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Speak The Truth
Blood Pressure 145/90..Is this too high?
My blood pressure is typically 145/90 even when resting. Im a physically fit 31 yr old male. I don't drink & smoke, I exercises regular & my diet is very healthy. Yet I cant get my blood pressure to drop. Should I ask my Doctor for medication?

Alexandra Marie
Do you eat a lot of animal products? I know it sounds crazy but for proof that it raises blood pressure/cholesterol/risk of disease/etc...read "The China Study". It's a wonderful book and could save your life. My mom had blood pressure about the same as yours, but is not at 117/76! she also had cholesterol levels of 175 and now she's at 112 just by cutting down to no more than 5% animal products in her diet for 5 months. I've been doing it as well, and have noticed wonderful differences in my level of energy and mental awareness. i swear by it. Please try reading it! it could save your life! seriously!



<3 AraC3Li <3
If your allowed to take blood pressure yourself then don't you think you should know?? Anyway its not that high its average but beyond original point

Do you do drugs? Are you stressed out? Your bp rwading is not a good one. Dont ask him for medication. Go in and have him examine you and tell him your lifestyle and let him be the judge. There could be something else going on with you that you are not aware of. Have your heart check out by a cardiologist.

I wouldn't be too worried yet. It's only slightly elevated. Lower your sodium intake, as well as limiting your coffee, tea and soda intake, if you are drinking any. This should help. Schedule a physical, if you have not had one in a while and then discuss your concerns with your doctor. I think you are over reacting a little bit. Just relax and breathe.

If it continues to get higher than I would consult a medical professional but otherwise if you feel normal it should be a good amount (just a tad high though).

I am not a doctor but that isn't a high blood pressure. A normal blood pressure is 120/80. The top number can be higher if you are nervous or exercising but you could also give your doc a call and ask if it's normal for you by looking at your blood pressures in the past. Good luck!

Your blood pressure is a little high. Normal is 120/80. You should ask your doctor about blood pressure medication.

fred hall
From experience I say that you could do with getting it down to nearer
130/85 perhaps.
Incidentally there is an agreement that salt is bad for Blood Pressure, but normal intake does not raise it very much at all.
With no salt taken you could start muscle cramps.
I am a bit sceptical about cutting down to no salt.

Dr Frank
Er who has been taking it up to now and with what sort of machine?

I am guessing its been you?

If this is the case go see the practice nurse and have it checked several times professionally. If it is still elevated she will either get you to see your GP or arrange a 24 hour BP monitor directly.

If 140/95 were to be your mean BP it would be close to the treatment range and would require ongoing monitoring.

its borderline if ur in yr forties but possibly same or too high if ur 30. u should see yr doc to find the cause and see if he thinks its too high, also they will test yr cholesterol too.

Nunya B
your BP is border line high and yes you need to go to your dr about it to discuss if you need treatment.

No, you should consult your doctor. That reading is just into stage one hypertension, which is generally treated via lifestyle change rather than drugs. You might have a problem that needs looking at, or could just require a few changes. It takes quite a long time to see significant results usually. Avoid BP medication if you can help it; once you get on it, it's very hard to work yourself back off.

Now, all that being said, doctors get pissed when anyone other than themselves tells a patient they're hypertensive (have high blood pressure). Yours looks borderline, but there is no way for anyone but a doctor to be sure.

Yes that is considered high blood pressure. I wonder if you snack or have lots of small meals? Carbs, diet drinks, sweets, coffee creamer increase your insulin level and your body get in a strange state. Try and go low carb for breakfast and dinner; have unsweetened soy milk on whole grain cereal for breakfast. Meat and vegetables for dinner... you should see a dramatic drop in blood pressure if you can reduce your insulin levels for at least 14 hours overnight.

Yes you should be on meds if you can't bring your blood pressure down... look at your lifestyle in detail.


Yes, you should cut back on coffee and salty foods.
Yes you should go to the doctor.

Alex G
Slightly over. Around 130/80 unless you are diabetic would be better.

You should ask your GP to check you out.

Normal 120/70

Prehypertensive 130/70

Hypertensive 140/ (70-80)

and urs is 145-90...then ur truely a hypertensive...I see it's recommended that u seek medical consultation

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or below
While it's true that blood pressure tends to rise with age, that's no reason to feel complacent
If your blood pressure is only high when you're exercising or when you're at the doctor's office, that's okay. But if it's high even part of the time in routine situations, that is abnormal and deserves treatment.
Blood pressure normally varies throughout the day, often by 40 points or more. Exercise and stress are especially likely to increase it, while relaxation and sleep will usually lower it. Standing up or talking, for example, can increase blood pressure by 10 or more points.

It's high. It doesn't matter if you don't have unhealthy habits, 145/90 is still not a good thing. You should try to get it around 120/80, so yes, talk to your doctor.

Kathleen B
Yes. See a doctor soon- save your vision, prevent a stroke, live 20 years longer and healthier.

Joshua G
No, it's not Too High.......But it's High.

Before you go on meds. try increasing foods with potassium in your diet. It has a lowering effect on blood pressure. Foods like bananas, strawberries, potatoes, and low acid orange juice. For some reason, the low acid types have a higher potassium content. Monitor your BP for six weeks during the diet change. If you can't get it down by yourself, speak with your doctor.

Avoid canned, frozen dehydrated, and any prepared foods. Sodium contents are through the roof in these foods. Stop adding salts to food, and watch your caffeine intake.

At 31, if you can avoid meds, all the better. Good luck to you. You should aim for a BP of 120/80, no higher than that.

Assumung this is an average reading and not just a one off reading, then yes you have mild hypertention (pre-hypertention in the US). 145/90 isn't indicative for drug therapy unless you are in the 'at risk' group.

Normal healthy, optimal BP is <120/80. In the vast majority of cases, the cause of hypertension is unknown. This is know as 'essential hypertension'. Secondary hypertension can be caused by other problems- a quick check up with your GP will exclude any other underlying problems.

All you can do is continue taking regular exercise, reduce sodium in your diet and stay as close you your ideal weight as possible. See your GP.

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