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Chest pains please provide advice?
I have had fairly severe pains in the centre of my chest 3 times in the past year, each time I find it hard to breath during the pain and I get sweaty palms and generally feel hot, is this indegestion or something more serious?

My boyfriend suffered with this, the doctor said it was panic attacks. but every one is different, get yourself to the doctors and get checked out! good luck x

Something that you should DEFINITELY have gone to your doctors about the first time it happened. Not coming on here.

He will give you a chest x-ray and blood tests etc and either set your mind at ease or put you on the right medication.

Its only a few quid to see the doctor, GO TODAY.

You should see a doctor about it. The chest pains could be from stress or something more serious.

any chest pains see your gp asap

don't ever dismiss a pain in the chest especially as your describing always call an ambulance and get to the hospital pronto!!!you cant mess around with this kind of symptom its too dangerous!! i've been there and ended with triple by-pass so just put yourself in the consultants care and they are bloody marvellous. good luck old chap it will work out OK

emma m
why not ask a doctor

Go and see your doctor; if it lasts about 5 minutes you could have early signs of angina. Go on a low fat diet and start to build up some gentle walking (British medical journal artlcle 2003, study carried out at York uni found this decreases number and severity of episodes) but don't let your doctor tell you it is panic etc - get it properly checked out. Also practice controlled breathing so that you can do it automatically if it happens again; this way you keep oxygen flow constant to the heart.

Mr Tiger Tony
go and see your doctor

you should never ignore chest pain of any kind. See your Doctor.

tejaswini j
chest pain especially left sided with perspiration is main indication of heart disease.whats your age you should basically do lipid profile ,stress test &
2D Echo,first base line ecg also help whether the pain is related to heart disease only indigestion.heart pain is usually exagerated on walk on climbing upstairs,on stress,because of insuffeciency of blood supply towards heart &increased myocardial oxygen demand.if related to msculoskeletal system you feel better by pin killers , cardic pain better by sorbitrate,pain related to gastric problem is get betterby antacid etc

Go see a doctor, could be heartburn or indjestion but could be more serious. Get it checked now

You need to consult your doctor it could be mycardia infarcts ie small heart attacks or angina attacks your doctor needs to reffer you to hospital for a possible cardiac catherisation/coronary angiography (DONT DELAY YOU ONLY GOT ONE HEART)

Sounds like an Angina attack. Easily handled by medication, in serious cases, By-pass surgery. As everyone tells you, see a doctor to be safe. Don't dely or you could be in trouble.
Easy for me, but don't panic, you can make things worse.

The Alchemist
Normally I would say that this is a case of indigestion, however, with the sweaty palms etc I would say this is something that needs to be checked out.
Does the pain radiate down your arms at all or down your legs?
Any way see a Dr.

Go see a cardiologist.

old know all
It's probably indigestion, but there's a chance that it's something more serious. One of the biggest causes of death in the UK is people thinking they've got indigestion. Get round the doctor's today. If the pain comes on first, dial 999.

see your doctor. better to get it checked out.

Common Sense
I ignored similar symptoms. I succeeded in going on disability and severely damaging my heart.WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS QUESTION ON YAHOO ANSWERS?????????????????????????????????…

See a doctor. The worst that can happen is that they'll say your "OK".

I can't even play with my nieces and nephews because of my condition. I had a Heart Attack at age 40.............

go to you doctor.

Generally their response was right, consult your doctor....
Chest pain can be cause by GI (gastrointestinal) or cardiac (heart), can also be chondral... gastric reflux can cause chest pain, and so was a impending cardiac problem. How was your pain relieved? how was it induced? whats the other accomapnying symptoms? do you have history of other illness?
besides all of these question your doctor need to examine your chest (characteristic of your heartbeat), and abdomen (palpate for anything that should not be in there). You need these and other thorough checkup to make sure and not miss out a proper diagnosis...

Why are you asking the mutants who answer questions on this site? Have you ever thought of going to your family doctor? If you do and he's not sure what's wrong with you, then he'll write a question for us to answer!

Fred c
It could be indigestion it could be your heart but with the pain in the middle of the chest it could be fribilation and although its only now and then it doesnt take long to have a heart check up and an ecg. dont leave itn DO IT NOW

Seriously..GET TO A DOCTOR!!!

Chest pains can indicate anything from the very serious, to something as mild as heartburn. But why take a chance?

If you ever get a chest pain, always call 999 better to be safe than sorry.

steph c
You shouldn't take chances with chest pain. It may be that your heart is not getting enough oxygen due to blocked coronary arteries. The lack of oxygen is what causes the pain and it usually happens when you are active and gets better when you rest. It is usually in the center of the chest and accompanied by sweating and shortness of breath like you said. You usually don't get the severe pain with panic attacks but could be, heartburn is a possibility too, of course, but you should take everyone's advice and GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

Best see a doctor could be indegestion

These symptoms accompany many different problems including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal complaints, neurological disorders and cardiac problems. Please see your family doctor for your own safety. If you say to yourself that you don't have the money, waiting could be hazardous to your health. And no amount of money saved is worth your life.

The Saint
may not be angina as the pain due to angina is not affected by breathing, but I would still go and get myself checked just to be on the safe side.


Get yourself a thorough medical examination by your doctor who will also ask for the relevant tests or referral.

There are numerous causes of chest pains. Some are benign with no consequences at all. But there are some deadly causes of the pain and ,in these cases, the diagnosis is sometimes sadly done on the postmortem table.

Between these two extremes there is a wide spectrum of the severity of the causes of chest pain. One cannot be accurate without a first hand expert assessment - your doctor in the first instance.

Best wishes. Look after yourself.

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