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Heart pain? Please help!?
I'm nearly 13.
I had a weird little heart stabbing sensation which hurt quite a bit, afterwards it feels uncomfortable. It feels 'itchy', but not in the sense that I want to scratch it. Not like I've just brushed my heart with straw, but more the sensation that I want to 'comfort' it. It's annying and painful...what do I do?
Thank you x
Additional Details
Definetley not overweight! I eat really healthy. It's getting worse...it's hard to breathe now.

look up precordial catch syndrome and see if that describes it. if not go to a doctor immediately

take an asprin, put your feet up and try to relax. it pain gets sharp, then you must call an ambulance if you treasure being alive. quiet, asprin no noise, relax and if you should have a xanxex or valium, take it. peace, quiet and relax

Prof. CSB
If you are not overweight, and in good health otherwise, it is unlikely that you have heart disease at such an early age. It could be heartburn from something you ate; if so, something like Tums would help.

If there is a recurrence, and you have ruled out heartburn, then you should have it checked out, just to be sure.

hey my cousin he has heart cramps for no reason his docter even said that that might be the problem for you hope you get better.

amol s
do you takes adequate sleep. If you are not taking sleep during night hrs it may occurs
or it may heart burn due to hyper-acidity
or there may be congestion in lungs due to cold .

it may or may not be related to heart but u've to speak with your parents and check with a good cardiologist.

You should tell your parents right away. If this continues for a few days, go to the doctors. If there is a lot of pain, go to the doctors asap.

It may be nothing, but if it is, it's good to know now.

the phenom
go see a cardiologist. (heart doctor)

Chuck C
if it is only on your left side where your heart is then you are screwed. If it is on both sides, than thats kind of normal since you are growing. next time you are at the doctor, have it checked out

Strictly Business
Heart palpitations, not good - go to a doctor.

Aric T
check it

Alexandra Solano
Honey you are only 13 and are having what you believe may be heart pains. Please get off the computer RIGHT NOW and tell your parents. It is not for sure but you may have had a very small or slight heart attack. You never know so get off this thing and get yourself checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.
Thank you :-)

you should talk to your parents and go to the doctor.

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