding that doctor should be your goal.

Regardless of any underlying health conditions you may or may not have, you must stop smoking, exercise regularly, and watch your diet. You will have to work harder for your health than the average person.

you need to stay on the meds that you were prescribed and find a good program to stop smoking. High blood pressure is the number one leading cause of heart disease. along with high cholesterol, you need to get a handle on this and get healthy, not just for your sake but for the children who's lives depend on you so much!

I was diagnosed with HBP at 34, and put on Toporol XL 50 mg, I also quit smoking and I now diet and exercise and I am just fine, HBP runs on my mother's side of the family. Just ask yourself, do I want to be healthy, or keep smoking and not taking care of my heart, you have more to think about than just yourself, take care.

Munya Says: DUH!
yeah, stop smoking, start walking and drop the salty foods/snacks

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