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Yes, save them until they can get medical help......

Un PC Scooby Doo 3
Do you think the stroke advert is on too much?
Or is this something that should be on?
Additional Details
United Kingdom

KooKoo Molookoo
Yes. Especially as, i think it would be fairly obvious anyway to call an ambulance if somebody cant talk or move their arms, we're not as stupid and they think

Well I haven't seen it. I watch television a lot, but don't see it.

Umm maybe that's because you haven't verified which country this is from?

i think they have the right idea of making people aware

but that advert is too much, its kinda disturbing, espesh for those who have been in that situation.

i think those THINK adverts usually go a bit OTT, to try an send a message, which is good but its not pleasent to watch.

and i also dont get why they have done it for a stroke advert, their other adverts are usually saying things to prevent things from happening like speeding and drinking and stuff. so i dont know why they have advertised this really cuz you cant stop someone having a stroke, and even if you didnt know what was wrong with them youd still call 999 anyway.

answer: stoke advert in my opinion somewhat pointless

rant over.......................T.B.C

i think its a gud idea, it makes u aware and gets ur attention

i watch TV everyday and i haven't seen it

No, I don't think so. I think there are FAR more disturbing things on tv..... some of the atrocities happening around the world, for example. Eastenders, which is meant to be family entertainment, and which many people allow their children to watch!

We had a disscussion about this at home, and decided that there had been worse (worse is the wrong word more hard hitting) adverts in the past so no not too much just piercing a point.

dr kevin
no its not. stroke is a silent killer and if you care about your life you should try your best to avoid getting one

yer like they say the faster you act the more of a person you saeve aand so you need to know the signs

I can totally agree with swany
the response times to stroke victims is too slow and some gp's seem very poorly trained about strokes
I worked as a community carer for many years and have seen lots of examples of delayed help for stroke victims and sometimes no help at all because the doctor didnt think there was a problem
a stroke can be devastating to someones quality of life but as well as educating us the nhs need to educate their services too

well, if it gets the message over to people and it helps save one life, its been worthwhile.
but i also get the idea of overkill, where its on and you just dont notice it.

sarah jane
no its not
im 34 and have had two strokes the first one was when i was 30

and nobody knew what was wrong with me ...to young to have a stroke!

so its good all people know what happens when some one has a stroke so they can act fast the first 3hours can save life's!

Debbie's angel
We don't have a stroke one we have a cancer one about smoking, then they show old and young people and say if you do so much for smoking what does it do for you, then there's another one about different people telling their stories about what happens if you speed and or drink drive, 1 girl in a wheelchair, an old lady who lost her son etc., my logic of it all (after I gave up smoking) was to take young people to the cancer ward and show them first hand, what happens if you smoke - before hand I didnt care but after looking after mum and dad dying from cancer it sunk in, mums was in her lungs, went to her brain then bones, then she was gone, and dad kept suffering mini strokes and nobody knew till he had a major one, I took care of him too for a few months until he was able to look after himself, he went into one of those pensioner places that you give them 85% of your pension and you have a room of your own like a little unit, all meals included etc., and one day he was doing the laundry he had a massive one and died carrying his washing back to his room, was dead before he hit the floor, so any ad that they show is not shocking enough for what happens in real life and until it touches someone you love you dont think about it, cause I know I didn't, thank god for the strength he gave me to give up, has been 16 years now! :)

i give up
if it gets the message home to people then no its not on too much... anyone of us at any age can have a stroke at any time, it can wreck your life totally unless action is taken FAST

Not at all. It raises awareness. The quicker medical attention is sought after a stroke, the better chance of recovery you will have. People dislike seeing this sort of thing on the TV because it scares them and to a certain extent, reminds them of their own mortality.

You'd be surprised at the amount of people who we see come into hospital having had a mild stroke, but waited hours before seeking medical attention.

I find it absolutely awful. My brother-in-law, aged 50, had a stroke 2 years ago. He lives alone and didn't know what was wrong. He rang my husband, slurring his speech, who was 200 miles away working. He rang the doctor who requested an emergency ambulance. My husband set off immediately to his brother's home. The ambulance had not arrived 2 hours later so another call was made asking for the emergency ambulance. My husband arrived home 4 hours later and still no ambulance. He absolutely blasted the surgery and emergency services and within minutes a paramedic on a motor bike arrived followed by an ambulance. It took 4 hours! 4 hours! Far too much money is being spent on services that just don't exist in practise. We all know the risks in life now so why don't they stop spending money on stupid ads and plough the money back into the collapsing health services. This particular stroke ad should be re-labelled SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!! Luckily my b-i-l made an almost perfect recovery but it could have been much worse.

I don't think it is too much - it's designed to be shocking.

However my dad had a stroke a year ago, fell over and was leaning up against the bathroom radiator for 18 hours. Suffered burns to his head and back. As he was on his own he had no-one to 'put the fire out' and everytime that advert is on, I think of him sitting there alone, helpless, for hours burning himself. Really gets to me ..... but I don't mind the advert if it only helps one person that's got to be good.

emma 30
this is personal to me ,,,its a good advert,my dad had a stroke about ten years ago .if we had of done what they told us to do .maybe he wouldnt of lost his speach ,we rang the doctor instead of dialing 999.in that time he had another one.im just glad he,s here today ,but anybody with them symptons must call 999 .....it is a matter of life or death and the quicker you act,you could maybe save someone from some other kind of dissability that a stroke leads to ...emma xxxx

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