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 Do you need to have heart disease, to have a heart attack?
Or can you just get one anyways, or do you necessarily have to have something wrong with your heart, like heart disease?
Additional Details
Okay, then how do you get a blood clot? If you ...

 is it possible for a 15 year old to have a heart attack?
because my heart/chest area hurts alot and when i excersise it beats really fast and scares me....

 Have you ever had your heart broken?
How long did it take you to recover?...

I almsot passed out the other day and it felt wierd i was playing rockband
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 which is more important heart or your brain?
i think both i tryed to figure out which one is more than the other
i think your heart, but the brain is much more smarter. like all your senses. but you r heart pumps blood to your brain so i ...

 Causes of chest pains other than heart attack.?

Additional Details
Pain across the chest....under ribs when breathing deeply, not totally constant....(it is me...but am going to docs tomorrow about unrelated issue so will ask then, ...

 8 yr old son with murmer? Please answer my question.?
hi all my son who is 8 and a half yrs old was born with a heart murmer. He attended our local outpatients clinic once a yr to be checked until he was 4. Our doctors then suggested he visit Our Lady�...

 Am I Having a Heart Attack?
I was on IV steroids for 2 days. I was supposed to go for 3 but because I felt like I couldn't breathe, they left me with just 2. My chest was extremely heavy/tight. But they didn't seem to ...

 What should I do about my rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath...etc?
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 Could I have had a minor heart attack?
Yesterday afternoon I had a sharp pain which at first felt a little like a period pain but higher than usual, and then, as time went on, rose up to the bottom left of my chest. It was very painful to ...

 am I going to have a hart attack?
For the last few weeks I have been sweating mostly in my armpits an I mean sweat running like a facet off an on. If I drink a cup of coffee that really turns it on. also I have a unexplainable pain ...

 I'm 23 with high blood pressure?
I am a 23 year old woman. Five foot four, 116 pounds. Have three children. Healthy in every aspect except I smoke. I've been put on Toprol XL due to high blood pressure and elevated heart ...

 My blood pressure is 155 over 107. Is this bad?

 Am i having a heart attack? help!!?
For the past 3 days every so often i get a stitch like discomfort on the left side of my chest directly above my heart.

It is difficult to breath in or out whilst the stitch lasts and ...

 high cholesterol level?
Can anyone explain how it is that cholestrol levels change over a periods of time. I understand about cholestrol but why should ones levels change from week to week and from day to day, when the same ...

 My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
My doctor said I have 4% of a stroke or heart attack when I am older.
Should I worry though?
Additional Details
I don't drink, smoke, and I walk 5 miles a day (walk to work)...

I have checked and checked again, It has been 2 days since i notised that there is no pulse either. My skin has gone very pale what should i do i dont wanna die
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 How serious is a blood infection?
I know someone who had a blood infection and apparently it went to his heart. He was in the hospital and he is only 19. I don't really know him, hes a friend of a friend. How serious is it? C...

 can a person have heart in right side of chest?
i know ans &just want to see how many of u ...

 What would happen if the heart failed?
This is a question on my grade eight science test. I am going to be asked to explain in detail what would happen to your body if the heart failed. A simple : "You will die" will NOT do. I ...

Under Pressure
How common is this in people my age?
I'm only 22 and have been told that I have borderline high cholesterol and blood pressure. How common are these problems in people my age and what are some good steps to take in improving it?

We'll at age 22 - it can be more common now a days. First take a look at your body weight. Can you lose some weight? Your HBP can be due to you being overweight if you are. Or it could just run in your family. Often times some people have HC and HBP due to genetics. To help impove it - decrease your total fat, and cut out high amounts of Chol. in the diet (Red meat for example) Increase exercise as well.

The first step you should do is to lose any excess weight you may have. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes is growing dramatically in younger people due to being overweight and highly inactive. So lose some weight and exercise 45 to 1 hour walking.
Drop the smoking if you do smoke. Cut back or drop the caffeine- if you are doing triple expressos at Starbucks, you are asking for trouble.
You are young so you can fix your problem easily. So do it now.

I know a couple people in their early twenties that have high cholesterol. It can be hereditary, but can be aggravated by poor eating habits. Mostly obviously a diet high in cholesterol. The high blood pressure is concerning in someone so young. It can also be hereditary, and related to your high cholesterol. But I am going to guess because you have these problems that you are over weight also. Weight loss, restricting high cholesterol foods, and exercise are the best ways to keep these things in check. Also adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet can improve your HDL (high density lipoproteins or good cholesterol) and reduce your LDL (low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol.) Whole grains like oatmeal can reduce your bad cholesterol as well. Good luck!

Hi ,
Take bitter gard juice , some lime juice and dont take oily food .
Take cod liver oil regularly.
and dont munch too much of potatoes dishes , curd , ghee,cheese.
Drink lots of water.
Offcourse you can control this.

eat less

depending on your size and physical activity it can be common in at any age...even childhood. you should ask yourself these questions: 1) in order to be over weight you must be 15lbs over your target weight, and clinically considered obese at 20 lbs over target weight. find out your target weight and compair the two... see if you can stand to lose a few pounds. 2) are you eating healthy? healthy eating is much better for your body that fasting alone. you are on a full stomach, losing lbs due to exercise, and you wont be fatigued and just drained from not eating. 3) are there any underlying symptoms you have? are you tired all the time, chronic headaches, things of that nature. things like prehypertension and pre high cholesterol can easily be delt with if found early and action taken there after. remember, being healthy doesn't mean starving yourself, but it does mean you must be light on the sugars, salts, and for gods sakes use real butter. honestly its better for you...all that un-natural margarine and crap has so many additives in it that will kill you faster than high bp, not just that but your body breaks down real butter faster, thus burning more "good fat". good luck

no you need to change your eating habits and exercise more and if you smoke quit.......

Diet, exercise... see a doctor.

Family history and being overweight contribute HUGE.

Texas Cowboy
It is common if you are overweight.
Loose weight and exercise.
Otherwise, take drugs to control both.

It can happen to anyone at any age. There are two factors controlling cholesterol. Diet and heredity. Many times cholesterol levels can be controlled by diet and exercise. The heredity side of it may be something to discuss with your doctor. There are many medications that can help a person control their cholesterol.

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathy For High Cholesterol :-
All three together half hour before or after meals thrice a day will gradually bring down your cholesterol without any side effects or complications. Keep me posted about your progress every week ! You can find Homeopathic Remedies on Most Herbal Shops and they are quite inexpensive.
Take Care and God Bless !

James Bond
oh poor you..it's time to reduce some fat. just simple, don't eat dinner, and don't eat too much in other meal time. that works for me..bicycling may also helps..good luck!

These problems are normally in 40ish and older people. Changing your diet may help.

Doc H
Good Step
Get better nutrition
Yoga (really helps!!!)
relax and get rid of stress
Drink Red Wine
Take Medications

It's not very common but seek medical attention before it reaches a death borderline

Barbara P
Not very common.

I would bet as young as you are that this is something that runs in your family.

I would ask my doctor if I could get a dietary consult, most are covered on insurance.

He/she could teach you the right diet and probably advise you on excercise.

I would also perform follow up appointments with my doctor on a regular basis to see if this helps your blood levels.

If not, then your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that would bring it down.

it's common to have it at age 22,but in cases no one will think of it as common most likely rarely, it isn't a big % but it's there.

you can try improving it by- lowering the amount of salt you eat or food that contain salt

- don't eat alot of junk food
-food that contains alot of oil

not common and not good -- you are too young to have this. you should take care of yourself.
has your doctor prescribed you any medications for controlling hypertension? if yes, take them religiously.
this should also involve a lifestyle change -- change your diet, and start exercising

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