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 my uncle had a massive heart attack and now has no brain activity.
my uncle had a heart attack 4 days ago,he has not woken up since his body temp goes up so they lower his temp down he is on a machine that breaths for him and every time they lower or stop his ...

 Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine?
I quit smoking 1year 8 months ago, changed my diet and started jogging, I feel great! I take fish oil, vitaminE&C, calcium supplements , ginko biloba, and Ginseng.I last saw my doctor 1/06 and he ...

 High blood pressure have you found a more effective way of controlling it than by using prescription drugs?

 how can i help my mom control her blood pressure?
my mom has had high blood pressure since 2-3 years! it is normally around 140-90.. but yesterday it had increased to 150-100.. but today morning when she had again got it checked in the hospital it ...

 i took some viagra and i have been hard for about 8 days now is this bad?

 Why don't our pet dogs, or cats, ever die of heart disease?
Don't they get the most rancid of fats in their commercial pet foods?

Could it be because they make their own Vitamin C?

They do however, die of cancer sometimes. Maybe ...

 Why is my heart fluttering?
Sometimes, when I get up or sit down, my heart starts fluttering and my pulse races, even if I'm not doing any strenuous activities. When I walk after getting up, I get a weird sensation. I can&#...

 I ate a pill on the floor of my office and now my heart is racing?
I thought it was an ibuprofen I dropped (or one of my coworkers did) and now my heart is racing really fast and I don't know what I took. A white round pill with np on it. Holy crap, when do you ...

 high pulse rate, do i need to worry and what can cause it?
at work i used the pulse rate machine on myself and it was 93 when i did it again today it was 117 i know this is high but should io see a doctor and what could be the cause? i'm 26, ...

 How does the heart continue beating after removal from the body?
I tried google but I didn't find anything :S

A heart will continue beating for about 30 - 40 minutes when removed from the body (if placed in oxygenated, isotonic saline solution). E...

 my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?

 I'm having bizarre attacks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
I'm having these crazy attacks that come on suddenly while awake and asleep. I suddenly become very weak and disoriented. My face, arms, legs become numb and tingly. My blood pressure goes up to ...

 who's mor elikely to have high blood pressure - someone angry or someone depressed?

 why is my blood pressure so high?
hi ya Iam 22 years old and i don't drink and smoke. My blood pressure has gone really high to 180/90 and it was scary i took it with a machine. I checked it regularly from 5 days and it was ...

 19 yr old heart attack?
i am a 19 yr old male with overweight stomach, but in shape everywhere else. i'm having some pain in my bicep area only. should i proceed to the hospital to have it checked out?...

 Is it true that you have maximum 10 years to live after open-heart surgery?

Additional Details
my mom was told she had 3 years to live by her doctor : (...

 How is caffeine good for the heart and brain?
I need ...

 can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
i am experiencing pain between my shoulder blades that seems to be coming out of nowhere.
maybe the last hour or so.
so i came home from school bcuz im not feeling well.
i had a cough ...

 I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
Do I have to stop taking my beta blockers and if so how long before the test? Thank you in advance all you medical people....

 heart attack?
hi 2 nights ago my boyfriend aged 25 woke up cpmplaining of tension in the abdominal area which was traveling to the heart. this only lasted a few minutes but his heart rate very irregular and he had ...

♥~♠ Xanım ♠~♥
How long does it take for a broken heart to heal? :(?

After the second glass of vodka.

louise d
There's no time limit, it just will eventually.

It depends on what broke it. Surgical repair can take several weeks to months, damage to the heart muscle will not heal but the body may adjust, broken hearted from a poor choice in love will take as long as you need. Focus on the good things every day and work through the bad and eventually you will come to a point that happiness overshadows sadness. My heart goes out to you!

rhythm of the falling rain
a long time. rushing will only defer the process. take your time. feel how you feel. one day the pain will fade away.

"/* Insanity
depends on how much it is broken and how strong it was before it was broken.

sometimes it heals quickly, sometimes it takes years... sometimes it doesn't completely heal but something else will come along and replace the missing pieces with something stronger.

i think the mending process is different for every situation. Right now im in the process of healing my broken heart. the guy that i was with for a year and that i gave my heart to just suddenly one day shut me out of his life and became the father to this girl's baby that he has only known for about a month or two now. (the chick is still pregnant....) im still hurt, but im finding it easier now to put my head down at night and not have him be the last thought i have before i fall to sleep.
I'm not sure exactly what happened with you, but i know this for sure: you WILL eventually heal, and someday the person that broke your heart will just be a distant memory. for now, try not to dwell on the pain because it will only keep you grieving longer. just smile and move on with every new day because really, happiness is the best revenge. (not saying you should seek revenge on that person haha)
Just know that your pain will go away, but no one can really put a date on it. just try to be happy and your heart will heal quicker than it would if you remain grieving.
best of luck, dollface<3

knows everything bout style.x
after you cheer up or get a new one xD
i wouldn't say there is a time limit though it will just heal sometime....

Some people say it should be double the time that you were together with that person. But I don't believe in things like that. It is different for each individual, there is not set limit on how long you are allowed to be heartbroken. Take as long as you need.


for how ever long you let it be broken. go out and have fun you will find another love soon and your heart wont be broken anymore. just think about the bad things about the old person. remember it mite be stormy now but it cant rain forever. hang out with friends and youlll find your one true love <3

hamid b

It will take as long as you want it or let it. There are steps you need to follow, cry it out, be sad, be angry, do whatever it takes. But know that you're in control. Dariush sings:
میاد اون روزی كه من نامه هاتو پاره کنم میاد اون روزی كه من غم دلمو چاره کنم

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