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i think i will soon why does god make us ...


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 Could I have a heart attack?
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 heart beat problem!?!?
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 i need help is this a heart attack?
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her blood pressure is high....is there anything i can give her or do for her???
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she already went to the doc. ANYTHING I CAN GIVE HER AT HOME????(FOOD IDK ANYTHING)...

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 I'm a 37 year old experiencing chest pains - a tightening in the middle of chest with intermittant sharp pains
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 How do you get rid of heart burn? ?
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 y the medicine don't work for high blood pressure?
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 i wannn be you er frends can i?
y or ...

 In simple terms, What's a stroke?

 help! i think i have high blood pressure and im only 15!?
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 Is there any thing wrong if heart beat is only 54bpm?
Hi....I am 26 years old male. Today I checked my heart rate in CVS myself. It was 54 bpm. I know that is not acqurate. I remember few months ago I checked in another store, it showed almost same ...

I'm 17 and my mom might need a heart transplant, can I give mine?
I know this sounds like a troll question or something like that but I'm completely serious here. My mom has Congestive Heart Failure and she MIGHT need a heart transplant (So far she's doing good though, just fluids on her legs but she gets rid of it with medicine). Anyway, I'm 17 and I'm in decent health. I love my mother more than anyone and anything, I'd give my life for her if it came down to it.

Can I give her my heart if it comes down to it? If she ever died I'd probably commit suicide so it'd be a waste of a heart if I couldn't.
Additional Details
But I've heard stories and saw movies based on a true story on Lifetime Movie Network of this guy who needed a new heart and live people volunteered to give their heart.

Why can't I do this for my mom? If I turn 18 can I do it? I'm only 6 months away from 18.

Lil Skittles
=[ thats so nice of u..i think i would also suicide..but my mom once she is like that she even signed papers to get her over
=[ i wont be able to do anything..idk if u can..if ur mom signed paper for no donation they wont let u so idk ask the doctor or something

No points needed
I asked the same,though nobody would take your heart because that would be murder. Your mom wants you to be happy,she gave you life so in you,she could go on.

our heart is only one unlike the kidney that you can spare one, its very important because its one reason why we are functioning and live.
you can give your heart to her meaning you are giving your life to her too., it means you will die if you will do that.

im so sorry, you are so great and a good daughter..

sweetie believe me I understand you wanting to give your mom your heart. Now if she died, suicide would not be the answer. I know you would be hurt. Believe me I know. I lost my mom 5 years ago after a brave battle with leukemia. I miss her everyday. Tell me something. How would your mom feel if you did that too yourself. Do not do that to her. It is not up to you when you should die you know that. How long ago was your mom diagnosed with this. Was it recently. People experience levels of emotions when finding theses things out. The person with the illness does as well as their loved ones. Perhaps some counceling would benefit you. Taking your own life or even feeling this way is not going to help your mom emotionally one bit. Many times emotional is far more important than physical. Remember itoo lost my mom so i do know how you feel but suicide will only compound the problem. Your family will already have to deal with one death one day why do you want to make it worse by doing something like that. Also remember that someday we all will die but it is not up to you to say when your time is. You are in my prayers

brandon w
im sorry kido..no you couldnt do that..its against the law...nomatteer what happens you have your whole life ahead of you..my mom is a schizophrenic and i cant be around here...shes bat **** crazy and has been my whole life....i wish i had five years of a real mom instead of 24 years with a psycho...shes homeless now and theres nothing i can do for her...any ways i guess what im trying to say is you should appreciate all the time youve had with her..if in fact it doesnt work out...17 years with a woman youd give your heart for sounds like a real gift....if she does die itll be tough but just give yourself time...it might take a couple years but the pain will go away and youll just have great memorys....i realy hope everything works out for the best though...your both vary lucky to have each other

The doctors would be the one to tell you that for sure. Usually what they do is to take organs from the recently deceased who agreed to donate theirs. That's probably how it will work. I admire your selflessness and love for your mom- I'm your age, love my mom to death, and can't even imagine how difficult your situation is. May God be with you and get your mom the medical help she needs

Vive l' Éire!!!
sorry but i dont think you can, a doctor wont kill a person by taking there heart out and letting them die on the operating table!

you need to have died of something that wouldn't not cause your heart any damage and then the heart has to be removed quickly!

sorry to hear that!

carlo d
no you cant! if you have two heart you could but you only have one heart,heart is very important bcoz it is the one who pumps blood in the diff. part of our body

Its nice and really lovley this too do for your mum but im sure she wouldnt want you to give your life up for her! and darling shes had more of a life them you have had yet soo just live yours like she has hers.

Morango Girl
I understand what you mean but no doctor will be able to kill you in order to save your mom. That is illegal in my country and I believe it is probably illegal in all the other countries. Besides, you mom could never live without you. So pray that the doctors who are treating her find a solution for her. Maybe an artifical heart? Or the heart of someone who died in an accident? I have no idea if this would work. But I wish her good luck and hope you give her all of your support. She needs you more than you will ever know.

Milind Desai
I am sorry to hear about your mom's health. I sincerely hope and pray she doesnt need a hear transplant and would be cured by pure medication. Please understand the procedure for heart transplant.

1) A heart transplant requires a suitable donor who is recently deceased or brain dead.

2) The heart, blood etc should be in a suitable condition to be accepted by the receipent. It is very likely that the heart can be rejected by the receipent (like an unsuccessful kidney transplant) and this would lead to a loss of life.

In the 2nd case, both of you stand to loose your life without any purpose. I am so sure your mother will never allow you to give her your heart. In the exceptional scenario that she does allow you, the medical laws of the country that you stay in should allow you.

I am sure you will get a donor and in the event that you dont get one, there is a procedure called "artificial heart transplant" which is, an artificial heart is created for the receipent and it may just work. There is a process called xenograft (Transplant from another speices) although that has got very very limited success.

But all said and done, please consult all the necessary people and go ahead with what you feel is the right thing to do.

May god protect you both.

Oh wow that is really thoughtful of you. Theres no way a hospital would remove your heart! My dad has had a very bad heart for 40 years or so and he is still here fighting fit!

I wish there was a magic cure but I'm sure she will be just fine, hospitals perform miracles these days. Keep supporting her.

If the worst should happen please dont commit suicide. That would be a selfish thing to do. Theres people around you that need you, even though you dont know it.

Perhaps in the future you will be in a position to save someone elses life - you might find them collapsed in the street, and this person could be a parent of a child. If you commit suicide there is no chance of you helping that person and another child will be distraught.

When I was your age I had a irrational fear of dying, and used to have panic attacks which feel like a heart attack, needless to say that made me even worse!
But we need to learn and understand that it will happen to us all one day, theres no avoiding it.
But please please whatever happens thing of the good you can do in the future, be strong you have a whole life ahead of you please dont waste the opportunitys you have to do good in this world.
Promise me you wont

you sound /like a wonderful daughter/BUT/ i am sure /your mom /would /not want /you to purposely die /to give her /your heart/is she/ on a waiting list/my prayers/ go out /to your mother/ and you/ have the Dr's /explained CHF/ to you /in a manner /you can understand/what /i am /about to say /do not/ take personally/i/ have never/ heard/ of a heart transplant /for a person/ that /is in/ congestive heart failure/BUT/ with the /medical treatments/ nowadays/ anything is possible/PLEASE/ have the Dr's /sit down /and talk with you /any questions/ you have /for them /ask

You are not allowed to do that. What you said was really sweet and your Mom should be really proud of you. I will be thinking and praying for you both. God bless :o)

I lost my father in January, he was a heart transplant recipient of 13 years. Please pay close attention to what I am going to tell you... If your mother does require a heart transplant please contact "Jewish hospital" in Louisville KY . They are doing a clinical trail in which the recipient gets not only a heart but also the donors bone marrow. This eliminates the need for immune suppressant meds, which lead to he leading cause of death in transplant patients "cancer".

Kaye :]
Your mom would be in pain more if she did come out alive and you didn't because you gave your heart to her.
A heart would come.
Just wait and pray.
Keep faithful.

Aww thats really nice but you shouldnt give up your life for your mums!
Someone is bound (no offence to that person) to die in a car accident and have their heart donated to your mother.

Your Mum'll be even more depressed if you take your own life and give up your heart to her. Just as how devastated you'll feel should you lose her one day, she'll feel the same about you.

Your Mum will be on the waiting list for a heart in the event that her cardiologist thinks that she needs a heart transplant.

Right now, the best thing you can do for your Mum is to spend more quality time with her, and stop thinking about dying and giving her your heart. Make her as happy as she can get. Just being there for her is more than enough to let her know just how much you love her. She'll feel it, trust me.

Ella S-class baby
No hospital will allow you to die so you can give her your heart. She has to wait until somebody dies by accident or by natural causes.

No you can't give your heart. Don't talk like that. A heart may be found in time.


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