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her blood pressure is high....is there anything i can give her or do for her???
Additional Details
she already went to the doc. ANYTHING I CAN GIVE HER AT HOME????(FOOD IDK ANYTHING)...

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Can a broken heart kill you?
I am a 21 year old male who suffers from depression and avpd and social anxiety disorder.
My self esteem is very low and I have always been alone. I was outside today and I could see couples kissing and holding hands and I realised that this is something I will never have and I feel hurt.
My real question is can a person be so sad that they just stop functioning just stop living.

HATE CITY!!!!!!!!!
yes emontialy IN REAL LIFE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 stepmom
totally dude.

Navy wife

not really unless your so depressed you decide to kill yourself wich really is a not a good idea as depression userly passes. if you want to feel happier try finding a few mates and go out on a friday/saturday night instead of staying in you never know you might find a girl you like then you won't have to feel depressed every time you see a boy and a girl together
hope i help x

yes, i really think so ... sadly!

yes you can get suicidal....look at romeo and juliet.

well i have a pahtetic self esteem too, get depressed easily,not at all social.i hate partying n stuff. but im pretty much up n breathing, so no, ure not gonna die either

n what r u gonna do abt the depression and all? does anything help?

some people have died from broken hearts
( usually old people wife/husband died first ..thenn they die a few days later).. no scientific proof though.

I am sad to hear that you feel that Love is something that will never happen to you ...Have'nt you ever heard the saying " There is someone for everyone" ?"

There is someone out there for you!!


Treatment of avoidant personality disorder can employ various techniques, such as social skills training, cognitive therapy, exposure treatment to gradually increase social contacts, group therapy for practicing social skills, and sometimes drug therapy.[8] A key issue in treatment is gaining and keeping the patient's trust, since people with APD will often start to avoid treatment sessions if they distrust the therapist or fear rejection. The primary purpose of both individual therapy and social skills group training is for individuals with avoidant personality disorder to begin challenging their exaggeratedly negative beliefs about themselves.[9]

TTC#1 1m/c
i think so........... i think if you love someone sooooooooooo much and they go i think it is possible to die of a broken heart......
I dont however think YOU can die of a broken heart...... my friend had social anxiety disorder M.E and depression for years she never thought she would find love or be happy, with councelling, treatment and a push from herself to believe she is now working, has a boyfriend and a very happy life.

believe in yourself, get help

i wish you lots of luck xx

Yes, but usually in cases of extreme loss, not in your case

are you seeing a doctor or therapist?

actually there is a medical condition nicknamed 'broken heart syndrome' which is heart failure due to a 'broken heart'. I can't remember the scientific name for it but yes, you can die from a broken heart...although i don't think you're in any danger of dying any time soon unless you off yourself, you don't sound too happy. There's no reason why you can't find someone to be with even if you have lost someone who you loved. Smile, it confuses people =]

Lotus Bloosom
First of all - haven't you heard the expression "there's someone for everybody"? Don't ever give up on finding love!

As far as dying from a broken heart I have heard of old couples who have been together forever and when one dies the other dies shortly after from, it's said, a broken heart.

Your heart can not break, but you can die from otherways because you think you have a broken heart.

Kinda like;
Break-up + Broken heart = Suicide??

No, you can't. And stay positive. There'll be someon out there.

getting there
im 21 too,i also have bad anxiety,so i can understand how u feel-but there is nothing stopping u from meeting someone,through family or friends,i met my husband thru my aunties friend

m c
i have high anxiety, and in bi polar. my mom has what you have plus claustrophobia,severe bi polar,and shes alone, just like you. your question is a reflect of your being, you must be having a bad day with no hope for tomorrow. i wish that there was no such thing as mental disorders, but they are real, and they can ruin your life. i hope to do some changes in your life, you most definitely have to change you medication or get some if you are not. a therapist will help your days be better and understand where your thought are from. you can feel love, and there's no reason why you cannot find that special someone. unless you believe there's no one for you. my mom goes through this feeling, and its usually when she gets use to her meds, and they are not working for her. you have a chemical imbalance, and there's things out there to treat it, or you could suffer in imaginable ways if not, you need to do some changes, soon lifes to short to worry about all that we do, i once was paralyzed just thinking of massive people together in one spot. now with time and effort, I'm a manager of a big company, that i must stay strong for. my life needs others, so my depression and disorders scaring me away from every one made me think of suicide. but its not my dream to die, i want to be popular, and responsible, i want to be a normal adult. don't you?

One day you may have that-never give up.

I know how you feel.
But no, I don't think so. It doesn't sound right.
It really is horrible when you see stuff like that.

You're family love you-go see them ASAP!

It could be, but remember nothing is as hard as it looks like. You'll find somebody sooner or later to love. Believe me.


Top Contributor

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or Broken Heart Syndrome is where there is a sudden temporary weakening of the myocardium (the muscle of the heart). Because this weakening can be triggered by emotional stress, such as the death of a loved one, the condition is also known as broken heart syndrome.

It can be treated in hospital and normal respiratory function is brought around usually within 2 months.

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