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robbie b
Does angina mean I'm having a heart attack?

angina is only chest pain
it could be gas,
it could be muscle strain,

but if you have any doubt, get help right away!

michael c
Angina is caused by a poor blood supply to the heart,if you have angina you more than likely have arterial sclerosis this is a blockage in one or more artery's that lead to the heart the only cure is a bypass but the symptoms can be relieved by a spray contain glyceryl trinitrate this causes the arteries to widen and lets more blood to the heart.Despite two bypasses I still suffer from angina but with the help of medication and my spray I am able to lead a very full life which includes golf once a week and plenty of gardening.So angina does not mean a heart attack but if ignored it can lead to one

no ........ it is not a heart attack . bt consult to a physician so that it will not happen in future.

Agina or pain in the chest can also occur due to gas or muscle pain. 60% of the blood is circulated around the heart to keep the heart working 24x7. 40% is circulated to the body. If there is any obstruction in the pipe line, the heart has to work more. Morer the obstruction, higher the work load on the heart. When you get the pain in the heart, you have already crossed the danger limit. Start taking Rudved ayurvedic capsule to keep your heart active and healthy.

angina is chest pain caused by a lack of blood supply to your heart

there are 2 main types of angina
1) unstable angina
2) stable angina

unstable angina is chest pain that is getting worse - this may mean you're on your way to having a heart attack soon and you should go to the emergency room right away

stable angina happens to people with heart disease. they get chest pain and take their nitroglycerin and the chest pain goes away. the chest pain is the same as their usual chest pain.

angina is the warning bell that you could have heart attack ,,so u should see ur doctor immediatly

♥Arabian Princess♥
im not sure

doc san
WEll i am a doc and if u have angina u must see ur doc immediatly , also let me explain , angina means heart pain due to temporary stoppage of blood flow to heart itself, can be due to many reasons, but angina does'nt not means u have a heart attack, but simply that u were just short of heart attack, as u c the body rescues heart and blood supply is restored so it is rescued, but if for some reason , the blood supply could have not been restored , what would have u ended up with would have been a heart attack , se ur doc before u get another one , plus if u were sure that it was an angina , alternatively could be gas or muscular ache , but u would need to get an EKG done then it can be decided and an angio , and if u have some problem with ur heart it can easily be fixed these days with out even a bypass !

Not if you have a diagnosis of angina. If you are having chest pain and don't carry a diagnosis of angina then yes you could be having a heart attack.

Harish Jharia
There is some problem in blood supply to the heart in case of angina pectoris... you will have to have periodical checkups like ECG, lipid profile, and general health of your heart...
However, you should not get terrified… angina does not mean heart attack...
it may lead to this eventuality if not taken proper care...


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