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SAHM and proud of it
Can some one explain this procedure to me ?
My Sisters Husband has to ahve some sort of Heart Surgery they say his heart is out of Rythem and they need to go in and Shock it ??? and i was Curious how serious this is ,if its common and what if this does not work ?

If you’re male and you lead an inactive lifestyle you probably have at least 3 risk factors associated with heart disease. .........www.theheartdiseases.com

JB is correct. It is not surgery per se. No incision is made.

This is called a cardioversion which means they convert the heart rhythm from an irregular one to hopefully, a regular one. They put in an IV, give some mild sedation and they are hooked up to a defibrillator and a mild shock is given. This allows the heart to "reorganize" its rhythm and hopefully, this is what will happen. Sometimes this does not work and then daily medications are needed to keep the rhythm under control. This is usually something that can be fixed, is not on the major health problem list. More like a minor-medium problem that can be fixed most of the time (either with cardioversion or medication)

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