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Nick from Utah
How do they know that smoking is bad for you? Where does the CDC get its info?
They keep on saying on the news that heart disease is the number one cause of death, and smoking is a major risk factor for any type of death. I decided to find out for myself why they say this, and I found out that the Centers for Disease Control say this; I went to their .gov website. The American Medical Association also says this. When you die, you get a death certificate, so that's how they know the major causes of death. Then some how they calculate that smoking is a major risk factor for any type of death?

The reason I ask is because at work someone always smokes. So to show concern for her, empathy in an analytical way, I told her that smoking is a major non-genetic risk factor for death. She laughed and said that most statistics are made up. I told her that it's government statistics and if it's in a scientific peer-review journal, other scientists can review it to make sure it's good. She laughed again and told me that statistics are made up. I explained that when you die, you get a death certificate, and that it's statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the American Medical Association. She laughed again at me and said that statistics are made up.
Additional Details
Witchy, so you think death certificates are made up? If they then estimate after that how many heart diseases, lung cancers, etc, were influenced by smoking, I thought an estimate is the best explanation for the evidence?

From that perspective, aren't plate tectonics and electrons just an estimate too? Before plate tectonics, there was continental drift theory. How do we not know in a thousand years from now another theory will replace plate tectonics? What we can say it's the best explanation we have.

Pastor Joanah

they get their intel from the results of autopsies and other death reviews. they find that the lungs of smokers - the longer and more, - the more the lung disease. They combine this with the self reports of people who are having artery replacements because of clotting, strokes, etc, and the persons reports of tobacco use - other major diseases and same correlations re tobacco - then correlate the data to include the elimination of other causal factors and come out with the bottom line that most of this relates to tobacco.
she doesn't want to quit smoking and it will result in her death.

It is caclulated by determining key factors about the persons medical history. The majority of people who die varies for categories but when it comes to the millions it is of the top leading causes of death.

They come to this conclusion based on carcinogen specific diseases which only one can obtain from smoking or if they work in certain jobs. This is all taken into account.

Now someone who smokes get X disease. Someone who doesn't smoke does not get X disease. Does the person who smoked with the disease die from the disease because they smoked all their life and the disease was caused from them smoking. Yes and not all the time. Usually a disease caused by smoking won't kill you. Its the fact that the disease greatly reduces your bodies effectiveness to fight of other weaker diseases and thus you die of something simple like the common cold or the flu. Or you get phenomia and die. It is rare that someone does in fact die from the disease caused by smoking. They die because of the disease caused by smoking gave them something they just couldn't handle because they have the disease and that is what kills you.

If your conerned about your friends health but she just isn't up for living a nicotine free life you should refer her to http://smoker51.com/591
It is a 100% alternative to smoking. Smokers get the same cessation they do from cigarettes. Only they are no longer breathing in cancer or disease causing chemicals or bi products. There is no tar and it actually tastes better and WILL NOT MAKE YOU A STATISTIC!

deaths from certain things are reported to the CDC...

both my parents and one of my (work) bosses all died from smoking.
both my in-laws have had cancer (and one has COPD) from smoking.
one of my grandparents died from smoking...
so theres some of your statistics..

They don't and your friend is partly correct. The CDC uses a computer program called SAMMEC to estimate (guess) what the numbers are. They do not use actual cases. For example, if a morbidly obese smoker dies of a heart attack, it is "guessed" that the cause of death is from smoking.

If by "made up" your friend means that the CDC estimates (guesses) what the statistics are, she is correct. Also, the CDC is a governmental entity and to expect their guesses not to be influenced by popular political agendas is unreasonable.

Pinkly Smooth
lol that sounds like some people i know, the statistics are as real as any other statistic, not necessarily accurate, but true to a degree.

Basically they check up on X number of people over a period of a few years and study them, 1/2 smoke & 1/2 don't smoke and after a few years they see that more people who smoked had health issues than those that didn't. Generally the number of people will be 1,000 or so to get as much data as possible.

I know several people who smoke, the majority of them are sick more often and have low lung capacity (we swim and they can hardly stay under).

EDIT: also read what "LINDA R" wrote above me.

Nick - It is very difficult to convince anyone who has an addiction that they are addicted. Nicotine is an addictive substance in tobacco. Once One is hooks it is very difficult to break from it - physically or psychologically. Even when hacking & coughing from a cold, a smoker will light up one more time. I know I once was a smoker.

However she may have a case, since many studies test men rather than women. The evidence is in regards to men.

none of your business.

sounds like she isn't concern for her health, when her back is against the wall she may change her mind

Well is easy, they analize dead causes and dead ages of some smoking people and not smoking, and they see that in the smoking people cancer is a more frecuent cause of death, and also that smoking people dies younger. Also they made some microscĂłpical experiments and they find out that asbestus (One componen of the cigarret smoke) kills your inmune system.

Finally they analized cigarrete smoke and they find that some of the components may cause cancer.

is true that there is not a 100% confirmed relationship between cigarrets and deaths, but then you have to think also that air pollution is not bad for your health, and that it doesn´t cause any health effect at all.

Is true that statistics are made up some times, there is a book named How to lie with statistics, but statistics are made up for save money, not for lost it, if this were true, statistics could tell that cigarrets reduce the risk of colon cancer, or that are good for eliminate lung germens or that even improve your health. This could help to the cigars industry to win a lot.

You're right and she's wrong.

However, in my experience, most smokers know full well that they're killing themselves, and don't really care. She probably doesn't appreciate your efforts to help. If I were you I'd give up.

she's an idiot. dont worry about her.

Umm.lets see...1 single cigarette contains abouty 3,000,000,000,000 free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen atoms that have lost one electron. These atoms will travel through your body destroying stuff, because if it loses an electron, the charge becomes positive. These molecules can do loads of bad stuff to ur body. 1st reason, its possible that these molecules can displace certain destroy cells because it attracts the atoms of cells because of its charge, causing the cells to collapse, then it might do loads of stuff u can imagine with what happens when a atom that is charged, in vast numbers, enter your body. Note; an oxygen that loses and electron also requires more atoms in order to be stable. So...ur gonna have trouble with ur body if u smoke. THats not the only reason. Smoking also has chemicals, which are bad for your body. Our bodies are designed, to take in natural substances only. So if we add chemical substances, then the body will have problems if the immune system can't take care of the contaminants, or if the chemical substances disrupt your body. In a cigarette, there are wads of these substances...there are substacnes thtat they use in batteries, substances in paint, substances found in urine...(eww)...and other stuff..besides that..it also contains nicotine which gets u addicted...Main point is: Smoking destroys your body. Same reason as why drugs, MSG, and loads of other stuff destroy ur body. THe same reason as why u want clean air, clean water. So smoking is pretty much making the efforts of a lot of people in the world who try to reduce pollution useless, because you purposely take in pollution,...now doesnt that just sound stupid...? If ur a smoker and u say yea, i know but im addicted, then i dont blame u, because u realize the danger...but some people dont, and no offense, but seriously....if ur trying to act cool, or feel more manly, actuallly ask the person ur trying to be cool to, if they like it. If they do, then its ur choice. Just dont endanger other people..meaning..smoke in the smoking lounge.....so its pretty obvious why smoking is bad..but some people don't really have a choice..if ur..umm...colleague says that..then give some hard evidence...
Please visit the sources, because it will give u a more clear reason...and..some of the things i mentioned is taken from a cd recorded from a doctor who was doing a presentation..so...Bye. =)

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