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Alexander's Mommy!
Does this sound like Heart Problems?
The last month or two occasionally I have had some weird things going on. Sometimes I will be relaxing and it feels like my heart flutters for a few seconds and then i'm fine. It use to happen very rarely, but the last few months it has been happening more and more. And then last night my heart has just been racing and it feels like I can't breath. And today it's even worse my chest hurts and I can feel my heart skip all around its been going on for hours. my neck feels like its swollen or something. I don't know if i'm on the verge of a heart attack or what. im only 19 and have never had any problems with my heart before. Does this sound serious. It feels like im going to have a heart attack any second its very scary.

The heart attack feeling is a COMMON misconception with Anxiety, and the feelings in your heart are called palpitations. Stress is usually the trigger. I have it, but I have learned to control it by learning about it. The panic you feel is called a Panic attack. The swollen neck means your sympathetic nervous system is in effect, meaning your body is going into freak out mode b/c you are scared. Go to a doctor if you wish, but chances are, they will tell you nothing is wrong. Sometimes, panic attacks just happen. The mind is VERY powerful! Have you been worrying yourself lately? Don't let your emotions take over and scare you, or you can become paranoid and stress out your body more. Relax.
Practice breathing in for a count of 4 and holding for two and exhaling to 4 and holding for 2, or just deep breathing. Start drinking Chamomile tea as a way to relax, and try taking a Yoga class. The class will teach you about your body and how stress makes it feel, and ways you can stretch to help yourself relax. Also, write in a journal to get out your emotions and exercise, especially when you get that adrenaline rush.

Take care of yourself now.*

Gerard Way is the Boss
well what are u eating? if ur eating alot of fried food or fast food then there is your problem. drink plenty of botteled water and get at least 8- 9 hours of sleep everynight no smoking or drinking or doing drugs keep the stress down and take fish oils they are great for your heart health eat lots of veggies to lots of fish to. do some walking at least 30 min a day to. i would look into chinese medicine google it or google help for anxiety that could be it to.

It sounds exactly like a panic attack. Go see your Doctor and maybe he can give you some non-addictive medication to help. A really good book about anxiety (that literally cured my panic attacks) is called Hope and Help for your Nerves by Claire Weekes. Its really an awesome book for people suffering with panic attacks.
Good luck!!

Sounds like a panic attack, but go to a doctor because lots of things can cause your heart to flutter a bit. It's not necessarily anything serious but check it out.

ted j
Saturated fat is the main dietary cause of high blood cholesterol. Saturated fat is found mostly in foods from animals and some plants. Foods from animals include beef, beef fat, veal, lamb, pork, lard, poultry fat, butter, cream, milk, cheeses and other dairy products made from whole and 2 percent milk. All of these foods also contain dietary cholesterol. Foods from plants that contain saturated fat include coconut, coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil (often called tropical oils), and cocoa butter.
High cholesterol causes high blood pressure. The best thing for high cholesterol is Losing weight. A plant-based diet in conjunction with a properly conducted fast most often leads to a total recovery or a vast improvement in hypertension and angina.

Jason Koh
Please see a home doctor and ask him to refer you to hospital.
5 years ago ,i nearly killed by my home doctor.He advice me to do exercise when i complains to him a had chest pains.That night i had heart attack.I went hospital and had balloning and stent.Heart attack can kill you within seconds.Please see your doctor now.Your parent will not be angry with you.

Thunder Clap
foremost of all, you need to see a cardiologist. tell him/her about your experience. it's better to have answers from a reliable source than lingering yourself in the air of what-ifs.
anyway, we almost have the same experience...although mine was quite severe...my cardiologist had me undergone a stress test at first then after a few months he had me undergone a 2D echo (ultrasound of the heart)...and it was found out that one of my valves does not properly close...so i was given medicines, my liquid (all forms) intake was limited to 1.5liters a day....all these would have never been answered had i not consulted a doctor, so go go go....before it's too late.

Please go to the emergency department immediately. This sounds like an arrhythmia - that is, an irregular heartbeat. There are several types of arrhythmia, some requiring more urgent attention than others - this is why you need to go to the ED so that they can determine which rhythm it is. There are many causes of an irregular heartbeat and these can be sorted out with a cardiologist AFTER you have gone to the ED (are you still reading this?! I said, go to the ED!!)

It doesn't matter at this point why you have an arrhythmia; it only matters that you do.

Go to the emergency room immediately. They will test you and find out what the problem is. Good luck.

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