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Queen Bee
How can you tell if the person is a smoker?
I'm going away for my activities and will be back to find out the answers.I need to know it for some reasons,please.
Additional Details
Tramf..i don't smoke ,but i do understand why and it's the freedom of a citizen to smoke.

Sniff sniff.
It's because You smoke, right?

ageing, yellow teeth, bad breath, wrinkles

darder lips. from one side.. from where they usually smoke.... a smoker always smoke in one style and put cigreette at the same place on lips which make that place a lil bit darker and also bouter lips are alos a little darker

if they smell
i hate smoking
i dont hate smokers, but i hate smoking

its filthy smelling, polluting (think of all those cigarette butts on the street!!) and unhealthy

they smell like smoke, have yellow fingers and/or teeth, might have burn holes in furniture, clothing, etc., ashes in an ash tray (if you've seen it) and maybe even a back ground of alcohol (maybe, idk....) y do u ask?

At World's End
hmm.....well....i come to know usually by just loooking at ppl..they usually have dark eye circles..............and they stink!

if the person looks old when he is young and if that person smells like smoke when your near him. Also, that person's fingernails would look stained and yellow, along with his teeth. Sometimes, if that person does smoke, he/she would find difficulty coughing because his cilia is numb, causing a build up of phelgm.

if you want more reference, you should go check out some sites on google. If you want to know how a smoker's body would look like, check out the link. But beware, the pictures may be a bit overrated.

well first if he looks like a total badass..... has the chicks all around him.... likes to drink and party.. and or has killed a man before

- Check fingernail for yellowness
- Smell clothes for smoke (isn't always accurate because he/she could of been around smokers)
- Look around the mouth, smokers usually have wrinkles around their eyes and mouth.
- Try take a look at the teeth, it may be stained in some places.
- Listen out for the smoker's cough AND breathing sounds
- Keep your eyes open if he/she runs out of breath fast.

Also, you may look for cigarettes. Don't get caught though xD


eamonn d
they might have dark marks on their fingers where they hold their cig. their breath. light up and offer them one.

well depends...cigerette smoker...they stink like tobacco. Pot smoker...they look stoned. Stoned as in red eyes, half closed and a tad bit of drool coming down left side of chin.

Elmer F
Smell, breathing, & tonal quality of their voice. I'm an ex-smoker. I can spot 'em a mile away.

If they have smoked for a long time, their teeth may be sort of yellow. (coffee can do that too) Look at their fingernails. The fingers that hold the cigarette may have yellowed skin, and yellow tinted fingernails. Sometimes you can tell by the breath, and many times you can smell it on their clothes. If you have to ask, they probably don't smoke, or not smoke much.

They will smell of smoke, also they might have bad skin.

There are various signs that represent a smoker:

-discolored teeth
-breath (they smell like cigarettes)

You can smell the smoke in their clothes or on their breathe.

Smell of smoke on their clothes and other items!!

Ok, I am going to make some assumptions here:

1) If you are worried about being found out you are smoking...
A person actually sweats chemicals and some individuals can identify the odour of cigarettes. (I can, much to my husbands annoyance!)

Also the smell gets into their hair and in the mouth and breath. The smell is almost metallic even after a good 12 to 24 hours not smoking. This is because the chemicals are lodged within the lungs.

If the lungs and blood were to be analyzed by a Doctor, he would be able to identify carbon and other chemicals and would know you are a smoker.

2) If you are trying to find out if someone else smokes.
Smell them, if they smell as described above, you got them.

Smell in someone pockets! Sounds bizarre, but they put their hands in there and their hands carry the smell for quite a while.

AS for the cough, some people don't cough as much as others, this is because the smoke paralyzes the tiny hairs within the lungs and prevents them from cleaning the lungs out. It actually suppresses the cough.
When you quit, the cough starts in ernest because the tiny hairs kick back into life and try to rid the lungs of all the junk.

The most common way a non-smoker can detect a smoker is by the smell of smoke. Perfumes, colognes, sprays, etc. won't take the smell away although a lot of smokers believe it will. I'm a smoker and I've learned over the many years of smoking not to try and hide the smell, it only makes it worse.

Good luck w/your studies!

Zach H
While there is no definite way to say whether or not someone smokes, if they have smoked long enough they will typically have a long lasting cough, long beyond what any cold may give you, they also may have yellow teeth or bad gums, they could be very physically fit but get out of breath very easily, a sure sign their lungs have deterioated.

But remember, there is no way to tell for 100% that someone's a smoker unless you actually see them doing it.. but I guess you can't do that hence your asking, but anyways, those are pretty good signs, a good reliable sign is the one with the physical fitness, if they aren't sick, and they're fit, and they fit the other symptoms, one could well as be 99% positive they smoke.

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