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 i smoke very heavily and i have chest pains quite alot ami in dangerof having heart attack?

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Fear of having a heart attack?
i'm only 19 and i have a fear of having a heart attack, i get palpitations, tight feeling in my chest, can feel my pulse in my head, neck, stomach and sometimes in my legs and wrists, every time i get up and walk i get palpitaions especially when i'm going to bed at night and i lay down, they're that hard that my chest hurts but then they calm down after abit, i also keep going dizzy. the doctor says its due to anxiety but i constantly think i'm dying, i can't live my life because i'm so scared of it and i don't know what to do, i never have any energy and i always feel depressed and tired although i can never sleep and i only have one meal a day because i sleep most of the day as i can't at night, could someone give me any advice on what to do??

Do you have high blood pressure? It sounds to me like you may have. You should have that checked. Anxiety can cause high blood pressure as well as the other symptoms you are describing. I would talk to your doctor again about this. Your condition is interfering with your daily life activities. It may be that you need medication to treat your anxiety and high blood pressure, if your blood pressure is high, and it sounds like it might be.

But your symptoms do need to be addressed. And soon. Not to scare you or make you more anxious, but there's a possibility that if you don't get this sorted out that you will end up with long term cardiovascular damage. But just relax right now, talk to a doctor again and make sure you stress your concerns and your severe anxiety with him/her as soon as you can.

Good luck!

You're having anxiety which used to be called panic attacks. It is very rare for a young person to randomly have a heart attack. You could either take medication, talk to a counsellor, or both, but do something as you need to live life to the best, not just exist x

fred hall
It sounds as if your root cause may be insomnia, you could also benefit from a blood test to see if you are deficient in minerals etc.
Ask your Doctor about vitamins or read up about them.
Remember that effects may have a different cause and you may be on the wrong track.
You need to vary your diet and eat normally. It is unlikely that you have angina but your Doctor should take your symptoms seriously and find out what is or what isn't.
Keep off sugary drinks.

why are you doing that to yourself? don't worry about anything, don't think about anything, or you will end up thinking and worry all your life and then you will be scared of everything that you do. SO CUT OUT OF IT. your only 17 and you have a long life a head of you so don't waste it!!!!!!! tell yor mind to stop thinking. And worrying gets you NO WHERE.

you have 1 long life so live it. :D XX

Kernow Lady
You sound extremely depressed and anxious. You need to go back to the Doctor and get some medication. I have had heart problems and been in hospital twice, however I am now 63 and work part time and enjoy my life. You are far too young to have a heart attack, and are wasting your life worrying about something that is not going to happen.

It most definitely sounds like generalised anxiety, your doctor is spot on. Your fears are being exploited by your mind and are being exaggerated out of all proportion, resulting in a host of physical symptoms that, in YOUR mind, might be a sign of something serious but are actually signs of very little when all put together. I know how distressing it is, however, because I've been there.

The first step to overcoming anxiety is to trust. Trust in what your doctor is telling you. Doctors aren't always right, but the simple fact is that the majority of times they DO get it right. Believe that this is anxiety, believe that it can't truly hurt you, and try to keep focusing on that. If your doctor hasn't already suggested anti-depressants then you make ask about those, they made a huge difference to me and removed most of my anxiety within a couple of months. Failing that, keep yourself occupied, don't let the anxiety stop you going out and doing things. The more time you spend on your own, thinking, the more it will plague your mind and body. Try to do some physical exercise or activity, that can also be a huge help.

Danny M
You sound just like me at that age, my Doctor told me the same but added that if my heart could take all that it must be pretty strong. By the way, I'm 60 now.

Your not dying,basically your putting fear into fear, your doctors right your suffering from anxiety, having a heart attack so young is very rare and is usually due to a number of factors, e.g. obesity, smoking. Your making your anxiety worse by worrying about this so much, what your getting is panic attacks as I know the exact feelings , its actually very common and while you think you are dying when you get these symptoms it's actually your body trying to protect itself, All of the signs you wrote down are really common ones, what i suggest you do and hope you do is start having more than one meal a day, you should be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner as this isn't helping your energy levels and you will start feeling weak, stop sleeping during the day as it will only make it harder for you to get to sleep at night and go and see a psychiatrist as they can help you get to the bottom of what triggered this fear, also they can help you with your anxiety and may give you medication to help ease it. To help you sleep better at night , relax in a hot bath or have a warm drink before you get in bed, make sure there's no noise around, and keep yourself busy in the day, get plenty of exercise so you feel more sleepy at night , don't go too bed too early and don't keep thinking of the fact that you can't sleep, just imagine a peaceful place.

Mary Boo
Hypnotherapy can help you
Do you fear having a heart attack?
Is this constantly on your mind?
How about being free of this.
How much better will you feel?
You can lessen the anxiety
Hypnotherapy and NLP works

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