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Trying to be positive :)
Do I have a SERIOUS problem? Please help!!!!?
Hi! For starters, I'm 16, and DON'T smoke/drink/etc. Every now and then for the past year, I'll wake up sometimes or be lying in bed and my heart starts beating super fast, and I feel like I can't breathe. After I sit down and relax for a while it slows down, and I feel better. Today, I saw bug bite on my leg, got a little nervous (hypochondriac), and then starting having the same feeling after work. I still feel a little weird, but my heart feels like its beating slower, and I'm trying to relax. Now, this doesn't happen all the time, for example, it will happen once in a week, dissapear, and come back a couple weeks later. I keep thinking it may be anxiety (i do get really nervous sometimes), but I don't want to just say that and then ACTUALLY have a problem. I'm gonna ask my parents to take me to the doctor if the problem persists. But just for some background, what do you think this could be? If it happens at work, what should I do??? Can i die?? Thanks for any help!!!!
Additional Details
PS I have terrible posture, and when I sit all bent, my body feels REALLY SORE when I get up.


You're not going to die. What you're describing sounds like mild panic attacks or even night terrors. If it becomes a problem, let your doctor know.

classic sign of panic attacks.

i think that you should definitely go see a doctor if you fell like your heart hurts and your left arm fells weird, then you are having a heart attack. GO SEE A DOCTOR please, this could concern your life. Please keep me posted (=/

IF something this serious is happening, why dont you people go to a doctor right away????

Sounds like anxiety!

I'm 21 years old... and I've lived a pretty normal life... socially smoke, drink, dont do drugs whatsoever...

About 4 months ago I noticed I would think about things like work and school a lot more than usual. I would prepare for a test, and then think about what I didnt know and focus on that (negativity) and start to feel my heart race as if i was hyperverntilating. This then started happening during the night. I felt as though i was having a heart attack, or was dying or something. I know it sounds ridiculous but like i said im a normal person ive never had huge health problems, so that was major for me.

Anyway.. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with a generalized anxiety disorder. If you search the web for coping mechanisms there's great advice out there.

Whenever i think about something that may be wrong with me (Oh my god my stomach hurts, am i going to die!?) I stop, close my eyes and take a big deep breath from my stomach. Exhale slowly, and do it several times. The key is relaxing and not getting caught up in the linear equations of your head! Trust me i felt like a prisoner of my own mind! Relax, take it easy... try taking warm baths... start a new hobby... listen to soft music... cook... do something nice for yourself and dont worry about it... it happens to THOUSANDS of people!

Breathe in your nose and out of your mouth slowly. Make yourself relax. Have your mom bring you to the doctor just to make sure that something is not going on

Try getting up more slowly. My heart usually beats a lot faster when i get up too fast and get a head rush. Taking deeper breaths also helps.

im also 16 and i get this every now and then. still trying to figure out why.

whenever i laugh or bend down to pick something off the floor itll start racing.

only sometimes though.

like 1-3 times every couple months. It really freaks me out.

only lasts less than a minute right?

No dont worry you wont die. :) Juss go to the doctor and they'll tell u wat u got. It happened to me once but turns out i had a nightmare Lol!

Seetha, minus Eric
You should go to the doctor if you're worried - although yahoo answers is somewhat reliable, don't take a chance on your health.

its called a PVC, Premature ventricular contraction, ur heart is racing cuz it scared you that it jumped a beat, its harmless but accelerated by caffine

First things first consult your family doctor about this... you need to be over 40 to worry about normal heart attacks unless you were born with a defect or have it in the family.

Second does the attacks seem to come on and about five or more minutes reach its worst "There is something wrong!!! my heart is stopping skipping!!!" feeling and then go away usually well before an hour. This is what I had and is called a "panic attack". Not to be confused with a generalized anxiety which is a negative almost obsession slash compulsion. Also I had a heart beat that seams to lift out of my chest and ears and tingling or shaking in my hands and a feeling like I'm not breathing right. This at times could happen as a reaction getting scared. Or for no reason in the middle of the night.

Thirdly and why you need to see a doctor is that there are a lot of causes of similar symptoms. Are you tired all the time and feel like you need to have pop and caffiene all day to make it. could be a thyroid imbalance or maybe just a lack of iron. A doctor has the tools to figure out the whole picture. If it is Anxiety there are many meds to help.

Lastly the best method i found was to take a real big breath through your mouth and then hold it for two seconds and let it out through your nose slowly... try it a few times and here the kicker i know this is really really really hard but try not to think about what your body is telling you.

Good luck

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