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At what point is a person's blood pressure considered too low?
My mom was put on a new blood pressure medication by her doctor, and now her blood pressure is 97 over 58...I've been trying to find answers on how low can someone's blood pressure gets before it gets dangerous for them, and I haven't been getting any answers. If ANYONE can help me with this, please do! Thank you!

mom of 2
It kind of depends on the person and their age and what their normal was before. Ask her if she is feeling dizzy, weak, light headed, has a bad headache, confusion, nauseated or if she is having any tingling anywhere. My Great grandmother lived with me and I took care of her till she passed, we had many battles with blood pressure. If it gets any lower, you may want to call the ER and ask. For now I think she is OK if she is feeling OK. Just keep checking every hour or so. Or if you are worried go ahead and call the ER or a nurse hot line.

Mark K
It just so happens I bought a blood pressure moniter yesterday and the pamphlet is sitting right here next to my comp.All it talks
about is high blood pressure!It doesn't even mention low at ALL!
But don't fret yet.....it does give a toll free number...

1 ( 888 )-AHA-USA1

Thats the American Heart Association
theres also a web site...


or... go to www.healthnet.org or .com
Good luck!

Below 90/60 while at rest. Blood pressure does vary from person to person, depending upon factors like age, weight, gender, etc. So it's the low end of the nl. range on average. The top number is the systolic pressure, measured as the pressure of blood on the arteries while the heart is pumping, and the lower number is the diastolic pressure, measured as the pressure the blood places on the walls of the arteries while the heart is at rest (between beats). The reading you gave, 97/58 is only very slightly below the low nl. range for diastolic pressure.

It wouldve been helpful if you told your mothers age though with the assumption shes over 40, that appears quite low. Blood pressure medication I think serves to lower BP by various means. She must have taken too much resulting in a drastic drop. However if she's not experiencing symptoms of lightheadedness and fainting I dont think its a real cause for concern. Speak to your doctor and ensure shes taking the right doses

I'm a nurse, and although that is on the low side it's not serious. How does she feel? Is she light headed or dizzy. If it got much lower there would be some concern. I'm sure that her doctor will want to review the medication fairly soon anyway. If she feels light headed or like she might faint, she should go see him sooner. God Bless

Let me add... for most people that wouldn't be a concern. Everyone has a different "Low" what may be low for one person may not be low for another. That's why it's important to look at how she's feeling. Make sure she gets it reviewed in the near future by her doctor.

I was at the Doctors office with an heart rythum problem. My blood pressure was checked and it was 88/44..The Dr. called an ambulance and in minutes I was on the way to the hospital. on the way I was given an IV and my pressure was like 80/40. Not so good.
I remember the attendant telling the driver to hurry, with all lights, sirens and lets get this man to the hospital twenty minutes away.
I was in the ER for about four hours until they got me stable. I wanted to be admitted but since I was stable the 4 cardiologist said I was alright, and that I was stable; and there was not any reason for them to keep me. What I had was Antrial Fibulation. They gave me medication to try and correct the problem, but after seeing my Dr. the next morning, off to the hospital I went again. I actually made three trips to the hospital in a four day period. Cost for Ambulance was over $4000.00 for the three trips...

just before you die.

low blood pressure is dangerous when a person becomes symtomatic...meaning, they become dizzy, faint, etc. If your mother has a low BP and is functioning normally, then it's ok.

while that is pretty low, it depends.

male or female, weight, age, etc. all are key factors

still i would get her checked out.

That is low, but if she feels ok (not lightheaded or weak) then it is probably ok. However, she should check her blood pressure frequently, if it is getting lower or she is having some of the symptoms mentioned previously, her dose may have to be decreased. Otherwise, it is great that her hypertension is controlled.

It would depend on what your mother's blood pressure was prior to having the prescription ordered for her. Some BP meds are also ordered to help to regulate the pulse. Beta blockers. I would need to know what medication your mom was taking to give me a better handle on it. You can also have a lower pressure if you are a smaller body frame too. Hope others can offer some input for you so that you are more informed

There is not a lot of research or studies on low blood pressure. The ninds.nih.gov site is a decent resource for health questions.

With low BP- it's up to the patient to tell the doctor when they feel it is off. Some tell tale signs (not limited to the following) are: dizziness when getting up from a seated position, extreme fatigue (all of a sudden, you become aware of the effort it takes to breathe), mental slowness/confusion and/or a general lack of energy/enthusiasm (flat emotion look to the face, sometimes with dark circles under the eyes and a slight bluing of the face and/or hands).

One of the things to watch out for is a less than 30 point spread between the 2 numbers - that means the heart is not pumping well.

If she doesn't feel right then keep at the doctor or find a new one. I've gone through this with my parents and best friend - it's tough to find a doctor that will take it seriously but worth the effort in the long run.

Good luck!

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