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Busy Lady 2010
How long should someone wait to go on high blood pressure meds if they are having a reading of 184/111? ?
This happened to my friend yesterday. We just checked it at kmart on a machine. Later that night it was over 200/162. What is wrong with the bottom number??
Additional Details
200 is high but a bottom number of 162?

YOu checked it at Kmart!?...you cannot rely on these machines...get it checked at the chemist by the Pharmacist or at the doctors...their machines are reliable and not possibly broken or likely to give a false reading.

Yes those numbers are very alarming but as it was a Kmart test its not something I would totally trust. Please advise your friend to seek medical advice for a proper BP test with a reliable instrument and with medical advice.

If however you know for a fact the machine is accurate and you used it correctly then its cause for immediate alarm and he needs medical attention right now.

doctor visit is urgent esp; if there are other symptoms

Go to the ER now if you do not take anything currently. Even if that Kmart machine is wrong, at least you got it checked. High blood pressure is a serious matter and if its not taken care of you can have an MI (heart attack). If you don't want to go to ER then make an appointment soon or go to your local STAT care. Good Luck and Please have it checked!

they should be hospitalized, that is very dangerous and needs to be managed with a team. who ever this is should be taken to the ER now that is known as malignant hypertension and can cause death

Blood Pressure should never ever be that high. That is a fatal level. Get him to seek medical attention

The bottom number should be around 80. Tha's pretty high, and definitely in the catagory of stroke potential. A doctor should be consulted, and it's pretty likely high blood pressure medication will be prescribed.

I'd get to the doctor ASAP. Hypertension is nothing to mess with. Many times it's undetected until it's too late to do anything.

Good luck!

Consult your physician, they will know what's best by your reading taken by a qualified nurse.

Msdeb gee

Betsy S
Get him to a hospital, before he stokes!

OH my now!!!
I have high blood pressure and please get your friend to a doc because They can have a stroke with it so high!!!

im no doctor, but that sounds really really bad. really high resting pulse rate too.

go to a physician. depending on your age, if you are younger there are many things that are wrong that can cause a blood pressure that high all of which need IMMEDIATE attention. Go to the emergency room right now.

triple a

If your friend is having any other symptoms like nausea, confusion, pain, or any other significant symptoms he or she needs to go to the hospital immediately.

If the machine was correct, this would, at the very least be considered a hypertensive (high blood pressure) urgency or more seriously an emergency. This type of high blood pressure causes extreme strain on the body and can be detrimental to his or her body and life.

Please have them see a physician today and let us know how they are doing.

Normal bp should be 120/70 (systolic/diastolic).

Again, have them see a doctor or go to the ER asap.

That high a blood pressure can be fatal. Urge your friend to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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