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Additional Details

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La vie est belle
Do you need to have heart disease, to have a heart attack?
Or can you just get one anyways, or do you necessarily have to have something wrong with your heart, like heart disease?
Additional Details
Okay, then how do you get a blood clot? If you can get a heart attack from stress, I'm surprised I haven't had one yet.

No you don't need heart disease. A blood clot from somewhere in your body can dislodge, find its way to the heart, and block the vessels there.


You do not have to have heart disease to have a heart attack.

Yogi Bear
no you dont have to have a disease. it can usually be caused by stress or old age.

oshkoshh bby
no .. its happened out of the norm. to some

pixie stix

No. Cocaine use is a common cause of heart attacks in people without heart disease.


Alex C
no yuo don't it comes when you realy old like if your 59 you have a chance of having becasue your body gets used to one place and if you go to anthor place with way different things like drugs around yyou would have. or u can have one if you choke and noones help you

no u can have a heart attack without heart disease call 911 if ur having chest pain

Diet has a lot to do with it as well. If you're diet is high in fat/cholesterol etc, the blood vessels providing ur heart muscle with blood could be blocked off resulting in a heart attack.

No you can have one even if you dont have a heart disease


Matthew C
no you don't have to have a heart disease to have a heart attack. my uncle was perfectly fine and healthy then the next day he had a heart attack. You get a blood clot when a component in your blood gets sticky and clogs but sometimes you have to get a blood clot like when you have a cut it will stop the bleeding.

your friend
You don't have to have something wrong with your heart to get heart disease.You get it if you are too stressed or if you put on large amounts of body weight.

If you take fatty foods you arteries will get clogged up with it.But if you are really stressed then your artery will compress for a second giving you pain.It's better to have an ECG test once a year if you're getting old.Because ladies usually don't get pain like men when they have a heart attack

Donna B.
You can have a heart attack without having heart disease, possible causes:
-drugs especially cocaine
-cardiac trauma
-excessive alcohol
-coronary artery spasm
-exposure to extreme cold
--hign homocysteine, c-reactive protein and fibrinogen levels
-anomalous coronary artery
-profound anemia or blood loss
-lack of oxygen from respiratory failure, carbon monoxide poisoning
-cardiac trauma
You can develope a blood clot when you have coronary artery disease.As plaque forms in the walls of your coronary artery, it ruptures and blood continues to flow over the obstruction. The plaque ruptures and your platelets form a clot, causing a complete occlusion of your coronary artery.leading to a heart attack.
Stress can lead to hypertension and added to other cardiac risk factors can cause a heart attack. I've been under severe stress for the last twelve years and my heart is ok. Add stress in combination with other risk factors such as high lipids etc. and you could be a ticking time bomb.Your question asked about causes other than coronary artery disease.

I hope this helped,
Donna B.


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