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Has anyone had similiar symptoms to my Dad?
My Dad was at xmas taken into hosp with double pnuemonia. He was let out after just 3 days and given antibiotics. He is a heavy smoker. He is still far from well. He has gone bk to GP and been given Ibruprofen.He looks grey in the face and is still having pains down side and now his feet an ankles have swollen up.

he might have congestive heart failure my mom had it she was also a heavy smoker the swollen feet and ankles are symptoms of congestive heart failure.
god bless.

That's not a good sign, he may be in congestive heart failure, in which his heart is not pumping effectively and his blood is not circulating properly leading to swollen ankles and feet and also the grey look. He really should go to the emergency room or go to the doctor tomorrow.

It sounds like he could be in congestive heart failure, take him back to his GP first thing tomorrow or call the GP out of hours service/on call care tonight.

If I were you, seek medical attention tonight- NHS Direct 0845 4647

Sorry to hear that...hopefully the doctor is looking after him...however...PLEASE encourage him to pack in smoking...and learn from his mistake. Smoking is dangerous.

Take him back to the doc... it could be a variety of things... first thing i thought of was pulmonary edema, then Congestive heart failure fell in behind that.... Does he have COPD or emphysema? I would take him to the ER yesterday!

mindy n
Agree with emschick all the way. Sounds like an "early out" to me. Maybe should have stayed a few more days. Is he on long term treatment for his COPD? If not, he should be. Secondly, is he taking those drugs and/or using those inhalers?

I would get him back to the e.r. I assume he doesn't usually have swollen ankles?? Is he being a LOT less active than usual?? Put his feet UP, on an ottoman or laying in bed. Prefereably UP like on a pillow. Then, watch to see if he is drinking/urinating. He is obvously retaining fluids and yes both pulmonary edema/embolism and/or chf come to mind.

Your father needs help sooner, not later. These are not symptoms to be taken lightly.

My best to you and your father.

Valerie Ann
I think that you should go to the doctor! He must have something wrong with his immune system but I really don't think that it would swell his feet. Grey in the face usally can mean something to do with something wrong with the immune system. Really talk him into stop smoking cause that can make the immune system really bad if something is already wrong. Tell him to make a New Years resolution to stop. Tell him how you would have extra money left over and how smoking could damage his health. Anyway I am only 11 years old so if I said the wrong things I m sorrry. Thank you! I had fun replying to this question.

Valerie age 11

Donna B.
Hi Sam, You should bring your father to the emergency department. It's obvious his pneumonia hasn't gotten better. Ibuprofen can cause fluid retention but it sounds like he might be in heart failure and needs to be re-evaluated. He might have pleurisy from the pneumonia, but everyone is just guessing right now. Does you Dad have a fever? He needs home oxygen if his colour is gray and his oxygen saturations closely monitored in case he has emphysema from his smoking. I'm assuming he is still on antibiotics. He needs to be reassessed today.Sam I went through this so many times with my own father. You need to bring him back to the hospital as it is so obvious they discharged him prematurely..Take care, Donna Edit: How did you make out with your Dad? Did you bring him to the hospital?

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