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How serious is a blood infection?
I know someone who had a blood infection and apparently it went to his heart. He was in the hospital and he is only 19. I don't really know him, hes a friend of a friend. How serious is it? Could this be fatal?

My aunt had a serious and deadly blood disorder due to some medication she was taking 3 years ago.. it was coming out of every hole in her body but the disease had already damaged her vital organs and she died :(

Blood infections can be very serious and lead to death sometimes. You can read about it here:

a blood infection is very serious or can be/and yes it can be fatal if its not looked after.good luck

Anything can be fatal, but someone i know Had died from a blood infection from shooting up drugs but it could be caused by food, something he drank or practically anything!!

That's what she said.
infectious bloon going through ur whole body, yeah its fatal..


Lysergic Inc.
it could easily be fatal. having a blood infection is referred to as sepsis, and it is extremely dangerous. shock is a common sign of sepsis, as your blood pressure will drop with this affliction. this is most often seen in patients with a weak immune system, such as AIDS or cancer patients. please note that I am NOT saying your friend has AIDS or cancer.

if you want to read more about it, ill post a link below.

yes its your blood of u dont have any blood u will die

It depends, there are hundreds of different types - some can be fatal others not that bad as infections go.

it can be as serious as AIDS

Debby R
yes he could die it is very serious

How serious? Oh way way way way way serious. Blood obviously travels throughout your entire body and thus an infection in your blood can cause an infection everywhere in your body. The heart is a serious location to have any kind of infection. Yes it can be fatal, hopefully they can treat it. Is it bacterial or viral? Either way, it's very very dangerous.

Blood infections are very fatal. The chances of him surviving can be slim depending on his size, age etc. he got infected when lots of toxic bacteria were crowded in his blood.

its extremely serious.your blood carries oxygen,antibodies and a lot of other important stuff to your organs so if it becomes infected it is more then likely to be fatal.

Yes it can be fatal, my father nearly died from it its called septicemia and attacks all the cells.

If they are unable to treat it with with intravenous fluids & antibiotics, or, dialysis then yes, organs will begin to fail, causing death.

This is probably fatal. Since you have infected blood, the infection is always flowing through you, and it gets to everywhere in your body. Every part of your body will suffer, and probably be overpowered by the infection.

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