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 Can some one explain this procedure to me ?
My Sisters Husband has to ahve some sort of Heart Surgery they say his heart is out of Rythem and they need to go in and Shock it ??? and i was Curious how serious this is ,if its common and what if ...

 after walking for an half hour what should your heart rate be?

Additional Details
keep in mind

im a slender 15 y/o male with no health ...

 what is post infarct cardiac ?

How much and how fast could my cholesterol be lowered?
My cholesterol level almost 300 (HDL 93 LDL 172) I've eliminated trans fats, cut back saturated fats considerably and increased my fiber intake. I take fish oil and red yeast rice with meals because all of the cholesterol lowering meds have made me sick.
Will this improve my levels significantly and how long should it take?

Try eating oatmeal for breakfast. You can drop your cholesterol 30 to 80 points in 2 months.

Quit smoking, walk every day, forget about saturated fats, forget about fiber, forget about red yeast rice (poison), eat eggs, switch to cod liver oil, eat a whole foods diet. Did you know that carbohydrates cause more cholesterol problems than saturated fats? Carbohydrates cause insulin release and excess insulin has a direct damaging effect on the arteries and cholesterol is needed to repair that damage. That HDL of 93 combined with a low triglyceride level (from low carb diet) are the hallmarks of a healthy heart. Once you accept what I am saying, your stress will come down and your LDL will follow.
Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor

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