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Can anxiety cause a heart attack?

Yes thank you

i dont think anxiety can cause a heart attack .i think it just feels like it.

Yes, anxiety is a form of stress which can lead to a heart attack.......take care.

Irina MD
Yes! Anxiety makes you hyperventilate and that decreases the amount of Oxygen that goes to the heart leading to ischemia and subsequently heart attack. Anxiety also leads to elevation of your heart rate and blood pressure. So now your heart needs to work extra hard but it is not getting enough oxygen.
If the anxiety attacks are brief your body will compensate and you should be fine. However if anxiety attacks are lengthy they can be very debilitating.

sharon w
Yes. Untreated stress and anxiety, can be responsible for many conditions and it can exacerbate most of them.Especially gastrointestinal,and cardiac,hypertension,and migraines etc. Take care. SW RNP

anxiety is stress it can lead to a heart attack


When you become anxious, your body goes into stress mode. Your heart beats faster & your breathing becomes faster as well. at some point all this may be too much for your poor heart to cope with & it will simply just give in. Your blood pressure rises & the heart has to pump more blood harder.

Bottom line is, stop being anxious unless you have real reason to be. When you feel your heart beating faster, just breathe in deep a couple of times & relax

I would say definitely yes .. anxiety causes increased strain on the body in general and as such I think could definitely cause a heart attack

Yes anxiety or stress is one reason.

When we say heart attack, we mean angina- which is the medical term used for heart related chest pain. This is different from an attack leading to death.

Anxiety alone should not cause a heart attack on a normal and healthy young person.
But if the same stimulus is given to an older person who has a marginal heart reserve because of severe heart condition, this additional emotional stress might cause a heart attack.

gopalakrishnan s
hai u have an heartattack siymtomes ..... which means pain in ur chest.. some vomiting sensation.. that is the various part .... u please visit the web site below


I have heard that anxiety causes all sort of chemicals to be released into the body and they can cause everything from High Blood pressure,eczema, asthma - you name it.

Best deal with the root cause - deal with the cause of the anxiet before it's too late

Take care

Please do not concern your self with having a heart attack. If you suffer from anxiety you should consider addressing that issue itself. Seek medical advice. If you get your anxiety under control you will discover that the fear of the unknown is not an issue that will be such a prevalent part of your day to day life.

i agree with the above! :)

last thing you wanna think about if you suffer with anxiety is heart attack

you will make your anxiety worse

Cheryl J
Yes, anxiety is a form of stress which can lead to a heart attack if it is severe and added to by any other factors (i.e over weight, weak heart and so on)

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