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 What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
My mother recently survived a heart attack and had some sort of operation in Taiwan, I'm sketchy of the details but I know she felt it coming on and got to a hospital. She asked me what she ...

 What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
Additional Details
Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

 In desperate need of help....?
Explain how you cannot catch heart disease:
My science teacher gave me homework to explain how you cannot catch heart disease. I researched and cannot find anything on it and my homework is due ...

 Should i go to the hospital?
i just had my arm bitten off by a shark on my fishing vessel and im not losing that much blood or blacking out so WHAT DO I DO?
Additional Details
ok im not blacking out or anything and ...

 broken heart = literal heart hurting?
I didn't know it would literally hurt? I thought it was just a figure of speech..

Q: Why does my heart/chest hurt?...

 21 yr/o female. having heart palpatations. chest pain. tightness.?
i can feel my heart hammering in my chest, along with pain in my chest and throat when i breathe. it started with symptoms of tight chest, like someone was sat on it! but now i get these plapatations ...

 I have high cholesterol and I was wondering, can I eat anything that doesn't have cholesterol in it?
I have been eating stuff like Starburst and Skittles because it doesnt have any cholesterol in it but is it still healthy for me to ...

 can someone just die from like a heart attack or stroke or do they feel it?
like if someone is going to die from a heart attack or stroke do they feel the pain like a day before or does it happen all of a ...

 My dad is in a coma due to a heart attack. What are the common signs of waking up ? what do we hope to see ?
I would like to know from other people's experience about some signs that they have seen and that have led to the recovery ? and what was the recovery like ......

 Why is my resting heart rate 76 beats per min?
is this too fast for someone who is aged19, male and doesn't much exercise!...

 i have a missing heart beat, can this be dangerous ?
i have a missing heart beat, can this be dangerous ?...

 Fear of having a heart attack?
i'm only 19 and i have a fear of having a heart attack, i get palpitations, tight feeling in my chest, can feel my pulse in my head, neck, stomach and sometimes in my legs and wrists, every time ...

 is this doctor right?
went to see a doctor last week ( not my regular one ) and checking my records found out that i had a heart attack last year ( i went with an unrelated problem ) and increased my dose of ramipril from ...


 What is it called when your heart just randomly stops?
What are the names of conditions where your heart just randomly stops for a period of time.?

Someone I know has this condition and is in the hospital right now, but I want to know what ...

 Does this sound like Heart Problems?
The last month or two occasionally I have had some weird things going on. Sometimes I will be relaxing and it feels like my heart flutters for a few seconds and then i'm fine. It use to happen ...

 my dads blood pressure is 180/120?
how bad is this. he refuses to go into the hospital....

 8 year old son lips go dark blue, especially when in water swimming?
I take anticonvulsants
EEg in Dr's surgery said atrial flutter, but gp said it was normal.
Should I push for anther opinion by paediatric cardiologist
Additional Details

 Can't take pepcid AC for more than 14 days?
I have acid reflux, does anyone know why pepcid ac says you cant take it for more than 14 days? if i take one pill every morning i dont get it, its been two weeks and it says to contact a doctor, but ...

 Can anyone make me smile? I feel so sad.....=(?
My father had a Heart Attack a few months ago.
And he was rushed in the ER, yesterday.
He had 2 new blockages, and he isn't doing really good.
They did a Catheterization, and put ...

How is caffeine good for the heart and brain?
I need help

it is not healthy! it is a food addictive, it is bascially like sugar, you do not need it!

[email protected]
dude its not good at all! who ever told you that is a liar

Lily N
It's not.

y n
there is a study out now that says it is good for heart and brain .i know of a person who gets heart palpitations from caffeine and that is not good.

It's completely fake to say that caffeine is good for you. It actually shorts your growth.

It increases blood flow. But excessive amounts and prolonged use isnt good for you.

The Sleepover freak
it's not, sorry, it only gives you temporary energy

and can you answer this???

It's not. Whoever gave that info lied.

Like everything else, it's good when taken in moderation.

Caffeine is an antioxidant, and antioxidants are thought to help prevent heart disease and some cancers

Well there are many negative effects. BUT there are GOOD effects.

Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it accelerates physiological activity. Specifically, it speeds up the action of your brain and makes you more alert. It does this by binding to adenosine receptors in the brain. Normally the chemical adenosine binds to these, causing drowsiness by slowing down nerve cell activity. The caffeine doesn't have this effect, but does get in the way of the adenosine.

Because the caffeine is blocking the adenosine receptors, your neurons become more active than they otherwise would be. That is why it sees to be good for the brain. Then your pituitary gland responds to all the activity as though it was an emergency, by releasing hormones that tell the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. This is what is sometimes known as the "fight or flight" hormone (and is also called epinephrine). This release of adrenaline causes:

* A faster heart rate.
* An opening up of breathing tubes.
* A release of sugar into the bloodstream from the liver.
* A readying (tightening) of muscles for action.
* An increase in blood flow to muscles.

Essentially all that adrenaline makes you tensed and ready for action, but not necessarily intellectual action. You do become more alert initially, and your brain may work better and faster. But by the time you start that second cup, you may be anxious and irritable, which is not conducive to clear thinking. Is there a balance that works?

Studies which demonstrate an improvement in mental function usually show it after one eight-ounce cup of coffee. Other studies show that drinking two cups (versus none) causes irritability and an increase of the heart rate by 15 to 20 beats-per-minute. So if you must use caffeine, try to limit it to one cup. Tea has less than half the caffeine of coffee, so you may want to switch if you want to enjoy more to drink without getting that racing heart.

Some self-experimentation is probably called for, especially since we don't all react in the same way to caffeine. But there is also more to the story.


Other effects of caffeine on the brain include an increase in dopamine levels, much like that caused by amphetamines or heroine (but without such a pronounced effect). Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which activates the pleasure centers of the brain. It is suspected that this is part of the reason caffeine can be so addicting. Alert and happy? You can see why your body and brain likes the stuff. The problem, though, is that long term it can have some pretty nasty effects.

For example, once the adrenaline wears off, you can feel depressed and tired. This causes you to crave more caffeine, of course. The problem with that is that it interferes with proper sleep. It is estimated that the half-life of caffeine in your body is about six hours. This means that if you have a large cup of coffee (12 ounces) at four in the afternoon, with about 150 milligrams of caffeine, and then go to bed at ten, you still have about 75 milligrams of caffeine in your system.

That may not keep you awake. In fact, some people can sleep with several hundred milligrams of caffeine in their bodies. But that blocking of adenosine receptors will prevent deep sleep, which you need. As a result you are tired the next day and so you reach for more coffee, starting a downward spiral of addiction. Start the cycle and you find it tough to stop.

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