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Does having one tablet of aspirin everyday after the age of 40 help avoiding a heart attack? Doesn't it make
you immune to it?... what are the chances that somebody was allergic to it 20 years back and not tried it since will no longer be allergic to it?

Natural healer
I know how to get rid of any allergy. I was cleared of an allergy to milk, soy and my own hormones. I can tell you how to clear aspirin. And yes, you would build a tolerance to aspirin after so many doses. There are all natural mineral supplements that are by far better at strengthening the heart and circulatory system. The supplements are inexpensive, easy to take and have no negative side effects.

email me for more info, Id love to help!

Sister Di
Just to add to a previous answer, I take warfarin AND therapeutic aspirin daily under my cardiologist's care. It can be done if the patient has regular PT/INR labs drawn and is closely monitored.

If you had a genuine allergy, you shouldn't attempt to take this or any medicine without consulting your physician. Even herbal medicines can cause problems since there are no standards for their manufacture.


No it does not stop the anticoagulant properties. I would not try it if you had a severe reaction to aspirin before.

alice b


I don't know about the allergies, but my Doctor told me the purpose is to thin the blood. I haven't gotten immune to it.

I know something that may help you. it is based around a rare botanical called a Mangosteen. it is grown in South East Asia and has many different medicinal benefits. This Fruit has decades of scientific studies and research that have been done from medical universities from around the world, best of all it either equals or out performs a lot of over the counter and prescription drugs that are within our reach. Most importantly
It is a Natural Alternative to Medication and has worked for thousands of not millions of people go here to
http://www.MyAsianSecret.com view all the information and make your opinion based on what you see and hear! look at the other sources are below. Please understand there are a lot of copycats out there like you find in places like Costco, Sam's Club, and in health food stores these came out after our patented product was introduced to the marketplace so be careful those items will not work for you.

Know it all
Aspirin will help prevent a heart attack nut only in a non-stress full situation. When you are under stress aspirin has no effect and that is when most heart attacks take place.

Aspirin helps thin the blood that is all that I know. Blessings and be careful.

Aspirin is a blood thinner, so it is recommended for people with heart problems, or the potential for heart problems to take a daily aspirin.
If a person has EVER had an allergy to aspirin they are not recommended to take it. It does not matter how long ago the allergy was. Medication allergies are some of the worst kind and can be fatal.

Hello ...I am 53 and have a family history of heart disease ...I have been taking a low dosage of aspirin everyday for some time now ...they now sell low dose aspirin ..(Ithink its 8 mg) or you can take 1 childrens aspirin

Immune to the heart attack or immune to the aspirin?
Nope to both, doctors want us to take a very low dose of aspirin 81mg a day it helps to make the blood not so stickey so it will pass by the narrower openings of the veins and vessels.
It has NOT helped me for the past 4 heart attacks that I have had this year but I keep taking it anyway maybe its has helped stop the other ones that I don't know of???
About the allergic thing I don't know but check with your doctor before starting any treatments. Some people even over 40 should not be taking aspirin at all.

You do not develop an immunity to the blood thinning properties of aspirin. I wouldnt take a chance on not having an allergic reaction anymore, it could very well still be there.

Scott L
i've never heard of an aspiring allergy but if someone has one it probably hasn't gone away. to avoid problems with the stomach you only need a half dose. i think it's 81mg. They make aspirin specifically for this purpose. St Joseph is one

Sweet Mamacita
An aspirin a day is a good thing. The only reasons that you should not take an aspirin is if you are a hemophiliac or take blood thinning medications. But I would suggest to you to talk to a doctor about it before you start this.

u dont get immune to aspirin..it works as mild anticoagulant making ur blood thinner than usual...preventing u to have stroke...and what type of allergic reaction are we talking about here

Poofter (an old Zappa reference)
The Harvard study showed that individuals that took an ASA a day had a lower incidence of heart attacks. If you were truly allergic, you should discuss it with your physician before taking it. There are other effective drugs out there but they are expensive.

Aspirin can help some people avoid heart attacks because it helps thin the blood and so far the research has been good news and the body doesn't become immune to those effects however the body may have a lower tolerance to the pain relieving effect over time needing more for the same relief. If someone was allergic to it in the past I would be extremely careful as the body could have a violent reaction again, even more so if the person has not has not been exposed to it for that many years.
There are other blood thinners to use in this case both natural and chemically derived. Hope this helped.

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