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Suz Hi R&S Regs
How long can a 50 year old man who had a heart attack and still smokes expect to live?
Serious question folks if you have links with ref s to this plz include
Additional Details
He does not smoke cigs but will not stop the bong{pot]

sharon b
i have a friend who smokes and has had triple bypass and the doctors have given him 3-5 years. of course he has an enlarged heart and other health problems. this doesn't answer your question and the honest answer is you really can't pin point an answer to that question. it will definitely be a short existence. good luck and i wish your friend well.

c b
It depends on the person. My grandfather is 82, he has smoked 4 packets (80 cigs!)of cigs a day for his whole life and has no health problems so far. So much has to do with genetics as well.

Heart Attack Jack
This is a serious answer or you might consider it a parable.
How many times can a Cat cross a busy highway and not get hit? Now if the Cat suffered a serious medical condition would that affect the odds?

At 52 I suffered a serious heart attack. I was extremely over weight. I want to live a long life and I have made changes in my life to better my odds. On the other hand my dad had several heart attacks, bypass and the works, and he would ask for a cigarette immediately after surgery. He lived a few days short of 77.

I guess I will leave you with this verse from the King James Bible: Life and Death are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of. Choose Life.

You can read the story about my heat attack at http://mydjconnection.com/articles/2005/11/16/community/news2.txt

He will most likely face an open heart surgery in the near future in which I hope will make him FINALLY quit!

Of course you know the answer is not gonna be good......
I did find an article of a report by Proffesor Sir Richard Doll. He is the original researcher who revealed that there is a link between smoking and lung cancer. On June 24, 2004 he completed a fifty year study on the life expectancy of both men and women both smokers and non smokers. Now these are not studies of people who are diognosed with cancer so these stats probably will differ from the person in question. I can only assume for the worse..... But anyways he studied the habits of 34,439 male (get this) smoking DOCTORS!!!! Of those almost 35,000 doctors as of 2004 only 5,900 are still alive and only 134 of those still smoke. He found that a man who stops smoking at age 60 would add 3 years to there life. At 50 you would get 6 years and those who quit by age 30 would almost nullify the affect of smoking on there life expectancy. At that time of the studys begining the average life expectancy percentage was for a non smoker you had a 33% chance to see 90 years old. A smoker only had a (GET THIS) 7% chance to see 90.

I love this quote when the 92 year old doctor said.....

"Thers is no pint in us going any further now, I can only advise people if they enjoy life,if they think iits worth living,then its DAMN SILLY to smokebecause you are just not going to have as much of it to live"

Did not answer your question, but I thought it was interestin......


You already probabily know - medicine is a very relative science. No one can certainly say how long will one live -- this depends from a lot of factors, such as
* the further conditions this person will live in after his/her last heart attack
* associated conditions and diseases, recurrent diseases (pneumonia, urinary infections, other infections and diseases, chronic diseases)
* how much, and how often, and what is the person smoking?
* his genetic predisposition to some cardiovascular diseases
* stress, diet, life style, ethnicity, geografic location (black and asians are more predisposed to cardiovascular diseases)
* the treatment the person supported already
* blood pressure evolution for the last decade
I can enumerate and more factors, but I feel these are the main
For all those interested in estimating their risk of having a heart attack, I developed a simple 12 questions calculator, [different of those NIHL presented :) ] which calculates the risk of a heart attack in percents.
Please visit it at http://allheartattack.com/risks/risk-test.php
Will gladly accept any kind of feedback or improvement suggestions
Hope this helped a little!

I have to answer this with "it depends on a lot of factors".

How good is the guy's general health apart from his heart problem? Is he going to need a bypass operation? How bad was the attack & how much damage did it do?

Does he exercise? What is his diet like & does he drink a lot?

Genetics come into this too. Some old folks smoke away forever & live to be 100 with no serious lung problems. Others kakk out at 45 from lung cancer, emphysema etc.

So without a lot more info I can't really tell.

My father-in-law is a tough old dutchman who will live to be 150 through sheer orneryness...he has had 3 triple bypass operations over the last 20 years (he is now around 90 years old). He still walks about 5km per day, climbs up on his garage roof to clear off the snow, lives by himself in a 2-storey house and seems to fend for himself very well. He usually goes to Australia for the winter, but stayed home this year to get his cataracts fixed. You can bet he will be in Oz again next winter. Mind you, he hasn't smoked in over 30 years...

The serious and straightforward answer is that nobody could possibly tell.

People live to be centenarians who smoke and have had heart attacks. But realistically,. the chances are slim, and very much reduced - decreasing as the number of cigarettes smoked.

More likely is cancer, of course, and the associated poor quality of life, as the ability to breathe diminishes.
It's a poor life, and usually much shortened, but nobody can give you an "expectation".....except a painful, excruciating, fairly humiliating death in the end.

Tracy M
I think a lot of other factors play into the answer for this question. But one fact is, smoking is one of the modifiable risk factors for heart attack and stroke. (Weight/Diet and exercise being another.)

The nicotine present in smoke causes:
- Decreased oxygen to the heart.
- Increased blood pressure and heart rate.
- Increase in blood clotting.
- Damage to cells that line coronary arteries and
other blood vessels.

Someone with a known history of coronary disease with a previous heart attack has to quit smoking, period. Otherwise, I'd say it's just a gamble.

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