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 Causes of chest pains other than heart attack.?

Additional Details
Pain across the chest....under ribs when breathing deeply, not totally constant....(it is me...but am going to docs tomorrow about unrelated issue so will ask then, ...

 8 yr old son with murmer? Please answer my question.?
hi all my son who is 8 and a half yrs old was born with a heart murmer. He attended our local outpatients clinic once a yr to be checked until he was 4. Our doctors then suggested he visit Our Lady�...

 Am I Having a Heart Attack?
I was on IV steroids for 2 days. I was supposed to go for 3 but because I felt like I couldn't breathe, they left me with just 2. My chest was extremely heavy/tight. But they didn't seem to ...

 What should I do about my rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath...etc?
I started taking this pre-workout supplement called "Super Charge" a few weeks ago, and I did not have any problems with it until now. A couple of days ago I started experiencing faster ...

 Could I have had a minor heart attack?
Yesterday afternoon I had a sharp pain which at first felt a little like a period pain but higher than usual, and then, as time went on, rose up to the bottom left of my chest. It was very painful to ...

 am I going to have a hart attack?
For the last few weeks I have been sweating mostly in my armpits an I mean sweat running like a facet off an on. If I drink a cup of coffee that really turns it on. also I have a unexplainable pain ...

 I'm 23 with high blood pressure?
I am a 23 year old woman. Five foot four, 116 pounds. Have three children. Healthy in every aspect except I smoke. I've been put on Toprol XL due to high blood pressure and elevated heart ...

 My blood pressure is 155 over 107. Is this bad?

 Am i having a heart attack? help!!?
For the past 3 days every so often i get a stitch like discomfort on the left side of my chest directly above my heart.

It is difficult to breath in or out whilst the stitch lasts and ...

 high cholesterol level?
Can anyone explain how it is that cholestrol levels change over a periods of time. I understand about cholestrol but why should ones levels change from week to week and from day to day, when the same ...

 My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
My doctor said I have 4% of a stroke or heart attack when I am older.
Should I worry though?
Additional Details
I don't drink, smoke, and I walk 5 miles a day (walk to work)...

I have checked and checked again, It has been 2 days since i notised that there is no pulse either. My skin has gone very pale what should i do i dont wanna die
Additional Details

 How serious is a blood infection?
I know someone who had a blood infection and apparently it went to his heart. He was in the hospital and he is only 19. I don't really know him, hes a friend of a friend. How serious is it? C...

 can a person have heart in right side of chest?
i know ans &just want to see how many of u ...

 What would happen if the heart failed?
This is a question on my grade eight science test. I am going to be asked to explain in detail what would happen to your body if the heart failed. A simple : "You will die" will NOT do. I ...

 Causes of high blood pressure and ways to lower it? I am 30 and recently my blood pressure was 140/90.?

Additional Details
I dont smoke, I dont drink excessively...
I excerise 30-45 mins 4 to 5 days a week. I am on wieght watchers so trying to lose wieght, I just wasnt sure if it is ...

 I had open heart surgery 7 weeks ago. Is it ok for me to fast or sit this Ramadan out?
for the entire month or ...

 I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help
It has only started about two nights ago. If this is an emergency, please tell me quickly because I haven't been feeling any pain at all. I've only been feeling drowsiness and skipping of ...

 I'm having heart flutters. Should I be worried?
There is no pain, just a bit of an irregular heart beat. It started after I ate too many cookies....

 what's the best advice for very low blood pressure?
My mother is 75, is not overweight and has had triple heart bypass surgery (years ago) but she gets very low blood pressure and can feel very unwell. She won't tell me how low and won't go ...

How can I find out if my Dad's blood pressure is dangerous?
My dad's blood pressure is 85/50. I know nothing about this and I need to know if this is dangerous or not!! Help please!

yes its much to low

Who took that B.P. ARE you sure it's correct? You best see a Doctor and quick.

He has LOW blood pressure. Its called hypotension. This is good for young athletes, but not older people. If its chronic, its usually not really serious... if it happens suddenly, certain organs are deprived of blood (brain).

That is a little low. Normally when your blood pressure is that low, you experience some symptopms like fainting, going into shock and sometimes heart failure. You may want to call his doctor to find out when you can bring him in or if you can't wait go to a primacare or emergency room.

The cutoff for hypertension(high blood pressure) is 150/100 generally.

Mine runs low 110 for 68 and I am perfectly healthy. Low blood pressure probably assures one of not having a stroke but your dad's is a bit low.

Make sure your bp cuff's gauge is accurate or if you do not wish to visit a urgent care center and your dad is not feeling ill go to Wal-Mart. Their bp machines I have found to be fairly accurate.

If still quite low I would take the former answer's suggestion and get a healthcare professional's advice. Good Luck!

♥ Teri ♥
In healthy people, especially athletes, low blood pressure is a sign of good cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) health. But low blood pressure can be a signal of an underlying problem - especially in the elderly. In this population, low blood pressure may cause inadequate blood flow to the heart, brain and other vital organs.

A good artical to read is:

hujan_dingin s
ill put your worried away..

[email protected]
That is low. Is he taking any beta blockers? If so, it may need to be adjusted. The normal BP for an adult is 120-140/60-90. I would keep a log of his blood pressure, so you can see what it's really doing. This will serve as a reference for his Dr. It's normal for it to go up with stress and activity, and to go down when sleeping or after taking medication, but if there is no normalcy, his medication may need to be adjusted.

Please get him checked by a good medical specialist ASAP.

This is low. But I would retake it - most of the time it's user error. If it's still low - go to ER. Fainting, light headedness esp. when he sits up are symptoms of low blood pressure.

Quasi Moto
Seems a little low. Pulse pressure looks pretty good. When I had low numbers like that Cardiac Rehab would make me drink a cup of water and they would take it again in 10 min. Then they would let me go home ( it always came back up).

Something is dysfunctional here. You either have OCD or he is abusing himself and you think it's up to you to save him.

It is low. Who took the blood pressure? Does your Dad have any medical problems? Is he on medications?

This is on the low side so he should see a doc to be sure things are ok. If he just checked his BP and it was this low have him recheck it in a couple of hours and if it hasn't gone up any then have him see a doc at urgent care right away.

Jayne S
That's kind of low. It depends on a lot of factors, but if he has a regular doctor, call him or her and say what his blood pressure is.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
I think your dad is not doing physical exercise, is his job sedentary in nature? does he have symptoms like faintness or giddiness or he gets irritated very soon,does he takes sleeping pills. There are lots of reasons for the above reading.
If your dad is feeling fine with this BP, leave him alone or you can consult a cardiologist for further evaluation.

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