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Tiffany G
How do you get rid of heart burn? ?
My husband took all the tums... So it would be a natural remedy.

Unwavering Truth
Dur, ice cream

Take gaviscon or baking soda toothpaste and soap would even work because you need to take an alkali to neutralise the acid that causes the heart burn.

Peppermint or intergestion tablets.

Try mixing a table spoon of vinegar in a glass of water and have him drink that. It helps my husband when all else fails.

chickydee :)

water, sips of it, peppermint tea is good for the digestive tract. We offer it to patients in endoscopy wards. Mylanta, sitting down, not lying down. Fruit and veges. Spicy, hot rich foods are not good for it.

Jenn I
oddly enough, drinking something acidic. it KILLS at first, but it takes care of the problem for a lot longer than tums/rolaids/etc.. when you take those caplets, you're essentially telling your body to keep producing acid.. drinking lemon juice for example counter-acts it.

Jacey G
More vegtables in your diet, less greasy, spicy foods!

If tums are not working then go to doctors asap.

Use milk or yogurt


Baking soda and warm water. It works everytime.

If you sip water very slowly it works.
I did this all through 3 pregnancies and it worked great, but you have to remember to only take very small sips or it will increase the heart burn.

Elmer F
Adjust your diet. Next step would be OTC PPIs (Zantac, etc..).

Well, tums wuz my awnser but...now that you said that your husband took all of those, i got nuthin'.

Try Gaviscon

Baking soda in water. Drink it.

See a doc if it's a common and regularly occuring event, though--it can be serious.

my nan gets it so she drinks milk.

Winner WInner Chicken Dinner, MD
DO NOT drink anything acidic in an attempt to relieve heartburn. Although that users explanation does sound logical.... unfortunately that is not how your body works.

Drinking something "like lemon juice' as she suggested would low the pH in your stomach further, and may possibly lead to a feedback inhibition of HCL secretion from parietal cells (by inhibiting gastrin release from the duodenum). However, the result will be temporary, and with regular usage of this method you will shift the sensitivity of the receptors in your GI tract so that the equilibrium is disrupted and the abnormally low pH is begins to be established as homeostasis. In other words, your acid secretion will be up-regulated.

As far as natural remedies go, try milk, or milk of magnesia. But these are of course, only symptomatic treatments. The real issue is determining the underlying cause. With heartburn you have a burning sensation in your esophagus due to gastric acid reflux from your stomach. Chronic gastric reflux is actually a fairly serious concern, as it can lead to changes in the lining of your esophagus (barret's esophagus) which is considered a pre-cancerous condition.

I'd recommend consulting your MD about this condition and possibly starting you on prescription antacid and referring you to a GI doc.

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