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New Momma
Causes of high blood pressure and ways to lower it? I am 30 and recently my blood pressure was 140/90.?

Additional Details
I dont smoke, I dont drink excessively...
I excerise 30-45 mins 4 to 5 days a week. I am on wieght watchers so trying to lose wieght, I just wasnt sure if it is only the wieght being an issue.
Stress is definatley to the max!

Richard Bradshaw
I'm 22 and mine was that recently...

Apparently it's stress! My doctor said that's the main cause.

mark l

The Great Gazoo
Stress and what you eat

try to reduce stress and cut back on salt,sugar and starches.

♥ Chic
Your blood pressure is only slightly high I would prefer it to be 10 points lower in the systolic and diastolic. But saying that it really only is mild hypertension.

Maybe try breathing exercises to help lower it?


Good luck x

Jonny B Bad
1# Cause of High Blood Pressure


Weight and Diet are also causes!

And yes stress doesn't help either!

Pam H
Exercise. Lose weight - exercise will make that happen. Avoid excess sodium. Don't drink too much alcohol.

I had been on BP meds for 30 years. I started riding a bike (about an hour a day) and lost 60 lb and went off all my BP meds last year.

JustPeachy !!!
Reduce Salt, which is sodium. Start reading labels and learn which things are high in sodium.
Take one 30 minute walk at least one time per day, preferably in the morning before breakfast IF you can.

Stress and family history are prob. the 2 most crucial factors in whether some1 develops hypertension. If either or both parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts have/had it, you are genetically predisposed and there is only so much difference diet/exercise will make.
Buy yourself a good monitor and take your pressure at the same time of day every day for 2 weeks. If it runs consistently high over that period, talk to your Dr.
All the best.

hockey mom
Stress is the #1 cause of high blood pressure. I am 36 and I have been on high blood pressure since I was 24. I take tenormin and this works wonderful. If you change your diet and try to reduce your stress, this will help a lot. If you feel yourself getting stressed, try to get outside and go for a walk. This helps me, and I am getting exercise too.

Don't worry, mine was also that last year (i was 30). However I lowered it really quickly but not drinking caffeine. I drank green tea for 2 weeks and no caffeine and my BP came back to normal.

Also, if you are under stress that wont help so try and relax at work if things get on top of you. Take a break!

Stress, smoking and being over weight will make it go up. So I would sugest if you smoke try to quit and if you are over weight try to lose a little. Also don't eat alot of salt.

Your blood pressure is not optimal for someone young like you and your doctor could check for high cholesterol (blockage of arteries). Alcohol use, adrenalin-producing situations such as unrelenting stress at work or home (hyper-vigilance, relationship problems) and mild heart valve conditions are some causes.

Less stress and lots of love, healthier eating habits less salt

Grant has five teeth now!
Try simple things like yoga, before you do anything like medicines...

Stress can be reduced this way I'm told. My sister does yogalates, and loves it!

There are many factors that will cause high blood pressure and I'm surprised that your doctor didn't tell you what they are. Smoking, drinking, weight (to much), salt, anything that causes prolong stress, diet, sickness and injuries. You really need to take your pressure several times to establish your base line. Consult with your doctor, high blood pressure is not to be fooled around with.

STRESS!!! 140/90 is a bit high but don't worry, its not THAT high. Talk to your dr. about meds. Xanax, etc...

Try meditating, doing yoga, exercising, anything that is calming.

I'm 26 and I've had blood pressure of 140/90 before. It's different everyday.

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