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Mindy W
How bad is this blood pressure?260 over 120?
My mother went to the ER yesterday around 200 over 110. They sent her home. Well, she went back today and they admitteed her. Last I heard it was 260 over 120 and after meds it had dropped about 20 points. Is that really bad?

That is really really bad you should really seek some medical help. She should stay in the hospital intill it drops to about 108 over 66.

Best: "some data indicate that 115/75 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic) is best". Normal: below 120/80 mm Hg. Hypertension: greater than 140 mmm Hg/90 mmHg. (Hypertension).

If it is 260/120 means it is very very high pressure and need to be control to avoid any further complication.

If you need information on hypertension, visit this site which provide useful information and alternative medicine for hypertension.

yes thats too high but it can be controlled with the right mebs

that is very very high... it could contribute to a lot of heart disease or heart complications. this is not to scare you but this is reality. she might have seizures for that. bad thing would be she could have heart attack fot that, that might lead her to stroke. she must do something to decrease her blood pressure. don't depend too much on drugs/medicines. it has bad effect on body later on life. CHANGE HER LIFESTYLE AND DIET if that contribute to her disease. cut off or minimize sodium and fats on her foods. eat foods low in cholesterol. exercise regularly. let her stop her vices if she has such as smoking, drinking alcohol and so on. hope this helps....

mindy n
Your mother is right where she belongs. I would make sure they do not discharge her until her bp is under control. It isn't going to get better "at home".

Best of luck.

Yes that is very bad. They need to get this under control as soon as they can.

normally a person,s blood pressure should run around 130 over 75 to 80. did they put her on blood pressure medicine. she need,s to consult her doctor. a reading of 140 over 90 is considered to be a little high.

yes, it's a good thing she's at the hospital.

Yes, hon, but now she will have to get control of it! They are going to (if they are a good facility)...educate her about her diet, exercise and stress reduction. There is a vast amount of info on the internet, just beware your source. Good luck, I hope she gets well soon.

That's terrible! She should be on medication, if she isn't already.

It's not good. She's on meds and it's still high. It's a good thing she's being assessed and treated.

Not to scare you but she is at risk for stroke or heart attack with pressures that high. She needs to stay in the hospital until they find a cause and control the pressure. There may actually be a physical cause for the high blood pressure as well as (or as opposed to) genetic or lifestyle factors.

maloney baloney
A healthy blood pressure is 120/80.

Your mother's blood pressure is almost double what it should be. Not to scare you, but 260/120 is extremely high.

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