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♥Mummy Sarah♥
Am i having a heart attack? help!!?
For the past 3 days every so often i get a stitch like discomfort on the left side of my chest directly above my heart.

It is difficult to breath in or out whilst the stitch lasts and shocks me when it happens.

I used to have this discomfort in my diaphram when i was younger where i couldn't breath in or out.

Im 21 and live a healthy lifestyle but have suffered from palpitations and fainted regularly during my last pregnancy.
I have also come over in cold sweats in the past and palpitations have felt like i was going to die at times, although this has stopped in the past year or so.

What do you think is going on???
Additional Details
It's definitly not heart burn, i have had heart burn before this is different.

¡ ♥ Chocolate•
No. I don't think it's a heart attack.

Perhaps it's just a heart burn, you might like to try Gaviscon..
Click on the link below to see what it clearly looks like....
(But before you try it out, go to your local chemist/doctor and ask them to make sure)


marcus VI
Get in touch with Doctor, A.S.A.P. Better to be safe !

ann f
Go to your doctor tomorrow no one on here can diagnose what is wrong

Doesn't sound good but it's not a heart attack. probably your blood cells fighting off some infection.

Dr David
Take advice from ann f, and David H,

All we can do here is give advice, and help you along in making the right decision forward.

Please visit your doctor.

May I hope all is well for you.

First of all I would definitely bring up all this information with a doctor. I am not a doctor, but sometimes anxiety can bring on very similar symptoms as a heart attach. A really good thing to do is to keep checking your blood pressure and a lot of stores with pharmacies have the machine. You can ask the pharmacy if they have one. The machine has a chart that tells you where you are at. They are a pretty good indicator if there is something going on with the blood flow to your heart especially if it is to high.

could be panic/anxiety attack, but if I was you I would see my doctor just to make sure

Daniee Anne
hi, the odds are your probably not having a heart attack, if you are concerned then defiantly go and see your doctor!

but if you are going to ask these questions then please be prepared for what people are going to answer the question with!

i suffer with IBS and sometimes i find i get cold sweats and feel really faint, it might just be heartburn as as your stomach releases certain acids and as you probably know it can cause heartburn because it travels up and again it might just be trapped wind!

the way you are writing to people who have answered your questions is a bit rude as they are only trying to help, they are not doctors or nurses, instead of writing on here asking questions to do with your health just and see your doctor as you are wasting your time asking on here and your doctor will be able to help you more then us!

This is very unlikely to be cardiac related, it sounds like trapped wind and/or indigestion. Indigestion can be felt around your chest area, not just the stomach.

Of course there is no way for us to diagnose, so if you are having chest pains, you should see a Doctor ASAP. The rule of the thumb is that any pain that persists for longer than 15-30 minutes should be evaluated.

It sounds like trapped wind.

I get weird pains like that sometimes and so does everyone I know. I highly doubt its a heart attack.

It could be trapped wind or a muscle pain or even a trapped nerve?

i think you should go to a doctor.

John S
I suggest you get it checked out urgently. Many things mimic heart pain, and you need reassurance. I think most hospitals have a rapid access chest pain section in A&E. (Ours does) Take care and I hope all is well

I think you should be telling all this to a doctor

David H
Two of the symptons of a Heart Attack besides the feeling that your
chest is being crushed are A weakness in your left arm and an
aching around the jaw as if your teeth don't fit your mouth.At least that's
what happened to me. I suspect you probably have an ulcer but please
see your GP

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