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 Im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission.....?
im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission to prescribe me the stuff to stop them?
considering im in UK ENGLAND ?
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Heart Pain?
I am almost 25 years old. I am a mother to an 8 month old. When she was about 2.5 months old I started noticing pain in my heart. It is when I am sitting still, watching TV, as I type this question or driving. Not when i walk up my stairs everyday or carry groceries. Just gets really tight and feels like its being squeezed, and then feels like its tired having a hard time pumping. Its right around my breast bone, slightly to the left, and then I feel uncomfortable in my left shoulder blade and under my arm(pit). I know Im not having a heart attack and the pain is not crippling, just uncomfortable.
I get really worried about it sometimes.
Any ideas what this could be?
Dont smoke anymore
Dont do drunks
Only mildly over weight(baby weight)
Not too active but eat healthy....
Im not sure why this started after I had my baby, but I get it every other day or so, sometimes more than once.
Any ideas would be great!!
Additional Details
Does it feel like its having a hard time forcing through arteries or viens or w/e they are called? making it feel like the pressure is building up? YES!!!!

Its not HB- i know all to well about that ;)

go to the ER. you have no way of knowing you are or are not having a heart attack without the lab, EKG, and xray results.

Sandi H
swimmin is right. Many changes take place to a woman's body over a lifetime, especially with child birth. It will take two seconds and not much fuss for your doctor to place you on a cardiac monitor for a couple of minutes. Don't go trying to use guess work it is NOT worth the risk. The longer you leave it the more anxious you will become and the more accentuated you symptoms will be.
PS Jayden is gorgeous.

Does it feel like its having a hard time forcing through arteries or viens or w/e they are called? making it feel like the pressure is building up?

^^^^ YES? damn, I have that =( ok, was just wondering... If I get to a doctor before you, I'll be sure to let you know what it is, lol, sorry =( It hurts.... I think its also related to a panic attack, so you might want to get that checked out too.....

i would defintatly go to the doctor, but im sure its nothing to worry about and u might just have heartburn. dont worry

Are you nursing your baby? If you are it could be a result from that. If not, you might want to go get a stress test done just to make sure everything is healthy. Good luck.

It's either really bad heart burn, or acid reflux disease. Both are common during or after pregnancy.

go get it checked out by the doctor, dont want to play any guesswork with your heart.

i've had something similar before. if you take any 'antiheztimin' pills, then...STOP! it causes this. i was taking them and then went to the doctor and they said to stop taking them and then i stopped and i haven't had the pain ever since. (2 months) antiheztimin commonly occurs in allergie medicine, but can be found in other pills too. it could be heartburn, but i doubt it. i've also pulled a muscle around my heart before, which caused it, too. but probley not in your case. you should go see a doctor and get an 'ekg'. in other words, a heart scan. just to be sure, go to the doctor. good luck! you'll be fine! =)

When a woman is pregnant her blood volume increases putting extra work on her heart. Sometimes later on she can experience what you are. I had this happen & was diagnosed with maternatacacardia. You may not be having exactly what I did so you do need to go to your doctor & have an ekg done. It's painless & will tell your doctor alot. Get it checked out so you can relax. I take a beta-blocker, inderol & it keeps my heart from hurting. Good luck & your little one is beautiful!

i have no idea but i get it sometimes too......perhaps we should see our doctors?

sounds like it could be wpw
i have the same feelings and thats what the doctors told i had

I suggest going to your doctors. It may be heart palpitations or anxiety. I know what those are because I have them. Good luck, hope you get better soon!

You don't want to mess around with heart problems, even if you might feel stupid because you think it's nothing, it's better to get it fixed before it's too late. Your baby is so adorable.

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go to the hostipital it could be signs of a heart attack

You have to get it checked out, there are other illnesses besides angina or serious heart disease that could be going on. While it is possible that you are having heart related pain, it is very unlikely simply because of your age and the fact that if you had heart disease bad enough to cause frequent pain, you would have had problems with your heart during your pregnancy. Rarely, gallbladder pain hurts on the "wrong side" (it's on your right side), acid reflux can cause pain in that area, numerous less serious things. But, for your peace of mind and to be safe, please go to your doc. He or she will probably get you in within a day with your symptoms. Let them at least do an EKG and some bloodwork. Find out the problem then you can correct it or just deal with it and stop worrying and go on playing with your baby (congrats BTW).

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