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How does obesity cause heart attacks?
Please no copy paste because i cant understand it x


When someone is obese the fat will build up round the heart making it more difficult for the blood to pump round the body.

The more fat you eat the more cholesterol your body produces. Higher levels of cholesterol build up in arteries, this blocks blood flow to the heart causing tissue death, which is a heart attack.

Obesity also causes high blood pressure because the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body. High blood pressure damages the arteries, increasing risk of them narrowing or hardening. This may cause loss of blood flow to the heart and consequently a heart attack.

Old Cynic
The heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body. A healthy heart should have a small coating of fat. An unhealthy heart has a thick layer of fat around it and can't work as efficiently. Fat in arteries can also stop blood travelling easily around the body. The arteries can harden (atherosclerosis).

Fat gets clogged up in youre blood tubes and stops your blood flowing to youre heartno blood means it cant beat wich is a heart attack

Overweight is a big problem with the heart and this is one of the causes of heart attacks.

Take care


Sue See
all the fat from food e.g pizza, burgers, chips blocks the artiries which stops blood flow to the heart. (a very brief discription)

Well, being obese means that you have much more body mass that your blood needs to go through. That means that the blood pressure will inevitably raise (it's like... the longer a hose is, the higher the pressure needs to be to get to the other end). The higher pressure will stress your heart and blood vessels, that leading to heart attacks.

It's a combination of things

1) size - your heart is designed to pump blood around your body - if your body is bigger than it should be the heart has to work harder, just like any body part it will wear out, if it is working too hard for a significant amount of time it will wear out quicker.

2) Atherosclerosis - this is where plaque builds up in the arteries that feed blood to the heart itself. If these block then that causes a heart attack. You get more of these if you have a high fat diet which many (but not all) obese peope have.

3) lack of exercise - it is difficult to exercise if you are big - so your heart does not get exercised and becomes 'unfit'. In addition if you do exercise your heart is put under even more strain.

The link between obesity and heart disease is not that simple. It's the problems that obesity can lead to that are more of a risk for heart disease. Obesity does not necessarily cause high cholesterol, - high lipid levels are caused by the amount of saturated fats you consume as well as other factors. You can be overweight but eat healthy foods. It's the quantity of food that makes you fat, not always the exact foods you eat. With that said, obese people often have unhealthy eating habits which often means they have high cholesterol which is a major risk factor for arteriosclerosis (leading cause of heart attacks).

The main problem with obesity is that it can lead to risk factors which put people at a higher risk of developing heart disease such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and left ventricular hypertrophy.

This isn't going to be scientific but you should understand?

The body produces something called cholesterol, not sure what it is but if you have high levels of it in your blood, then you are prone to having fatty deposits in your arteries. Fatty deposits and high cholesterol are caused by eating foods which are high in saturated fat - years ago it would have been food cooked in lard and dripping, now it would be burgers, crisps, biscuits etc. If you eat a lot of these foods then you are building up lots of fat which cannot be got rid of so it stores in your arteries. Generally obese people eat too much of this food without exercising which is the way the body burns fat.
Anyway, assuming you eat too much fat and don't exercise, then you are walking around with clogged arteries which are blocked partially with fat. The blood is then restricted in the flow and if the fat breaks away from the side of the artery and blocks the artery, the blood cannot get through to the heart and you have a heart attack.
When a person has a bypass, the doctors put another line into the heart using a vein from the leg and divert the blood from the blocked artery through the new line or vein. There are four tubes leading to and from the heart and any or all of them can be bypassed at any one time. In addition, if the arteries are not severe anough for a bypass then the doctors can put a tube in your thigh all the way up to your heart and insert metal rings which will open the artery wider to allow blood to flow more freely.

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