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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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How does the heart continue beating after removal from the body?
I tried google but I didn't find anything :S

A heart will continue beating for about 30 - 40 minutes when removed from the body (if placed in oxygenated, isotonic saline solution). Explain how this can occur?

Thank you in advance :)
Additional Details
What is a saline solution?

This is simply not true.

The brain stem sends electrical impulses to your heart, which causes the beating, once the nervous pathways have been removed, electrical impulses will stop, and thus the beating of the heart will stop too.

It would be like your engine running with no more gas, it just ain't going to happen.

30 to 40 minutes? Are you sure? That doesn't sound right. I can imagine a few seconds due to the muscle spasming with leftover voltage, but not half an hour.

Because the heart is more than a mere muscle

Fred Flintstone
I don't know if it would always continue for such a long time, and if so why it would ever stop, but I believe heart muscle fibres twitch automatically as long as they have a supply of oxygen.

Carl Fredrickson
that is very interesting, but i don't believe that is possible. i mean 30-40 seconds makes more sense to me, sort of like how a chicken will run around with out it's head

the heart is automatic in its action, a bit like the muscles that control blinking and breathing.

Yes. The heart can continue to beat outside the body, if placed in a lactated ringer's solution. The heart contains multiple pacemaker cells which generate its own electrical impulse without any outside stimulation. The primary one is called the sinus node. Have you ever heard of sinus rhythm. That is where it comes from. The sinus node, and atria of the heart is innervated by the vagus and sympathetic nerves. These nerves control your heart rate, among other things. However the heart will still beat without these inputs. When a person gets a heart transplant, his nerves are cut away from his heart, and his old heart is removed. When his new heart is placed in his chest, the severed nerves can not be reconnected. Nerves take an extremely long amount of time to regenerate. So this man will have no nerve connections to his heart. This man's heart rate will be determined by the sinus node (100 bpm). The man would also not be able to feel his heart pounding or angina.

The reason it must be placed in a lactated ringer's solution is because the heart must be supplied with ions (sodium, calcium, and potassium) to generate electrical activity. Ringer's lactate contains sodium, calcium, and potassium.

The human heart would beat outside the body if placed in a ringer's lactate solution, however it would only last for a short period of time because the heart also needs oxygen supplied to each cardiomyocyte (heart muscle cell).

A common science demonstration is the removal of a frogs heart, and placing it in a solution. It will beat outside the body for atleast 30 minutes. I forgot the exact amount of time, but I know it is atleast 30 minutes. It also depends on temperature, and other factors.

kari w
It cannot occur!

Because the cardiac muscle is myogenic, meaning it has the property of being able to contract rhythmically independent of any nerve supply. So the autonomic nervous system modifies the speed of the heart beat but the heart can actually be removed from an animal and continue beating. Isotonic solution/saline is basically sodium chloride that is isotonic to body fluids, and is therefore able to maintain living tissue temporarily. It contains the same concentration of ios as blood and the cells of the body.

Joy Beth
creepy ..... probably nerve endings that are still firing. Like when a chicken still runs around without a head, or a spiders leg still wiggles if you pull it off. shudder shudder

12 lead ekg
the heart has a property called AUTOMATICITY. this means it can generate its own electrical current without any external stimulus because of the conductive pacemaker cells like the sinus node. so the heart will continue to beat after it is removed but will eventually die because of hypoxia caused by the lack of oxygen supplied to it by the coronary arteries who in turn get it from the aorta who in turn gets it from the left ventricle who in turn gets it from the lungs which will now be detached from the heart

SA node is the pace maker of heart, until the ATP and oxygen depletes the heart go on pumping and sa node will be producing the electrical stimuli for the myocardial elicitation. this is the simplest way i can answer.

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