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Help! I could use an answer tonight. My feet and ankles are very swollen. I don't want to go to the ER.
If I call the nurse hotline I'm afraid they will tell me to go to the ER and I don't want to go because I have a poor immune system and I don't want to catch something. If necessary, I can go to my family doctor tomorrow. I know they will do labs, because I have had congestive heart problems before and I have a "million" other thngs wrong with me. I was recently taken off of a diuretic to help my sodium level go up. Now I wonder if I need to be back on that medication.

I don't feel any worse than usual so it can probably wait until morning.I just wanted some opinions from people who have congestive heart problems or from someone knowledgable in this area. I should mention that I have type 2 diabetes and I ate something salty a couple of days ago.

Can you give me advice?
Additional Details
Thanks to everyone for the advice. Some of you asked for more information, so here it is.

One suggested lemon juice, but I'm not allowed to have it because of esouphagus reflux and vocal cord dysfunction.

Someone talked about breathing. I am on 2 liters of oxygen 24 hours a day.

I hope this helps answer your questions.

There are so many good answers, I don't know how I am going to choose one. Thanks to everyone for such quick answers.

Oh, one more thing. I am a terrible speller and there is no spell check for this addition.

questions of garry
Get off the salt,elevate your feet,call you physician.Drink lemon in your water.

The swollen ankles and feet are probably a fluid build up from the salt intake. But for sure check with your doctor.

Nan's cat Tigger
My mom had Congestive heart failure (CHF) (she was 82 years old). The doctor told her elevate her legs when they were swollen.
I would take one dose of the diuretic if I had to but if you can wait until tomorrow to call the doc it would be better and besides you would n't be up all night going to the bathroom.
If you have elastic surgical stockings that may be a better first choice till tomorrow. Put them on to help compress the legs a little.

u should really go to ur family doctor
or go to er
this is serious call 911 if u dont want to drive
this is a really serious problem and u should go
i hope u turn out to be ok

youre retaining fluid

see a doc asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if your ankles are swollen that means you have adema which means water in your legs. you need to call your doctor and let him know.

The swelling in your legs and ankles is fluid due more to your Heart and not the diabetes. You definitely need to be on a diuretic maybe just a lower dose if it is affecting your sodium level. For tonight I would suggest propping those legs up on the couch or a recliner. Place a pillow under them. You may even try an ice pack as cold helps with swelling. I would take an aspirin for your heart to thin your blood. Call your Doctor in the morning and have some tests run. Good Luck to you!

I could give you advice, but it wouldn't be worth the ether its printed on.
For heavens sake when you have multiple system problems you don't go asking strangers what to do.
You know better.
If your hotline tells you to go to a hospital, thats what you should do. Theres a reason for that, even if your immune system isn't great, you stand a chance of serious complications from one thing or another if you don't have it properly evaluated.
Be sensible, you know what you have to do, go and do it.

legs higher than heart for about 1 hour if they do not inprove or go down GO TO THE ER better safe than sorry

Paul P
Call the nurse hotline.

They can tell you to go to ER, but they can't make you go, right?

Otherwise, this is too complex to be asking advise on Yahoo!

Whao!!!! Go tho the ER asap! It does not sound good, do yourself and your family the favor!!!!!
Is saving time and money worth your life?????

Really need more information than that. If the only symptom is that your feet and ankles are swollen, then no, you don't need to go to the ER. If you couldn't breathe, or sounded like you had fluid in your lungs, then you would need to go to the ER. You probably need a smaller dose of the diuretic you were originally on.
Avoid salty food, limit fluid intake, and see your dr. as soon as possible tomorrow. If you begin to have trouble breathing, feel light-headed or black out, then go to the ER.

thekla o
first of all, right now, lie down with your feet above heart level. this should help the swelling go down, often within an hour. if you have a blood presure monitor, check your blood pressure. if you have congestive heart problems, your heart is too weak to work properly. if the swelling does not go down, or if your pressure is abnormally high or low, please reconsider calling the hot line. the more fluid that backs up in your body, the harder it is on an already weak heart. do ask your dr about your diuretic, and resist that salt! diabetes complicates everything, as you know. i will say a prayer for you.

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