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Is 76 too low for the heart and if so what happens then?
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Matador.You have taken the bull by the horns! Thank you for being so thorough....

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Explain how you cannot catch heart disease:
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Q: Why does my heart/chest hurt?...

 21 yr/o female. having heart palpatations. chest pain. tightness.?
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High blood pressure have you found a more effective way of controlling it than by using prescription drugs?

Beyond brainwashing
Avoid saturated fats, eat healthy, drink lots of bottled water, avoid adding salt there is already too much in our foods, eat lots of garlic, take plenty of fresh air and exercise. Prescription drugs are dangerous with many side affects and the body is not designed for SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS. For r natural remedies in reducing blood pressure go to www.doctorsaredangerous.com

Yes. Taking garlic capsules bought at a drug store or health food store. Also taking niacin..the 'non flush' kind.

Anchor Cranker
Fully Body Massage does it for me, the wife reckons it works so well on me that even the tone of my voice changes after I've been for one.

Yes, Marijuana will lower your blood pressure within 1 minute and keep it there with regular use. If you live in a state where you can get a prescription for this, great. If not- it's up to you. This is an herb, grown in dirt, not processed at all, has no side effects, does not cause long term bodily damage and is 100% natural. This herb has been used for centuries, all over the world, to keep people healthy. Until 1935, more than 50% of the world's medicine was derived from this plant. The drug companies have decided that they can get no profit from it, so the U.S. has decided that it should be illegal. Need I say more?

My Mum
stopped smoking and changed her eating habits to a low fat,low salt diet and cut her alcohol consumption right down,she lost weight because she was eating healthier and went for long walks as she wasn't doing any exercise- her BP dropped over time and now does not have to take any pills

Stephen L
I left my wife.

Froget it Bexy!
Best try to change your environment and failing that meditate it away?
Diet and gentle exercise is the first steps they say.

Angela E
More exercise may help. Try at least five fruit and veg a day - up to 8 or 9 portions if you can manage it. Avoid processed foods as most have far too much salt. Try to avoid stress if you can. If these don't bring your HBP down far enough, don't be afraid of taking medication.

Not currently - I tried exercise, a lot more care with my diet etc etc, but actually my current stress levels are soooo high that I have had to resort to medication. Am two weeks into it now and feeling dreadful honestly.

Sal UK..... perhaps your medication is not suited to you have you spoken to you doctor about this.

You must be feeling poorly as I've never seen you reply in such away before. I hope you feel better very soon.
Seven O'clock

Perhaps a combination of alternative treatments and prescription drugs is the answer such as gentle exercise.

Walking, eating, weight control.

I have tried eft tapping and to five people that I have tapped, I'm 100% successful. Blood pressure became normal in just a few minutes.
Go to you tube and type eft or tapping.com
its demonstrated there

Drugs are harmful to the body and can damage organs. You are right to seek other alternatives. It is absolutely not true that salt causes high blood pressure. There is NO scientific study that shows this. Having said that, the typical Morton type salt you buy is loaded with chemicals (like Aluminum) and is heated to 1,100 degrees when making it. All the electrolytes are removed, leaving this white, blanched, chemicalized, granulate that they call salt. Go to the health food store and buy some "air dried sea salt" that contains electrolytes and for every quart of water you drink, eat 1/4 teaspoon of this salt. Salt is where your body gets the Chloride ion to make stomach acid. These low salt diets promote all kinds of problems with the body, from acid indigestion to adrenal problems. Don't listen to the people promoting low salt. It's ridiculous advice.

And as well, don't listen to the advice to eat low fat, that is equally as ridiculous. Fat is where the body derives it's sustained energy. Your heart runs on saturated fat and your brain needs fat to make the myelin and every cell in your body has membranes that are made up of fat. Low fat diets cause gallbladder problems and people develop all kinds of cravings. We were designed to eat fat. The "lipid hypothesis" that was promoted by the egotist, Ancel Keys in the 50's and 60's has been debunked long ago by nutritionists that understand how the body works. It's further a myth that fat is where cholesterol comes from. Cholesterol is a lipo protein (bile salt).

If you are taking any of those junk statin drugs, you will find that your arteries will be thin and make you susceptible to strokes and that is why doctors are so concerned now about blood pressure. Also, the statin drugs deplete your body of CoQ-10 that is necessary for good heart function.

High blood pressure is now linked to infection that does not show up on typical lab blood tests (often viral), also a deficiency in minerals due to low stomach acid production, toxic liver (can be from taking drugs like the statins), weak kidneys, and heavy metal toxicity (especially from the teeth where amalgam fillings, crowns with amalgam undercoatings are put on, and root canals that are loaded with toxic heavy metals.

There are several dietary things you can do for high blood pressure that will definitely help. Limit your animal proteins to once per day, at lunch preferrably, and eat lots of plant based proteins such as beans, mushrooms, nuts, and grains that have been soaked over night to remove the phytic acid. Avoid ALL pasteurized dairy products and do drink raw milk and raw dairy that has been aged over 90 days. Avoid ALL soft drinks and ALL processed foods, especially anything with MSG (natural flavorings is a sneaky way of labeling this). Drink lots of water and don't forget the air dried sea salt. Eat more cultured foods and make keifer from raw milk, it is very good for you. And get lots of sunshine and exercise each day.

good luck

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